11 simple and fast hairstyles for long hair

two simple hairstylesLong and well-groomed hair in women
have long been considered a real subject of pride.

Someone prefers to wear them loose or braid in
a simple braid, so as not to interfere, and someone on the contrary – does
all sorts of hairstyles to diversify your image.

Very often, owners of long hair simply do not have enough
time to create unusual styling, and have every day
walk with the usual hairpins. Actually in order
to create beautiful hairstyles for long hair,
It takes not much time, and in our article we
We will offer you several popular options.

  • 1 fast tail
    • 1.1 Tail of bundles
    • 1.2 Stepped tail with knots
    • 1.3 Tail on side
    • 1.4 tail opposite
  • 2 Haircuts with braids
    • 2.1 Braid rim
    • 2.2 Spit from forehead
  • 3 Hairstyles with curls
  • 4 simple bundles
  • 5 Quick Shell
  • 6 Hair Accessories

Quick tail

Perhaps this is the most popular hairstyle. She is
perfectly rescues in those cases when there is a catastrophic lack
time for more serious hair manipulations. However,
even the usual pony tail can quickly be made very

  • To pin a high tail with a hairpin “invisible” –
    thanks to her he will not crawl down, giving hair
  • high tail

  • Make a little bouffant at the base of the tail to give it
    larger volume.
  • Make a double tail “snag” with which your hair will be
    seem longer and thicker. To do this, separate the hair
    horizontal parting in two parts, tie two tails, one –
    in the upper part, the second – closer to the back of the head so that
    upper tail overlapped lower. On the sides you can fix
    a few strands of “invisible” to hide the lower tail.

double tail

Tail of harnesses

To beautifully lay the tail harness, you need only
a few minutes, a comb and two rubber bands.

tail of the harness

First, you need to carefully comb the hair, tie a high
horse tail, divide it into two separate strands. Then each
from the strands twist counterclockwise, in this condition
twist them in a simple harness and secure at the bottom with a rubber band. For
additional fixation hairstyle you can sprinkle a little strands

how to make a tail from the harnesses

Stepped tail with knots

This intricate hairstyle is easy to do with your own hands.
in just 10 minutes. For this you will need
several rubber bands, a comb with large teeth and a means for
fixing. First you need to make a high tail and it is good
to fix.

stepped tail

Then separate the comb with two thin strands, tie them in
knot at the base of the tail, and release the ends of the knot down. Next take
new two strands, just tie a knot, release the ends.
Repeat the action to the bottom of the tail, fix
rubber band.

Tip: to make it easier to create
quick hairstyles for long hair, you can slightly wet your hair:
they will become more pliable, and upon completion – spray them with varnish.

Tail on the side

Tail to the side – the original way to diversify the horse tail.
To make this variation of the usual tail look interesting,
You can make a little bouffant, slightly curl curls curling and
tie them on the back of your head, closer to your ear. This installation does not take much
time, as well as give romance to the image.


Tail opposite

The tail is the opposite – very simple and at the same time
original way to diversify the classic horse
tail. This requires only one gum or
hairpin and one minute of time.

tail on the contrary

Tie your hair at any comfortable height, tie
an elastic band, previously having left small “hole” at the basis
tail. After that, twist the tail into a harness, stick this harness in
“hole”, and straighten. Hairstyle is ready.

Hairstyles with braids

Especially beautiful on long hair look hair with braids
A variety of weaving techniques make them always relevant as
in evening and daytime images. Therefore, we offer
simple hairstyles with braids that you can do
without outside help in just a few minutes.

Braid Bezel

The braid of the braids is one of the simplest braided hairstyles on
everyday. To create it you need to split horizontally.
hair in two parts. Then separate one curl after each
ear, braid each curl in a pigtail, and fasten it behind the ear with
the other side, thereby creating a bezel.

braid of braids

bezel 2

Before you fasten the pigtails, you can make a little bouffant.
– it will give the image a more festive look.

Spit from the forehead

Spit from the forehead is another uncomplicated and interesting variant of how
to put long hair. First split the horizontal parting
strands into two parts – the first part should take about 5
centimeter away from the forehead.

Braid spikelet from one ear to the second, and fasten
“invisible”. The second part of the hair can be simply combed and left.
as it is, a braid from the forehead will keep the rest of the hair from
falling to the face.

There is a variant of a slightly different braid configuration, as in the photo.

braid from the forehead

Hairstyles with curls

Those girls who do not like to walk constantly with loose
hair (about hairstyles on loose hair is more detailed here), can
slightly diversify your everyday look and make hairstyles with
curls. Their creation may take some time, but the resulting
The result will definitely justify the work.

A few pins, a styling curtain with a good finish,
a little effort is all you need. Twisting each
strand curling iron, it is important to slightly sprinkle it with lacquer to fix and
to lay as you like most.

For a romantic image, for example, you can collect several
strands on the back of his head, and the rest of the curls put down the back.


For a more rigorous way to work, you can twist curls,
assemble them into a high volumetric bundle and gently draw out a few
curls fine-toothed comb.

hair from curls

Simple bunches

Especially popular among girls with all kinds of long hair
simple bunches – a great option as fast as possible
laying both for work and for a walk. Bundles can
decorate with unusual hairpins, add weaving, make of
sets of braids or simply carelessly twist a high bunch.
See more about bunches for long hair.

Quick shell

In the case when you need to create a more elegant variation
beam, quick shell fit perfectly. To her
to create, you must first separate the hair in the right temporal zone,
fix the clip so that they do not interfere.

The rest of the strands must be stabbed into a high ponytail, then
putting two fingers at its base, create a loop around them.
The tips of the hair must be fixed and hidden in the very

simple shell

Hair that remains in the temporal area can be beautifully laid.
wave towards seashells. Final action – sprinkle styling
lacquer to fine hairs do not create unnecessary fluffy.

Tip: to create a smooth beam you can
use a round roller: collect hair in a ponytail and wind it
them on the roller, starting at the end of the tail.

In this video, 6 more simple hairstyles for long hair, each of
which can be done in 3 minutes:

Hairstyle accessories

hairpinsFor fixing any styling required
accessories: lightweight hairpins, invisible hairpins, hoops, rollers,
mesh and gum.

All of them should be comfortable in the first place,
so that after using them in no case there is a feeling

It is also important, of course, hair color: to accessory
harmoniously complemented the image, it is worth considering the shade of your

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