11 high hair style ideas for long hair: step by step photos

glamor hairstyleA variety of high hairstyles for long
hair surprises and amazes view: from simple and strict horse
tail to the solemn openwork beam.

Regardless of the event, this hairstyle will look
elegant and piquant.

Therefore, do not neglect such a simple way to emphasize
your femininity and unique style.

  • 1 High hairstyles for long hair – features
  • 2 Evening hairstyles
    • 2.1 Festive bundle
    • 2.2 High Mohawk
    • 2.3 Shell
    • 2.4 Hair with braids
    • 2.5 Babetta
  • 3 Wedding hairstyles
    • 3.1 Openwork beam
    • 3.2 Bundle of braids
    • 3.3 Shell
  • 4 Casual Hairstyles
    • 4.1 Horse tail
    • 4.2 Tail with knots
    • 4.3 High beam

High hairstyles for long hair – features

There are types of women who are not suitable for high
hairstyles This is due to the peculiarity of the structure of the face or
hair structure. In these cases, girls should not do perfectly
“licked” high hairstyles. These hairstyles will expose all
especially women who in other situations turns out well
to adjust.

Contraindicated for girls:

  • who have a high forehead;
  • with a round or square face;
  • with weak cheekbones;
  • with curly hair that cannot be straightened

Tip: For the above types of face is better.
make safer options for example leave a few
twisted strands of the face or long bangs obliquely on the forehead.

Evening hairstyles

Going to a party or a romantic date, great
hairstyles on the basis of the bundle – they are beneficial
emphasize the evening image, while maintaining ease.

Festive bundle

To create this hairstyle, lay the hair braided in
French braid in a graceful tuft, framing the face (see more about
bunches for long hair). This option would be appropriate for any
holiday, but does not require much effort.

bun for long hair

How to:

  1. Braid twisted French braid, not too tight
  2. To achieve the top braid a simple braid.
  3. Tie the end of the braid with a small rubber band (preferably
  4. Slightly stretch the strands in different directions.
  5. Put the braid on the back of your head in a circle, leaving a little
    space for visual volume.
  6. Pin the end of the braid under the beam, for better fixation use
  7. Add decorative hairpins for decoration.

how to make a high beam

There is also a spectacular version of a high beam with a spike-spike

how to make a bundle with oblique back

how to make a bundle with oblique spikelet in the back

High Mohawk

For a glamorous party a fashionable high hairstyle is perfect –
“glam chic”. Such a mohawk for long hair can look

Iroquois from long hair

For this hairstyle do not need to do additional haircut
and shave the whiskey. Due to the fact that it is quite simple
performed by, repeating it yourself is not difficult.

Instructions (step by step):

  1. Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo, then use
    air conditioning.
  2. Dry and comb.
  3. If the strands are not perfectly even, straighten them with a flat iron.
  4. Separate the hair on the parietal area U-shaped parting.
  5. how to make a mohawk from long hair

  6. Strands at the temples well comb comb with frequent
  7. Pin up these strands from behind, positioning them perpendicularly.
  8. Make a few tails from the forehead to the nape of the neck,
    as shown in the photo
  9. how to make mohawk stage 2

  10. Wind the strands of all the “tails”.
  11. Thoroughly mix it with a round or brashing
  12. Sprinkle one strand of varnish and wait a few minutes (to
    strand dried out). Then fix it at the base of the tail when
    help invisible.
  13. how to make mohawk stage 3

  14. Repeat this with the rest of the strands.
  15. how to make mohawk stage 4

  16. Carefully comb the remaining strands at the temples and pin them to
    the basis of the resulting iroquois.
  17. Fix the hair with lacquer.
  18. ready mohawk

Tip: to mask irregularities, neatly
hide them with pryadok temples. This will create a smooth
transition from the temples to the iroquois.


Another spectacular, but very elegant option – hairstyle
“Bundle shell”. It is perfect as a hairstyle on
long hair with bangs and without, which will add a touch of rebellion to
form. This option fits perfectly in almost any

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  2. Gather in a tight tail and tie them with a rubber band or fasten
    invisible, tightly tightened at the base.
  3. At about the middle of the hair, tighten another small elastic band.
    size (better in tone hair color).
  4. Spin the hair gently with a roller (make sure that the strands do not
    fell out).
  5. Tie the hair around the first elastic band.
  6. Gently poke hair to hide the end.
  7. Sprinkle irregularities with varnish and smooth them.
  8. Use decorative studs as decoration.

hairstyles for long hair with their own hands

Braid hairstyle

Hairstyles using high-braid look not only very
interesting but festive.

beautiful high hair

You can make this braid even more festive if you weave
not ordinary, but a braid of 4 strands. At first glance, create such
hairstyle is very difficult. With proper practice and developed skill
You can learn this interesting option yourself.

For weaving 4-strand braid:

  1. Comb your hair.
  2. Gather them together.
  3. Card again to remove nodules.
  4. Divide hair into 4 equal strands, holding 2 in one hand, and
    2 in the second.
  5. Take the rightmost strand.
  6. Throw it on the second.
  7. After push it under the third and shape the fourth.
  8. Repeat steps 5–7 until the hair runs out.
  9. Decorate the end of the strand with a barrette.
  10. Stretch the strands gently to give the spit volume.
  11. Spray varnish to fix.

