13 trendy men’s hairstyles for long hair

People tend to follow the latest fashion trends in clothing and
hairstyles. And it is not only about women, but also about men.
A strong half of humanity, at times, spends on creating
image no less time than the fair sex.

Men's hairstyles for long hair

Now extended male haircuts are in fashion,
borrowed from the rockers. Therefore, men are trying to grow

  • 1 What’s new in stylish men’s images
  • 2 Symmetrical haircuts
  • 3 Asymmetrical haircuts
  • 4 Stylish men’s hairstyles with long hair.
    • 4.1 Pompadour
    • 4.2 Elongated undercut
    • 4.3 “Under the Elvis”
    • 4.4 Cocoon
    • 4.5 Iroquois
    • 4.6 Retro
    • 4.7 Caret
    • 4.8 Symmetrical bob
    • 4.9 Cascade
    • 4.10 Bundle and Tail
    • 4.11 Braiding hair
    • 4.12 Combover
    • 4.13 Fade
  • 5 Some tips on long hairstyle care

What’s new in stylish men’s looks

Fashion changes annually, but some trends always remain in
trend. For example, a classic. Classic hairstyles
are distinguished by clear lines, parting, and sometimes
the lack of smoothly combed strands. Hair length
should be no more than 5 cm. Haircuts look neat and fit
business men.

What is popular now:

  • sports haircuts. The basis – short hair with smooth
    transitions. Suitable for both adults and children; Sport haircuts
  • romantic Neat hairstyle with straight or oblique
    bangs; Romantic haircuts
  • grunge Rebellious haircuts with shaved temples and
    disheveled. Rebellious grunge haircuts

Symmetrical haircuts

Equal, geometrically regular hair lines are able to hide
imperfections of the face of any form. Such haircuts are classified as classic.
They are suitable for men over 40, as well as those
who needs to comply with the dress code at work, because hair can
put in the tail.

Symmetrical haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts

Different lengths of strands, showiness and a halo of romanticism – here,
What are asymmetrical haircuts? Such
Hairstyles do not require long styling.

The main component – a long or uneven bangs, covering
half face and cleaned to one side. In addition, the oblique is important
parting. Shaved temples are often added to the asymmetry. A photo
men with asymmetrical haircuts adorn all glossy

Asymmetrical hairstyles

Stylish men’s hairstyles with long hair

Long hair is at the peak of fashion, so men are increasingly growing
tails. Thanks to a variety of hairstyles, their image
supplemented with voluminous and lightweight elements.

The most fashionable is now considered a combination of long hair with
shaved areas of the head. Spit and
other weaving.

Stylish men's hairstyles


Previously, the hairstyle was considered purely female, but less than a century ago was
attributed to the number of classic men. Over the years, the haircut has undergone
a lot of changes, but retained the foundation – highly raised
strands in front, laid back.

In modern variations, shaved whiskey was added to the hairstyle.
Pompadour is a versatile styling that is suitable for
different types of face and hair.


Elongated undercut

The main element is no transition between the length of the strands. Shaved
the back of the head and the whiskey are extravagantly combined with the bulk
hair on top and bangs. On short hair often
make patterns or tattoos.

Another undercut option is a shaved temple on one side and
strands combed to another.

Hairstyle has no age limit or


“Under the Elvis”

The classic version – the hair is set high, and the sides
pooled. But time has made its corrections in this
image, so modern barbers add Iroquois, a perm
or colored strands.

Attention! In any variation of styling haircuts “Under
Elvis “hair should be perfectly styled, curl to curl.

This hairstyle is suitable for smooth, thick and straight hair.
Owners of curls will have to tinker with

This video tells and shows in practice how to perform
the legendary 70s haircut – Elvis Presley.


Another hairstyle with combed back hair. Consists of
collected from the back strands, which are subsequently sent
forward, and then back again, forming a kind of cocoon.
This type requires skill, so inexperienced in styling men
Do not advise to choose this type of hairstyle.

Peculiar cocoon


In the past, the mohawk was considered an expression of rebellious spirit.
Now he has gained popularity among men and women. Main features
– short or shaved temples and a smooth strip of hair from
forehead to crown.

Their length is 3–15 cm. Hair can be combed back.
comb and set spikes. The hairstyle is complemented by various
patterns on the temples and bright staining.



As in other haircuts, popular retro styling has been made

To modern retro style include a lot of haircuts.
This is also a sleeves with an incredible volume, and smoothly combed
hair, and various forelocks. This option is suitable for men in
age and youth.

Retro styling


Universal hairstyle worn by the representatives of two sexes.
It is a straight hair and a straight line of cut. Can
make a multi-level caret, implying a different length.

Asymmetry, bangs are added to the classic version,
volume or, on the contrary, perfect smoothness.

Cars are advised to choose men from 20 to 35 years old with different
hair types: soft or hard, curly or straight.

Male caret

Symmetrical bean

Option haircuts for long hair, which must necessarily
be thick and straight. Strands on bangs, reaching to the temples,
share a straight parting. For symmetry lying in
basis of the haircut, the face should be a perfect oval shape.
Hairstyle can be smoothly laid or have carelessness, in
depending on the age and status of men.

Bob Haircut


Unlike most fashionable haircuts, this one fits all
face types and any age.

Tip! Hairstyle “Cascade” is easy to fit, but
this should be done daily, because without styling the hair will
look unkempt.

The main features are a smooth or ragged transition from short strands to
long (a kind of ladder).

Fashion cascade

Bundle and tail

Another hairstyle with lots of advantages:

  • does not require special styling;
  • suitable for different hair lengths;
  • Both adults and young men can choose it.

This video shows a haircut for long hair with a bun.

Options tails or bundles
lots of:

  • high styling with shaved temples;
  • horse tails;
  • tufts on top;
  • classic tails with long
    back of the head.

To create an image, it is better to use a thin elastic with a color.

Braid hair

Weaving hair in a braid

Weaving is becoming increasingly popular among men.
Dreadlocks, African braids – the most common
options. They can be worn loose, put away in a ponytail or

Into the fashion weave a braid at the back, starting from
forehead and to the nape. They are used in asymmetrical hairstyles or

This video shows how you can braid men


To create this hairstyle long hair, laid in one
side separated by a clearly visible parting on the other
by the side.

There is a calmer look when hair is combed smoothly, and
careless when strands are laid in a chaotic manner. A haircut
suitable for young men.

Haircut with a clear parting


Universal haircut for the stronger sex of all
ages and statuses. The main feature is a smooth transition.
from short hair to long.

There are many types of Fade hairstyle:

  • classical;
  • with a shaved nape and temples where patterns are made;
  • with long hair. This haircut needs careful care;
  • with short. Less demanding in styling
  • with a clear parting line;
  • with a smooth transition to the beard.

Universal Haircut

Some tips for long hairstyle care

To preserve the beauty and strength of long hair, you must comply
following rules:

  • be sure to cover your head in the cold
    of the year;
  • trim split ends;
  • do not make the tail too tight;
  • choose a shampoo with a softening effect;
  • with regular styling use repair
    serums and caring oils.

Options for men’s hairstyles for long hair there
lots of. They depend on the type of hair and the shape of the face. If you
doubt the choice, consult a hairdresser:
He will select the image that is right for you.

This video shows one of the variants of male haircuts on
long and curly hair.

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