12 ways to give root volume hair

Modern women and girls are real lucky girls! AT
desire to have luxurious hair they have reliable

hairstyle with volume at the roots

The abundance of salon procedures for the care of curls today gives
every opportunity to have a voluminous and shiny shock of hair. Even
if nature itself has not endowed.

  • 1 Salon procedure
  • 2 Bust Up or Gust Up: what is it
    • 2.1 What kind of hair can you boost up?
    • 2.2 How much is Boost Up
  • 3 Pros and cons of the procedure Boost Up
    • 3.1 Pros
    • 3.2 Cons
  • 4 Radical hair volume: types
    • 4.1 Bouffant
    • 4.2 Fleecing
    • 4.3 Eco volume
    • 4.4 VolumeOn
  • 5 Bouffant and Boost Up: what’s the difference
    • 5.1 Performing the Bouffant Technique
    • 5.2 Can I Do Boost Up Pregnant
  • 6 Is it possible to make long-term root volume
  • 7 How to care for your hair after the procedure
    • 7.1 How to remove Boost Up
    • 7.2 Photos of celebrities who did Boost Up
      • 7.2.1 Ksenia Borodina
      • 7.2.2 Cheryl Cole
      • 7.2.3 Selena Gomez
  • 8 Technique of making basal volume
    • 8.1 Hair styling
    • 8.2 Using ironing
    • 8.3 Tongs crimped
    • 8.4 Curler
    • 8.5 Using curlers
    • 8.6
  • 9 Folk remedies
    • 9.1 Yeast Mask
    • 9.2 Gelatin Mask

Salon procedure

Giving the hairstyle volume in the salon is a great solution.
Reasons for choosing a trip to an experienced master:

  • procedures are performed by a professional, taking into account the many nuances
    this or that technology;
  • special tools that are used by hairdressers,
    add hair gloss and return a healthy look;
  • salon procedures have a persistent effect and
    allow you to forget about styling for a long time, which takes a lot of time and

To give hair volume salons offer an impressive
range of services. But particular popularity and female love
won the procedure Boost Up.

Bust Up or Gust Up: what is it

Radical volume Boost Up

Boost Up (literally means “lift up”) is a procedure
create volume at the roots. The technology was conceived as gentle
alternative to building with the aim of increasing the density of the strands.

Attention! Boost Up is an authoring technique.
The development belongs to Elena Glinka, a master from St. Petersburg.
The founder of the school of hairdressing, Elena created
perfect procedure for basal volume.

The technology is based on a biological perm. For this
Compounds containing more than 50% natural are used.
components. This is a gentle basal chemistry for volume, after
which hair is lifted, look thicker, but remain
absolutely smooth. The effect persists to six months.

What kind of hair can you do Boost Up

lush hairstyle

The procedure is suitable not only for girls with insufficient thickness
hair. Those who by nature are endowed with lush hair, often
use Boost Up as a long-term styling that is not afraid
rain, wind and hats. The technique allows use on
straight long and medium hair.

Girls whose curls are prone to fat, will appreciate the drying
effect of the procedure. After her hair will stay clean longer.
Boost Up is combined with keratin, but since its inception
It should take at least 2 weeks.


Unfortunately, Boost Up is not for everyone. Give up the desired
volume is needed in the following situations:

  1. Short haircuts. Most likely, the root volume for this length
    will be similar to the effects of a non-weak electrical discharge.
  2. Curly or artificially straightened hair.
  3. Hair dyed with natural dyes. Components
    composition, may react with paint, which will lead to
    negative consequences.
  4. Dry and brittle curls procedure will dry even more. Instead
    radical volume there is a risk of losing its own density.

Tip! To find out if Boost Up is suitable,
there is a simple test. After washing your hair you need to take the hair,
pull it slightly and let it go. Springy structure allows
volume creation. If the hair is torn from tension, the procedure for you
will not work.

How much does Boost Up

The effect of permanent volume usually lasts 5-6 months. For that
time composition is washed out. The duration of the effect depends on the frequency
shampooing and how fast hair grows.

Daily care products do not affect the duration
volume. Moisturizing masks will help make a smooth transition when
regrowth strands.

