14 romantic manicure ideas for 14 February

February 14, on Valentine’s Day, a romantic manicure is appropriate,
like no other day of the year. Find out which nail design is better.
just help you express your feelings.

Ideas of romantic manicure

On Valentine’s Day, girls are guaranteed flowers, chocolate and
attention of men. So that everything around is filled with appropriate
mood, make a romantic manicure on the subject
love No matter where you spend this weekend:
a friendly party or together with your loved ones, your nails are constantly
will remind you of your feelings. After all, on our nails, we can
draw even more than say out loud.

Ideas of romantic manicure

White and red colors turn this manicure on
classic valentine.

White heart, made in the technique of negative, beautiful
Looks on a background of pastel varnish with glamorous rhinestones.

The eternal feminine question: love, not love, love, not

What is better to tell about your feelings than this big heart,
made in the ombre technique?

Both heart, and love, and sparkles – all trends in one

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Cocktail Dress

Lee-tai-by-book: L-O-V-E!

Trees with hearts and a couple of lovers birds – such a manicure
will emphasize the romantic nature.

Nails for Valentine’s Day

Inflatable balloons in the shape of hearts set up fun
party with your loved one.

February 14 nails may well turn into sweet candy
with romantic wishes.

Restrained, but romantic – this manicure will suit both in the office and
at a festive party.

Valentine’s manicure doesn’t have to be in red and
pink tones. Silver background and black shapes on its background.
reminded of a date lovers moonlit night.

When the eyes see a loved one, the heart begins to beat more often, and
nails cardiogram appears.

You can write a love letter to your beloved — on your own

Kisses and kisses again. On the day of all kisses in love
can not be. Even on the nails.


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