10 ways from the usual tail to make a smart hairstyle

For centuries, long hair has been considered one of the most
main ornaments of a woman. Since then, women break
head over what to do with this wealth.

Variants of hairstyles with a tail

For many, the hairstyle
on long hair with a tail. Such a package is saved by
strong wind helps to feel free, for example, during
training time or simply allows you to “disguise” the dirty

In this article we will explain how to make such a daily hairstyle.
suitable for a variety of situations: from a business meeting
before the secular exit. And most importantly, you can make fashionable
tails do it yourself.

  • 1 Features hairstyles with a long tail
  • 2 Preparation
    • 2.1 Choosing a hair tie
  • 3 hairstyles with a tail
    • 3.1 Classic high tail
    • 3.2 Low smooth tail
    • 3.3 Surround tail
    • 3.4 Careless Tail
    • 3.5 Asymmetrical tail on side
    • 3.6 Reversed tail
    • 3.7 Waterfall of inverted tails
    • 3.8 Nicole Richie Horsetail
    • 3.9 Long tail with overhead strands
    • 3.10 Tail with spikelet (fishtail)

Features hairstyles with a long tail

Imagine that you spent a good hour choosing hairstyles and
decided nevertheless to do the tail. But not here it was – options for this
There are dozens of hairstyles: fluffy and smooth, with a scythe and
without, careless, classic, twisted …

Do not be scared. In fact, there are only three basic ones.

  1. tall (or “horsetail”) when hair is collected on
  2. average when it is tied at about ear level to
    the back of the head;
  3. low, that is, tied closer to the neck.

Hairstyles with a long tail


Before you start shaping the hairstyle, you should carefully
prepare the hair. First you need to wash them with a suitable
shampoo Then apply conditioner and carefully
wash off. It will make your hair obedient and give more
well maintained look.

Attention! Do not apply conditioner to the roots,
especially if you want to eventually get the volume. Air conditioner will make
the roots, and the hairstyle will look flat.

Further drying:

  • to give volume at the roots, it is better to dry the curls with a hair dryer down
  • if you don’t need volume, then it is better to dry your hair
    naturally just pre-them

If you want a good basal volume, you can
use one of two ways:

  • With the help of the iron with a corrugated surface. Simply
    pass them the root zone, you can lightly spray varnish.
  • Bouffant. To do this, collect the hair on top and
    divide them into three parts. Then start to comb
    each layer comb with fine teeth, from the roots and rising
    above, about 10-15 cm, sprinkle with varnish. Last layer at forehead
    no need to comb: he will cover already combed hair.

Caution: Do not try to comb your hair after
bouffant The best way to put them in order is to wash with
air conditioner.

Selection of hair bands


Make the tail of any kind will not work without the usual
hair ties. On the shelves in stores you can
meet hundreds of types of these ornaments, but which one to choose? Everything
depends on what goal you are pursuing.

  • If you often tie the hair in the tail, you should think
    about their safety. Tight tie makes hair brittle and strong
    tension damages their roots. In such cases, recommend
    use spiral, silicone or latex
    gum. It does not strongly and does not break, as
    others. However, this accessory has two significant drawbacks:
    it doesn’t stand so well on its head and because of it
    called “roosters”.
  • If you need to make a strict smooth styling,
    it is better to use a regular, not bulky rubber band to
    it was easy to hide her in her hair. Often professionals
    use thin silicone rubber bands. They are good because
    almost invisible, but after use do not try to remove them, better
    just cut, so as not to tear yourself a dozen-another hair.
  • In some cases, the gum can serve as an accessory,
    attracting attention. Today again came into fashion bulk
    printed gum, as well as with a classic bow.

Hairstyles with a tail

Classic high tail

Classic high tail

A great way to diversify your everyday look –
make a high tail. With him you will look strictly and


  1. Start collecting hair from the top of your head, then gradually
    add hairbrush strands from the sides and bottom. If you do hair
    yourself, it is easier to collect hair, head down
    way down.
  2. Tie up the gum.
  3. Comb your hair the entire length.
  4. Separate one strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic,
    secure with a stud.
  5. Straighten loose strands with an iron or vice versa.
    Screw to create a more festive image.

Secret: To make the tail more elevated,
take a long thin elastic band and fasten it on both sides along
invisible as shown in the photo. Forming tail, do not bandage
as usual, but first insert one stealth into its base
on one side, wrap the elastic around several times, then
add the second on the other side.

Low smooth tail

Low smooth tail

This tail is the trend of the season, which every day is proved by the stars,
appearing on social events and the red carpet with such a hairstyle.
This styling fits equally to an office suit and
chic dress.


  1. To achieve smoothness, straighten hair with
  2. Part or side part or simply comb your hair
  3. Tie a low tail in the back or slightly
    at the side.
  4. Spread a few drops of hair oil between your palms and
    Walk through the entire styling.
  5. Take a strand from the bottom of the tail and wrap it around the elastic band,
    pin it down with a stud.

Volumetric tail

This option will be ideal for those who need
additional volume. Suitable for everyday
socks, and for publication.

Volumetric tail

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Make a classic high tail, as shown above.
  2. Pull the curls at the top of the head with a sharp comb.
    end to give volume, while leaving hair
    smooth on the sides.
  3. Buff up the back of the tail to visually
    lift up.
  4. Wind up the hair, fluff it up and fasten it.