Pros and cons of Boost Up


Creating the basal volume requires professionalism. it
difficult work and it should be done by an experienced master with a clear
adherence to technology. The three-hour procedure has its drawbacks and


Photos before and after, which are full of forums, inspire.
The positive qualities of the Boost Up method abound:

  1. The volume and density are achieved even on the thin by nature.
  2. An important advantage is the duration of the effect up to 6
  3. Perfect smoothness and fluffiness remain even immediately after
    washing up.
  4. The composition is applied only to the part of the hair at the roots and almost
    falls on the scalp. Total used approximately 10 ml
  5. The special composition envelops the hair outside without penetrating inside and
    without damaging its structure.
  6. The procedure is gentle and does not have
  7. Boost Up can be easily removed in the cabin if necessary.

lush hair


Less cons, but they are:

  1. The cost of the procedure is quite high.
  2. Inside, you will have to spend 3–3.5 hours, which is not always
  3. Perhaps the search for a good master will take time. Procedure can
    hold only a hairdresser with special training
    course boost up.
  4. Volumetric hairstyle is not for everyone.

Radical hair volume: types

The technique of Boost Up is so popular that it is already considered a classic. On
other methods of creating basal volume appeared in its base,
among which are Bouffant, Fleecing, Eco Volume Fleecing, Volume


volume with pile

The first “descendant” Boost Up – Bouffant. The technique uses the same
compositions, but performed differently. First, the master does the bouffant
root zone. Then the strands are wound on a curler and dried.
without using a hair dryer. The result is a soft and natural volume on
up to 3 months.



This technique is an ode to naturalness. Fleece represents
a simplified version of the previous procedure. The master does the comb
roots with the use of BIO-compounds. Fleecing does not use curlers,
studs. Part of the hair is processed only with a mini-effect iron.
corrugation. Therefore, the result looks the most natural and
keeps on hair 1-2 months.

Eco Volume


The result of the procedure is very similar to Boost Up. Only instead
The traditional eco-bolt studs use clips for basal
volume. It creates the effect of lush thick hair that pleases the eye
3-4 months.


he will

Volume On technology is a new alternative to Boost Up. She is
It is considered the most gentle in the direction of creating volume at the roots. Not
processing irons and bouffant. Strands lightly curled on curlers and
process composition. For fixing use clips for
basal volume. The result is absolutely straight curls,
raised at the roots. Airy effect of voluminous hair
lasts about 2 months.

Bouffant and Boost Up: what’s the difference

The purpose of the procedures Bouffant and Boost Up – sustainable basal volume
at the client. These are variations of the same technique with different techniques.
execution, as allows to receive different results. Differences
between treatments are as follows:

  • When creating a volume bouffant, no crimping tongs are used,
    the desired volume is achieved by combing the strands;
  • Bouffant involves the use of curlers for which
    stacked processed curls. When boosting use
  • Bouffant gives the effect of soft and natural volume, whereas
    Boost Up looks like a girl just got out of her chair.
  • Bouffant’s effect lasts 2–3 months versus 5–6 months
    after boost up.

Performance of Bouffant

laying technique

The technology of such a salon procedure also requires
about three hours, the master’s professionalism and strict observance
order of action. Technology is a list of steps:

  1. On clean, pre-washed hair apply a protective
  2. Top strands combed and laid on curlers – stickies.
  3. This is followed by the application of the active substance to the hair
    at the roots.
  4. The hair is covered with a hat and in this condition is left on
    30–40 minutes. Then the hair is freed from the curlers, the excess composition
    wash off.
  5. The final stage is the application of smoothing agents and
    drying hair.

Is it possible to make Boost Up Pregnant

volume pregnant

I want to wear a hairstyle from curvaceous curls in any vital
period. Bust Up is a luxurious procedure, but for all its magnificence, it
not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

The main reasons why expectant mothers should abandon Boost
Up, two:

  1. Changes in hormonal levels in the body of a pregnant woman with
    high probability may distort the final result.
  2. No matter how gentle cosmetic compositions, it is
    chemical solutions that even in small doses
    able to adversely affect the health of the future baby.

Is it possible to make a long-term basal volume of the house

Radical volume of the house

Many girls are interested in how to make the basal volume of the house.
There are many options for giving hair pomp and smoothness in
home conditions. However, no long-term effect
homemade “Boost Up” is out of the question. The reasons:

  • the procedure can be performed only by trained
  • professional hair products for
    achieving a long lasting result not found in free

How to care for hair after the procedure

Hair after creating Boost Up does not require special care.
That the magnificent result pleased for a long time, and the hair looked
beautiful until the next salon visit, just follow

  1. Use daily care products that include
    no silicones.
  2. Do not dye hair with natural dyes, while holding
    Effect. It is a perm, though gentle. And henna and basma –
    her first enemies. Strengthening henna is also prohibited.
  3. The first 2-3 days after the creation of a permanent volume should
    refrain from washing your head.

