10 best party hairstyles borrowed at the stars

On the eve of the Valentine’s Day party need
think in detail about your appearance – hair and makeup. We offer
you draw inspiration from the stars that demonstrate the latest
hair styling trends and the best examples of evening hairstyles.


  • Super Smooth, Side Curls
  • Horse tail
  • Elegant short curls
  • Daily waving with a part in the middle
  • High horse tail to the side
  • Loose knot decoration
  • Retro babette
  • Volume high curls
  • French shell
  • Hollywood wave

Super Smooth, Side Curls

If you want to look superglamorous and glossy at the same time,
Take a look at the hairstyle shown by Jamie King. To
To make these stylish side curls, you only need a few studs and
a large amount of gel to create a super smooth and wet effect
on top. Such styling perfectly reveals facial features, therefore
This hairstyle can be supplemented with a pair of long earrings or deep

Top 10 Party Hairstyles

Jamie King

Horse tail

Rosie Huntington’s hairstyle demonstrates how attractive
It looks like the usual horse tail if you combine it with
parted in the middle and perfectly matched hair. Such
hairstyle perfectly focuses attention on facial features and skillful
make up Thanks to the gel, the hair will stay in its place
throughout the party. This elegant hairstyle is beautiful
fit the exquisite event.

Rosie Huntington

Elegant short curls

If you have medium length hair, you do not need to wait for it.
Will grow for an elegant hairstyle. Moreover, the average length
is ideal for most evening styling. Try
a delicate short perm, like that of Leah Seydoux that will take you
in the glamorous 20s.

Lea Seydoux

Daily waving with a part in the middle

In contrast to the exquisite 20s, Siena Miller demonstrates the image
with hippie seventies with slightly curled hair and parting
in the middle. Such curls can be made independently with the help
curling iron or iron. To fully adopt the image of Siena, complement
a natural make-up and a romantic hippie outfit.

Sienna miller

High horse tail to the side

If you are in love with the style of the 80s, try to recreate the image
Beyoncé, who connected a high ponytail, tied to the side,
with perfectly smooth hair on top. Such a hairstyle, in
diligent performance, perfect for a party, although quite
will fit every day if you are in a hurry and do not have time for
washing head. For a party, add this styling large
rings or dangling chandelier earrings, as Beyonce did.
If you have a fuchsia lipstick or hot pink, it’s time
show her!


Loose knot decoration

Alexa Chung has always been known for her classic style,
which is extremely laid-back and fashionable. if you
like hairstyles, not tied to time, try this one.
This romantic, knotted knot on Alex’s side knot
a brilliant brooch to make your evening look extra

Alexa chang

Retro babette

Star of the TV series “Sex and the City” and an icon of the style of Sarah Jessica Parker
always inspires with her trendy looks. Classic bulk
Babette, the actress pinned a curved ornament. In this makeup
the image can be complemented with either dramatic smoky ice or dark
lipstick (with natural eye makeup).

Sarah Jessica Parker

Volume high curls

When it comes to party style, it’s impossible not to mention
the only and unique girl in the whole world – Ryan. To show
Dior singer came with super-volume and feminine curls,
fixed high on the crown. She added this hairstyle
lavender matte lipstick and delicate make-up using the Smokey technique
ice This is one of the most romantic images of Riana, which
inspires us for an unforgettable weekend.


French shell

If you want to create a romantic image, actress Kara
Santana can give a good idea. At the gala event she
appeared with a lovely french sink, parted in the middle
and romantic loose strands on both sides of the face. This her
the image nostalgically reminded us of the party of the 90s.

Kara Santana

Hollywood wave

Former Miss USA Olivia Culpo once again proved that in the hair
Medium length stylish hair looks very beautiful. Her more
Siena Miller’s long and curly hairstyle version reminds us
about the glitz and glam of old hollywood and looks absolutely gorgeous with
voluminous long earrings and dark red lipstick.

Olivia calpo

Get inspiration from the stars!

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