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weaving braids myselfSpit can be called traditional
Russian hairstyle. We all remember the old Russian films in which
the main character is a magnificent beauty with a long thick braid. Such
the image has been preserved in our memory to this day, but this does not mean
that this hairstyle has no place in modern life. Just the opposite
– hairstyles from braids have become firmly in vogue of a big city due to
its convenience, simplicity, sophistication and diversity. Weaving
braids herself will allow the fair sex
become more beautiful.

Having considered the positive aspects of this kind of hairstyles, we
came to the following conclusion:

– cleaned hair in a populous city is very comfortable, especially in
public transport; – an accelerated rhythm of life does not bother you
– to keep a neat and well-groomed; – hairstyle will help to hide a small
the secret that you did not have time to wash your hair; – finally, spit
help your hair not to be confused and not to be exposed
mechanical damage.

Traditional braid

In order to master the technology of weaving braids of various
species, you need to understand the most elementary – weaving
traditional braids. First you need to comb all the hair
back and divide them into three equal parts. Take the right hand
right strand and put it on the middle, with your left hand take the left
strand and impose it on the former right. Thus, each time
the queue you will move the outermost strand on each side in
the middle. Performing these simple manipulations, you will reach the tips
your hair. Leaving about ten centimeters to the end, tie
hair rubber band to hairstyle not bloomed.

At first, braiding your braid yourself, you will spend on it
A couple of minutes. But the more times you do this
the procedure, the faster you will get. Girls having
long hair and daily braiding themselves braids spend on it
less than a minute. The result justifies all efforts: you
Get a hairstyle that looks great and does not deliver
no discomfort.

Casual options

Spit is a universal hairstyle that can be done
elegant, naughty, classic, business or even romantic.
It all depends on your skill, imagination and desire. Of course in
first of all it is necessary to stop on hairstyles which will approach on

In everyday ways of weaving braids, you can turn on the “spike”.
This is a very practical hairstyle that long retains its
well-groomed appearance. For her weaving you need to comb
hair, then pick three small strands over your forehead and start weaving
ordinary braid. Moving in the direction of the neck, interlace with each
sides are thin strands. Ultimately, all your hair should
get cleaned up. Try to evenly distribute the volume
to hairstyle turned out smooth. Do not be upset if exactly
will not work the first time, for all you need skill.

The technology of weaving the French braid is very similar to the “ear”.
True, the strands in this case are taken thicker. In addition,
French braids there are many variations. For example,
The French braid, on the contrary, is called the “dragon”. Difference in
the weaving procedure is only that the side strands are worth
To get to the center not in front, but behind.

Another simple hairstyle has a very unusual name –
“fish tail”. In order to build it yourself,
You need to carefully comb your hair, moisten it with water or
spray Then in the area of ​​the temples on each side take
thin strands that you cross over the back of his head (right
above). Then on each side in turn you need to take
thin new strand and shift it to the other side. Such
manipulations continue until the tips. At the end secure
the result of your efforts is a rubber band.

For special occasions

weaving braids myselfHaving mastered various weaving technologies
braids, you can make your own hair by
any festive occasion. For example, a braid laid in the form
eight. This neat and elegant hairstyle will not require much
effort. For starters, tie a regular tail, then braid it
classic braid. After that you can easily form from
hair eight, securing it with pins in the area of ​​gum. Into place
crossing two loops of the figure eight you can put a bow that
will close the tip of the tail.

For the solemn occasion also well-known
you the French braid, in which the ribbons are woven. It’s better
just use tapes with metal thread, as they are good
keep hair and give hair a festive look. French braids
maybe even two – left and right. And their ends you can
twist and gently stab on the back of your head.

Another fashionable way to weave braids came to us from Africa.
African braids are a fashionable and convenient device that
suitable for many girls. This hairstyle is usually performed
professionals, as in the process of weaving, besides your
own hair, artificial strands or
special multi-colored thread. As a result, the head becomes
studded with many small braids that significantly increase
the volume of your own hair. This hairstyle can be worn
a few weeks or even months. True worth mentioning is that this
the option is not worth trying girls who have hair strongly
damaged and fall out.

Here are not all possible hairstyles with
braids. One has only to apply a little imagination, patience and desire –
and you can come up with your own original hairstyle,
which will be a great addition to your image.

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