18 interesting facts about hair

Do you all know about your hair? Present to your attention
interesting facts about hair!

Surprised girl

  1. By chemical composition, hair is 97% composed of protein …
    and only 3% from water …

The chemical composition of hair

  1. Hair grows 0.4 mm per day, so haircut
    in no way affects the rate of their growth—

Long hair

  1. Straight hair reflects more light, therefore curly
    it is so difficult to achieve shine hairstyles …
  1. During the life cycle, each hair follicle
    gives life to about 25 hairs, and their sharp loss
    indicates a lack of iron in the blood …

Iron in the blood

  1. The hair shaft is so elastic, so it is easy
    returns to its original state even when stretching it in
    length by 20% –
  1. Straight from nature hair suddenly becomes curly,
    which indicates the poor health of their owner …

Curly hair

  1. Men are more prone to baldness, since their roots
    hair “sit” 2 mm closer to the surface than in
    of women
  1. The first hair appears in a person when he is
    in embryonic development (approximately, at the 4–5th month
    pregnancy) …


  1. Bald hair does not fall out more often than others.
    people, as there are 3 stages of their growth: active,
    intermediate and last (when growth stops) …

hair growth phases

  1. With each change, the hair grows every time
    thinner and shorter …


  1. Easier to fit hair with a vertical arrangement
    bulbs, and the direction of their growth – purely hereditary

Hair on end

  1. The temperature for washing the head is no more than 35 ° C,
    to prevent leaching of natural fat

My head is right

  1. Fastest hair grows during sleep
    spring and summer, and with age they become drier …

Girl Sit

  1. On average, for a month, hair shafts grow by 12 mm, and
    their life cycle reaches 7 years …

Hair grows

  1. The word “shampoo” is borrowed from Hindi – “champa”
    means the name of a flower growing in India. Of
    the juices of this plant produce oil for rubbing into the scalp
    (hence the English-language “shampoo” – “massage”) …

Straw on the head

  1. Redheads may have the thickest head, and
    dark-skinned – the thickness of the hair is 3 times greater than that of
    Europeans …


  1. Red hair women find practical
    application in … industry – they are used in instrument making for
    hygrometer production … Hygrometer
  2. Blondes and red-haired are undesirable to stay under
    the scorching sun longer than 7 min. because their hair starts
    catastrophically quickly lose moisture. Fair-haired is given away by nature
    a little more time – up to 10 minutes. Most of all lucky brown-haired – they
    can be in the sun without harm to hair about 17
    minutes …

Girl under the sun

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