Tip: To tail was even more voluminous,
secure its base with stealth to the head just above the level
the elastic bands so that the locks nicely fall in different directions.

Sloppy tail

For several seasons easy negligence on the head
remains popular. Follow these tips and
a simple tail will turn into the most fashionable hairstyle.

The sequence is as follows:

  1. Create a basal volume in one of the ways – with a pile or
    corrugated curling iron.
  2. Make an easy random curling curling around
    length, fluff curls with your hands.
  3. To add extra volume, grab a curl by the tip.
    with one hand and pull a piece of hair upward with the other hand.
    Repeat for all strands.
  4. Collect your hair with your hands and tie it at the correct height.
  5. To impart deliberate negligence, pull a little on
    the top of the head is somewhat straightened with hands or a comb
    tip to create the effect of “cockerels”.
  6. Fix the result with varnish.

Hairstyle with fleece

Asymmetrical tail on side

This hairstyle will bring in your image of insolence and enthusiasm.
Perfect for a party with friends.

The sequence of actions:

  1. Make a side parting and comb the hair to one side.
  2. Make the hairs easy at the roots on the side where there is more hair.
    The other side, on the contrary, smooth. Loose strands
    secure invisible.
  3. Tie the tail on the opposite side.
  4. Wrap the tail on the curling iron or just lightly tuck it.
  5. Secure the hair with lacquer.

Asymmetrical tail to side

Twisted tail

This is the perfect quick styling for a romantic
dating Just 5 minutes, and a hairstyle with a twist will be
is ready.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Comb the hair back to form a low tail, tie it up.
    rubber band.
  2. Loosen the gum slightly by lowering it down.
  3. Divide the hair at the head into two parts to
    got a hole.
  4. Pull the tail through the hole from top to bottom.
  5. Pull the gum back to the head again.

This video shows how very quickly to make inverted

Waterfall of inverted tails

At first glance it may seem that this hairstyle
difficult to perform. In fact, you just need to know
the secret is how to connect all these tails.

The procedure for creating styling:

  1. Visually divide the hair into three parts in the direction from the ear
    to the ear.
  2. Comb the upper part of the hair and tie it with a rubber band on
    top of the head.
  3. Squeeze the gum, separate the hair at the head and
    miss the tail between them. Tighten the gum.
  4. Collect the hair from the sides and make a new tail, capturing
    strands from the previous tail.
  5. Again, lower the gum and twist the tail, as in the first
  6. Collect the remaining hair in the tail and also turn out.

Waterfall of inverted tails

Ponytail in the style of Nicole Richie

With such a hairstyle you hit all your friends. It is not simple
beautiful tail, and a full evening hairstyle. Boldly
go to the gala event.

The sequence is as follows:

  1. Divide hair into three zones: the crown (trailing behind the forehead
    approximately 10 cm), two side parts (together with the hair in
    forehead) and occipital. Secure each part with clamps.
  2. Form a smooth middle tail from the back of the head.
  3. Part side part, lightly mix the sides with
    inside and lay them on both sides. Can
    smooth them to the head, and you can lower them to the ears of the arc.
  4. Side wrap the tail on the back of the head once and
    secure with studs.
  5. The last zone is divided into strands from the crown
    forehead and nasheshite them, splashing each varnish. Front
    do not need to comb it.
  6. Put the combed hair back and spray it well with varnish,
    so that they do not fall apart. For loyalty, you can fasten them with studs
    on the sides or tie a rubber band at the very neck.

Nicole Richie's hairstyle

Long tail with patch strands

Short hair has ceased to be an obstacle to create
hairstyles with a long tail. And for this it is not necessary to run in
Salon and do build-up. Make a long tail out
short hair will allow false strands.

Overhead strands are found either in the form of long hair bands on
barrettes or as ready tails on a crab clip or on

Tip: For frequent socks lining more fit
from natural hair. They can be washed, combed and even curled.
They do not lose their appearance for a long time, whereas artificial chignon
will serve a couple of times, after which it will begin to slide.

Tail with overhead strands


  1. Make the tail of your hair at the back of your head as you allow
    their length, tie it with a rubber band.
  2. If there are free strands, then lay them in your
    discretion – smooth, scoop or curl.
  3. Proceed to fastening chignon.
    1. Attach the edge of the patch in the form of a tape at the base of the tail and
      Wrap in a circle, fixing the existing hairpins.
    2. Attach the crab bar to the skin
      heads, thereby closing the gum.
    3. Cover on the mesh also fasten at the base
      tail studs to not see the gum.
  4. Close the joint between the head and the tail: wind this place
    strand or tie up with a handkerchief wrapped in a bundle.

Tail with spikelet (fishtail)

Weaving Spit

Spit continues to be popular. We offer to combine
in the hair tail with a spikelet.

The procedure for creating hairstyles:

  1. Lay the hair in the tail at the right height.
  2. We start to make a spikelet: divide the hair into two
    parts; from the edges of each of them alternately separated by
    a small strand and send it to the opposite part. We continue
    do so until we reach the tips.
  3. Fix the braid with an elastic band.
  4. For volume, we slightly stretch the spikelets by hand or with
    using the sharp end of the comb.

Tip: To make the hairstyle more accurate and not
Sprawled, it is better to pull the strands as the spikelet forms.

This video shows three options for how to diversify
The most popular hairstyle is the tail.

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