10 winter manicure ideas that can to each

February is the last month when you can still show off
creative winter manicure. Our ideas will tell you how to create on
Of course, the most fun winter design. Nails are
beautiful canvas for your own creativity and creation
moods. Therefore you should take the opportunity and hold
last month of winter with fun winter motifs on your own

In the design manicure relevant all winter attributes: Christmas
and New Year, holiday trees, funny snowmen or graceful
snowflakes. If you at least once tried to draw on paper winter
a house, a snowman or falling snowflakes, then why not try
reproduce it all on your nails.

It is not necessary to be an experienced manicurist to transfer
already ready ideas on your nails. All you need is a few
fine brushes for painting small parts, nail polishes,
acrylic paints of different shades and, of course, a little patience.


  • Funny pictures on the nails in winter
  • Frozen nails
  • Snowflakes on the nails
  • Festive time
  • Winter trees
  • Green and red holiday nails
  • Cold days – cold manicure
  • Spruce nails
  • Knitted manicure
  • Snow city

Funny pictures on the nails in winter

This fun winter manicure will take you to a carefree childhood,
when you could watch cartoons as much as possible. For this design you
acrylic paints of red, blue, white and yellow will be needed
colors. Cover the entire surface of the nail blue lacquer and paint on
there are funny figures in it that seem to have come down from the loved ones

Winter Manicure

Frozen nails

Snowy winter day bare trees turn into
gray-haired men, gloomy birds sit on the branches, and people in
warm houses watch this mystery through the windows. Why not
recreate this frosty atmosphere on your nails? Take as
can be more white and blue shades of lacquer and add a few
frosty mint color details to display cold
of air.

Snowflakes on the nails

Mother Nature has created many miracles around us, and one of them –
these are unique snowflakes that dance easily in the air and fall
on the ground with a soft carpet. Transfer this miracle to your nails. Create
the entire surface of the nail smooth color transition in cold pink
and purple, and on top draw large diagonal

Festive time

Everything that reminds you of holidays and gives joy, has
right to appear on your nails: funny snowman, color
lollipop, a pair of warm knitted gloves or Christmas leaves.
Stylish tip: do this manicure in white, red and
green tones.

Winter trees

Naked trees in a winter park look so helpless
before snowstorms and frost. Black, White and Cold Mint
shades will transfer the winter trees to your nails where you will
take care of them until spring.

Green and red holiday nails

When time is short and patience is not enough, this green and red
holiday manicure is useful. One nail cover in green
and add a few multi-colored dots, another – white and red
stripes. Decorate the rest of the green nails on the edge
Christmas trees-triangles.

Cold days – cold manicure

One of the most popular winter card themes is
snow-covered Christmas trees and wooden houses with friendly yellow
lights in the windows. This winter tale can be transferred to your
nails and constantly remind you of the warmth of your home.

Spruce nails

Red berries of viburnum look like lights in white snow
the garden. And krasnogrudye snegiri not against eat berry
treats Why not borrow this bright motive from winter and not
admire them on your nails? Cover the entire nail plate with white
color and show your creativity in the image of tiny berry
branches and cute bullfinches.

Knitted manicure

Knitted manicure has become one of the main trends of this season, and
we suggest you decorate your nails with classic warm patterns
winter sweater. Try alternating red and blue stripes with
various forms – hearts, zigzags and triangles. And further
One cool idea is to recreate the embroidery on the nails in white and
red tones.

Snow city

For inspiration, stroll through the snow-covered streets of the winter
cities, and after returning home, reproduce everything
their nails – snow-covered trees, benches in the public garden, urban
lanterns, old clock, a child who makes a snowman, sleigh,
ready to go downhill.

Have a good mood even in the winter cold!

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