How to remove Boost Up

reduce volume

Sometimes girls want to get rid of long-term volume like
can be faster. For example, if the master did something wrong,
such a volume is not a woman or just tired. Procedure based
on processing fixing chemical composition and the result is not
will disappear quickly. But to eliminate unwanted volume is still possible.

How to remove Boost Up:

  1. Contact the salon. Expensive, but efficient and fast. Bust Up
    can be removed by straightening your hair using the same
  2. The second option is more accessible, but takes time. Replace
    ordinary shampoo with a high content
    silicones and every day to pull the hair with a hair dryer and

Photos of celebrities who did Boost Up

The wave of permanent volume has not bypassed celebrities. After all, even
the most successful ladies dream of beautiful and thick hair. Not
limit to perfection!

Ksenia Borodina

hair Xenia beard

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Technique of making basal volume

To avoid disappointment, before going to the salon is
try to create basal volume of their own. By persistence
Home-made Boost Up doesn’t compare to
professional. However, this approach will allow you to take the right
decision. Make styling can be in different ways.

Hair dryer

hair dryer for volume

The easiest option to create a volumetric hairstyle. Performed
styling is not difficult and familiar to most girls:

  1. Wet hair comb comb with occasional teeth.
  2. A protective agent and mousse are applied over the entire length of the hair.
  3. Strands are placed with a hairdryer using a round comb (brushing).
    The direction of the air stream is from bottom to top.
  4. The upper tiers of the hair carefully worked, take thinner
    strands and pay special attention to the zone at the roots.

Using ironing

Using a hair straightener
simpler. Means are applied to wet strands, for example, Matrix Spray
to create volume. Then curls should dry. Captured
small strands, pinch between the plates and iron a little pull
up. Do not hold more than 5 seconds, otherwise you can
damage the hair. It is enough to work out only strands

Tip! To create the basal volume iron
It is worth choosing with thinner plates and a ceramic coating.
This model is more convenient and safer.

Tongs bumps

volume flute

Iron corrugation is also great to cope with the task. All
the procedure does not take much time and guarantees an excellent result.
Warmed forceps, better ceramic or teflon, go
strands of the crown and neck at the roots for 2 width ironing. Hair
sprinkle with fixer. Corrugation creates small and medium
waves that add lightness to the hair. Getting up before
the choice of which forceps are best for the basal volume, to give
preference is narrow models.


When using curling, you can also create a voluminous hairstyle.
The technology is simple: with heated forceps alternately clamp for 5–7
seconds small strands. The curling should be close to the skin.
head, then the hair will rise well in the root zone. Before
the beginning of the manipulation strands need to be treated with thermal protection.

Using curlers

laying on curlers

Curlers are the most harmless way to create volume. To reach
the desired result, the hair should be wound, highlighting the central
the area and the area of ​​the temples. Hair should be pre-moistened.
Fix the curlers and wait for the curls to dry completely. After
this put a fixative. Bottom Powder
will keep volume throughout the day. For long curls fit
curlers of a larger diameter, but in order to create a root
The volume on short hair is small and thin.


With the help of a fleece you can create volume and many interesting
hairstyles Only need a comb with frequent teeth. Being worked on
each strand separately. Pomp is created by comb movements along
stretched strands 5-6 cm at the roots of the hair. Short haircuts require
comb over the whole head. On long curls perform bouffant
occipital zone.

See 4 more ways to create basal volume in
this video

Folk remedies

Those girls who aspire to the coveted volume, but do not want
resort to salon chemistry, you can pay attention to the people
facilities. Some of them are very effective.

Yeast Mask


Yeast mask with kefir is rich in vitamins and lifts
roots even the thinnest hair. The composition is useful for their growth.
The ingredients are simple and affordable.

Mask preparation:

  1. 0.5 cups of kefir to warm to a warm state.
  2. Add 20 g of yeast to kefir and leave the mixture for 7–10 minutes until
    education “caps”.
  3. Apply the composition on the scalp and hair at the roots, cover
  4. Mask hold for 30-40 minutes, then rinse and allow hair
    dry naturally.

Gelatin mask

For a gelatin mask you need only 3 components:

  • 15 g of gelatin;
  • citric acid on the tip of a knife;
  • 1 yolk.

Gelatin mixed with 2 tbsp. l cold water dissolve on
water bath, pour acid. Allow to cool slightly. In mass enter
yolk and mix thoroughly.

Apply the mask to the hair, paying particular attention to the root
zone. Wrap your head with cellophane and a towel. Hold for 20–30 minutes
then rinse with cool water. This mask will create a root
volume and surprise lamination effect.

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