15 varieties of quads for short hair

Traction to experiments with appearance often leads women to
the decision to make a short haircut. If you want
transform and at the same time preserve femininity, short
four of a kind is a great option. This haircut does not require complex care,
harmonizes with both business and romantic
setting and can favorably emphasize

Short haircut

Cutting a bob on short hair is universal and
There are many options, you only need
choose the right one

  • 1 Who is suitable for a short bob haircut
  • 2 Types of cars
    • 2.1 Long square swallow
    • 2.2 Four of a Kind
    • 2.3 Graduated square on short hair
    • 2.4 Four wavy hair
    • 2.5 Classic neat bob square
    • 2.6 Bob four-legged
    • 2.7 Boy’s bob caret
    • 2.8 bob square in grunge style
    • 2.9 Savory Ruffled
    • 2.10 Bob caret with uneven layering
    • 2.11 Double quads
    • 2.12 Bob caret for sparse hair
    • 2.13 Kare balloon
    • 2.14 With volume on top
    • 2.15 Unusual caret

This is a short bob haircut

The choice of hairstyle depends on:

  • hair type;
  • face shapes;
  • features of the figure;
  • age

Kare by type of person So, you can adjust the long face
with bangs, and in the case of oval or round
faces it is better to stop at a haircut without a bang.
The wide cheekbones or jaw will hide the elongated strands around the face.

For thin hair, a short haircut will give volume, and for
naturally lush hair, you will need a thinning on top of your head.
As a rule, a caret assumes smooth, straight hair, but
to owners of curls, she also goes very well, especially with long
strands, creating a romantic image.

This video shows how to cut a bob-cut for short

Very short quads will suit fragile women,
“under the boy”, revealing the neck and delicate features of the face, whereas
full women should choose an elongated version with oblique bangs.
Bangs will also help hide the wrinkles on the forehead and give more
young and fresh look, and also focus on the eyes.

Attention! When choosing the shape and type of bangs, remember
the fact that it should be combined with the rest of the haircut: torn bangs
looks good with a graduated or asymmetrical haircut, and
straight or smooth oblique – with strict straight lines
classic car.

Types of quads

Although the caret is a hairstyle introduced into the fashion of the ancient Egyptian
Queen Cleopatra, she remains relevant today.
day, and stylists are constantly adding to it new features and
items. Therefore, today there is a huge variety of species.
This haircut for every taste and for any

Quadruple swallow

Long caret

Perhaps one of the most popular and classic options:
the length of the strands increases smoothly from the neck to
the chin. This hairstyle fits most women
can be performed without bangs, and with bangs and gives
opportunity to show imagination with styling: long strands can
ideally smoothly extend parallel to the face, curl in or out,
lay curls.

Caution! Swallow, although it is
universal haircut does not always go well with an elongated
the face. To compensate for the elongated shape of the face, the haircut should
add a thick semi-circular bangs, completely covering the eyebrows.

Kare with bangs

Kare with bangs

Short bangs make the image playful and visually
rejuvenates the view, and long makes the look mysterious and
attractive Originally combines straight smooth bangs with
curls over the entire length of the hair or twisted tips. Bang
also allows you to hide problem areas on

Graduated square on short hair

A more “hooligan” kind of classic hairstyle,
preserving the overall silhouette, but made with
cascade graduation, that is, different hair length and aesthetic

Hairstyle for short hairThis haircut is very comfortable in
laying, or rather, it is practically not
needs. Cascade car looks fresh, bold,
youth and interesting in any variant – elongated or
short square without bangs or with the same graded, torn

Four wavy hair

Wavy hair makes the haircut a bit messy, so why
would it not emphasize? The silhouette will look more interesting if
lightly graduate wavy hair and add a little

This video shows how the caret is trimmed to curly
hair with highlighting.

Classic neat bob car

Just look at the photos of the stars with this haircut to
understand how popular it is. Victoria Beckham did
This haircut is your calling card. This haircut with
distinct and symmetrical cut lines are perfect for
straight, “glossy” hair, perfectly emphasizing their shine.

To give the hairstyle volume and create a transition in length from
occipital strands up to temporal, classic haircut done
like a square with a short nape.

Haircut bob caret

Bob square leg

This variety is characterized by a fuzzy transition bangs in
the length of the hair, as well as short-cut or
shaved lokonamina nape, forming a “leg”.

Bob hairstyle on the leg

Long strands of the face are laid either with a round
brushing and hair dryer, or hair iron.

Tip: Cut the bob on short hair leaves the neck
open, it is worth considering if there are flaws in this area.

Boy’s bob caret

Bob quads on short hair, maximum length up to the lobes
ears, with gracefully careless torn strands, usually
placed using a diffuser, which gives the hair a noticeable
volume This haircut is easy to clean and looks original in
feminine looks, for example, with a long dress with

Haircut for short hair

Bob square in grunge style

Fashionable grunge haircut brings artistic
mess in classic strict hairstyle. Piling
carried out with the help of the gel, forming a chaotic “spines”. Hair
must be heavily textured and
multilayered, while taking care of the perfection of the form
what is not necessary, but rather the opposite – is not at all necessary.
Rumbling in the trend!

Hairstyle in the style of grunge

Zesty tousled

Such a mischievous type of square car looks especially good on wavy
hair as they add to this haircut
negligence. The structure of this haircut is very clear
marked, it is easy to see the individual small strands.

The main volume is created on the back of the head, due to which the disheveled
haircut is very well suited to women with an oval-type face. This
bold and at the same time feminine haircut gives
an image of ease, playfulness and freshness.

Kara disheveled

Bob caret with uneven layering

Asymmetrically graduated haircut looks bold and
boldly. This option is perfect for thick hair,
because it allows you to remove excess volume. Such a haircut
opens the neck and focuses on the cheekbones.

Important! Laying haircuts with uneven layering
usually requires the use of styling tools.


Double quads

An interesting technique for creating double volume
consists in the following: the lower layer of hair and in the occipital, and
the temporal part is cut short, and the top layer has
classic silhouette. Thus, an elegant
subtle hairline.

Double caret

Bob caret for sparse hair

To create volume on sparse and thin hair is used like this
called spicy bob kare.

E-short graduated strip
long bangs to the chin. Laying such a haircut involves
stretching the strands near the face, causing
hairstyle has a neat strict look.


Rare hair

Kare ball

A rather rare variation that suits mostly
rhomboid type of person. Effect of imprisonment in
the ball is achieved by cutting all the hair one length or very long.
smooth transition length. Naturally, bangs in this version
usually completely covers the eyebrows.

Kare balloon

With volume at the crown

With a round face type, it is important to adjust the shape.
visual lengthening. To do this, give volume
hair at the top of the head, but in no case at the bottom.
This effect is achieved with a caret with a short crown.
and even curls in the face.

Haircut with volume on top

Unusual quads

There are many ways to diversify
habitual haircut. For example, you can break the perfect
the symmetry of a classic square silhouette using uneven
lines of cut and unequal length of the left and right side of the hair.

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical haircuts
will refresh a bright color – either over the entire length, or
individual strands, for example, the tips near the face.

Unusual caret

You can add an interesting texture by staining.
in ombre technique, with a smooth transition from one shade to
to another. Moreover, shades can be both natural and
unusual pastel. And, of course, the shape of the hair depends heavily on
styling – careless for everyday life
ruffled styling to create glamor
the image can, for example, lay a long fringe back.

Grooming is probably a versatile way to beautifully
highlight the dignity of appearance and hide
disadvantages, and for the selection of their ideal version of this
simple and at the same time elegant hairstyle
consult with a professional stylist.

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