10 ways of laying a bob

Virtually all little girls dream of long curls, like
at the princess. Then they grow up and give more and more preferences.
convenience, not spectacular length. Radical short haircuts on
amateur, often women resort to them after 50
years old.

Methods of styling the caret

There is a myth that a short haircut reduces the age, but this is not
always like that The real cure for time is
Bob haircut. Even the great Chanel said that if
the girl wants to look always for 25 years, she should wear a square.
By the way, she herself used her advice.

But such a hairstyle must be carefully looked after. Without styling she
will look sloppy. To facilitate care
hair, you need to find the right styling tools and
know at least 10 ways to put a caret.

  • 1 Car styling products
  • 2 How to choose a parting
  • 3 surround corrugation
  • 4 stunning curls
  • 5 Stylish solutions

Styling products

After you wash your hair, put on your hair with a mask or
balsam, it is necessary to apply special styling tools,
and then proceed to drying.

  1. Thermal spray. This tool is required without it.
    hair will overheat when styled
    or hair straightener. Thermal spray
  2. Salt spray – only necessary when creating some species
    hairstyles For example, in grunge style. Adds a hairstyle
    stiffness, after applying it curls hold
    longer. Salt spray
  3. Foam mousse or hairspray. Standard tools. Are required
    to secure the hairstyle. For everyday use not
    need to use tools with high fixation,
    quite average. Mousse, hairspray
  4. Dry shampoo – will be a real magic wand, if you
    did not have time to wash my hair, besides, he will give
    volume Dry shampoo
  5. Spray for shine – this is a decorating tool,
    styling is irrelevant, but it can give hairstyle
    glossy glow. Hair looks healthy and
    beautiful Do not overdo it, such a spray can
    too fatty roots.

This list is incomplete, each girl can supplement it by
your taste and preferences, how to style a haircut. For example,
You can add oil to the ends of the hair, if they split.
Or conversely, if you are not doing curls, then some
Products such as salt spray can be excluded from the list.

How to choose a parting

It is not necessary to do complex styling, with such a haircut
clean hair will look good
parting way. There are several options

  • Straight. One of the most capricious styling methods, many
    girls don’t love him. Caret parted This parting will go to women only
    regular and bright features, otherwise he may
    forgive the girl.

Caution! If you decide on such a package,
note, hair without volume, divided into a straight parting, can
create the impression of a stale head.

But excess volume will add unnecessary theatricality and

  • Side parting. This installation option, on the contrary, is suitable
    almost everyone. He will correct imperfect traits
    faces. Haircut with side parting
  • Parting-zigzag. If you have a good amount, you’re in luck. But
    the lack of volume can be corrected by zigzag parting. For this after
    hair washing use styling foam. Comb
    hair, blow-dry them, lifting and straightening the strand
    then one way, then the other. Then the result
    fix varnish. Parted zigzag on the square

Kare without parting or hair pulled back – this option
styling is perfect for an evening out.
Use the foam, apply it on wet
hair. When blow-dry using a round comb
brush back the front strands.

At the end, fix all varnish strong fixation. To styling
lasted longer, secure the harvested strands with several
invisible in color. Looks impressive with such styling
kare on a leg.

Caret without parting

Volume Corrugation

Laying the corrugation can quickly give a stunning hairstyle
volume For its execution, you will need a special iron-corrugation and
thermal protection. Note that often this hairstyle can not be
because it really spoils the hair, even if you inflicted
protective spray. Corrugation keeps on hair long, therefore
do not necessarily use varnish. Especially this style will emphasize
graduated quads.

Bulk corrugation

Stunning curls

If the corrugation option is too extreme for you,
try to make curls. On such a haircut, they will look
coquettishly. Curls can be made as curling iron and ironing.

Attention! When choosing a curler, give preference
small diameter, so the curls will be more elastic.

If you want to make the effect of natural curls,
winding take strands more. Perform cheat
hair on the iron simply, the main thing is to know a few secrets:
hold the iron vertically, do not hurry when turning the strands and
do not open the plates.

This video shows how you can lay a car.

Another way to cheat is to use curlers. Such
the way is least traumatic for hair, of course, if you use
not thermal rollers, but choose foam rubber or
plastic hair curlers. To do the styling in this way
you need to wet your hair, apply salt spray and wind them on
curlers. Then walk like this for about 5-6 hours.

You can do this hair at home at night. Now
produce a lot of soft options curlers, they are completely
do not interfere with sleep. But in the morning you get a beautiful haircut,
it will be necessary only to disassemble the strands and fix it with varnish.

Laying on curlers

Ironing can not only wind, but also straighten hair. it
One of the most popular ways of styling a bob haircut.
Clear contours look advantageous and underline.
facial features. When straightening, use thermal protection.

First, divide the hair into a parting, then begin to straighten
hair. To add volume, hair roots have a little longer
linger, iron the strand and twist it
at the root inside.

Hair straightening iron

The ends can be left straight, you can twist. Varnish
use optional hair and so will keep
long. But without a hair dryer and ironing it will be difficult to achieve smoothness and

Stylish solutions

If you have an elongated caret, you can collect hair in a bun. For
Do this tail low, on the back of the head. Use thin
silicone gum. Loose strands need to comb to
Give the hair volume, and wrap the hair around the elastic.

Fix hair invisible in color. Received by
fix the result with varnish. Such styling may
emphasize how beautiful your cheekbones are.

Hairstyle with a bunch

The real trend of the season is a bob hairstyle with bangs. there is
Many ways to perform this hairstyle. Smooth sections and
thick bangs fit owners of an oval face.
You can make a torn bang or oblique.

These options will suit any girls, regardless of quality.
and thick hair. When choosing, it is better to consult with the master and
based on your facial features. Main
The styling option for such a haircut is smooth hair.

This video shows how to do styling on a car with

They can be made with the help of ironing and spray for shine styling.
Just straighten your hair along the strands and sprinkle.

One of the easiest styling methods is tattered curls.
This hairstyle is suitable for everyday wear and profitable.
will emphasize an evening image. It is done for several
minutes, applied mainly on a haircut without a bang.

Disheveled curls

On wet hair, apply a foam for or salt spray.
Tilt your head back and blow dry without using
hairbrushes Just beat the strands with your fingers.

When the hair is dry, lift your head and lay the strands in
chaotic order. At the end fix the result with varnish. Such
styling looks particularly advantageous on
asymmetrical car.

This video shows how to do the styling on the iron.

If a short square has grown, do not rush to run to
hair salon. Regrown hair can also be styled.
any of the above methods.

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