4-strand braid

Please note: this braid can be created in
two styles: side or straight. The first option is more fashionable, but
the second one looks classically.


Babette made a real revolution in the last century.
among fashionistas. During this time, many of her
options that come to the aid of lovers of quick styling
(More on fast hairstyles for long hair, see

How to make Babette:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  2. Gather the curls in a high tail.
  3. Tighten the crown with a tight gum (better to pick up
    gum in hair color).
  4. Lightly stir the tail.
  5. Form a kind of bundle (for a larger volume you can
    put a special pad or a small roller out
    foam rubber).
  6. Roll up the remaining strands around the beam.
  7. Hide them with stealth.
  8. For additional fixing, use pins or tools
    for styling.

babette from long hair

Wedding hairstyles

In combination with a tiara or a wedding veil for the celebration is excellent
suitable high hair for long hair photos which are often
replete with the pages of fashionable wedding magazines. High styling
harmoniously complement the wedding image.

Tip: picking up wedding hairstyles for long
hair consider their structure. Align, if necessary.
hair ironing.

Openwork beam

Light and elegant hair will not look great
only on thick hair. To create it, follow these

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly, straighten if necessary.
  2. Collect them in a low tail, better a little away from
  3. From the tail, select one small strand.
  4. Wrap gum with it to hide.
  5. Hide the end of the disguise under the hair for better fixation.
    Stir hairpin stealth.
  6. Choose a little hair and braid the braid, slightly stretching.
    strands in it.
  7. Slightly stretch the braid over the entire length.
  8. Repeat steps 6-7 with all the strands.
  9. Take the scythe by the tip, gently holding the longest
    hairs, pull the weave up.
  10. Pin a braid at the base with a stiletto, leave the tip hanging down.
    (use stealth for better fixation).
  11. Repeat steps 9-10 with all other braids.
  12. For decoration, use decorative studs.
  13. Secure the hair with lacquer.

How to make an openwork beam is very clearly shown in this

This is interesting: many brides choose this
wedding hairstyle, as it is very convenient to fasten over the openwork
weaving braid. This option looks very stylish and elegant.

Braid sheaf

A bunch of braids is perfect for tall girls with elegant
by the neck. Great wedding option 一 easy and

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Instructions for implementation:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  2. Assemble in a high tail, securing a tight elastic band and
  3. Insert the tail into a special roller (bun for the beam).
  4. Separate a small strand from the tail and braid a simple
  5. At a distance of 10-15 cm from the base stop weaving.
    Wrap the resulting “half-braid” obliquely around, thus
    braiding a bagel, stretch the remaining hair through the base
  6. Add a bit of strands to the rest of the untied hair.
    and repeat steps 4–5.
  7. Repeat until there are no stitches left.
  8. The last strand dovelet to the end.
  9. Wrap a bagel several times, hiding the end at the base.
  10. For larger volume, slightly pull each braid away from
  11. If short hairs stick out, spray them with varnish and gently.
  12. Add decorative hairpins for decoration.
  13. Fix the veil and base stealth.


To create this hairstyle fit hair length above average. Have
This option has one feature – the hairstyle will look
only on smooth hair.

shell hairdo

The creation process itself is simple, but requires
a certain skill. So do not be discouraged if from the first
times fail.

Follow these steps:

  1. Moisten your hair with water.
  2. Apply foam or mousse evenly. After carefully comb
    comb with fine teeth and dry hair.
  3. Take a wide strand near the forehead, hold it under the hair and
  4. Leave the remaining strands to the left.
  5. Create a mount using stealth, securing them to
  6. Spin the bundle of strands in the direction to the right, create
  7. Secure with studs, hide the tips with stealth.
  8. To keep the shell well, use varnish.

how to make a shell

Daily hairstyles


Common horsetail is great for daily
application. Combines sophistication and classics, decorating any

Horsetail for long hair

To create it, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully comb your hair so that it is perfect.
  2. Gather a tight tail on the back of your head, use a not bright
  3. Separate a small strand at the edge of the tail.
  4. Wrap her gum.
  5. Lock the strand of the invisible, hiding the end at the base

Tail with knots

Now a kind of horsetail is very fashionable – tail with
spanish knots. This option will complement the daily image notes
playfulness and rebellion.

To create it, run:

  1. Gather the hair at the side, secure with a rubber band.
  2. Spread the strands just above the elastic.
  3. Pull the tip of the tail twice into the hole of the strands (creating
    braiding gum).
  4. Secure the end of the tail stealth.
  5. If the nodule is too tight, pull the strands apart a little.
    by hands.
  6. Secure the hair with lacquer.

Tail with knots

High beam

The high beam allows you to create a stylish
a hairstyle that blends in with any casual look.

Follow these steps:

  1. Gather the hair in a high tail, tie not bright
    rubber band.
  2. At the last turn of the gum, retract the strands until the end.
  3. Straighten the strands.
  4. To hide the end of the tail, wrap it around the base.
    (for better fixing, pinpoint the stealth).
  5. For a more rounded shape, fasten the sides of the strands.
  6. Fix varnish, smooth irregularities by hand.

This video shows how to make a high

To create high hairstyles need some skill. Worth
practice several times in advance. And at the right time to perform
any of the options is not difficult. And the effect will be

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