27 options for bob haircuts for medium hair with a photo

When short haircuts came into vogue, women reacted to them with
in disbelief. They feared that the short length would quickly come out of
fashion, and hair will grow long.

photo bob bob haircut

Stylists believe that beautiful and spectacular can look
hairstyles for medium hair. Short styling is highly relevant for
living in big cities. Therefore, many years at the peak
Popularity remains haircut bob on medium hair.

  • 1 Strengths and Benefits
  • 2 Who is suitable
  • 3 Options
  • 4 Technique haircuts
  • 5 Styling Options

Advantages and benefits

Bob fell in love with all the fashionable women because
universal and practical hairstyle.

This technique has several other advantages:

  • fits almost any face shape;
  • There are many options for haircuts;
  • has no age limit. By the way, Bob is especially fond of
    women aged 40 and older because he is younger
    its owner;
  • This haircut can be done on the hair of any structure;
  • it does not take much effort to create styling;
  • blends well with hats and accessories;
  • hairstyle with bangs will draw more attention to the features
  • helps to create an image of an active girl / woman.

To suit

Correctly selected hairstyle bob will emphasize
the dignity of the face and correct its shortcomings. Of
variety of options each will be able to choose the right one.

bob without bangs

The main thing to consider tips on the selection of hairstyles.

  1. Bob on medium hair will suit tall and handsome ladies.
  2. Clear lines will add volume to thin straight curls.
  3. Will give strands of pomp cascading version of a haircut.
  4. Graduated version will make live more direct thick
  5. If the hair is curly and difficult to style, you should choose
    haircut “bob-ladder” with a small amount at the tips.

How does the perfect haircut look like for you, will help
pick a stylist, given the characteristics of your face.


Bob hasn’t given up his leadership for a very long time, becoming a real
trend. Over time, new features are introduced to emphasize
the dignity of the owner of this hairstyle. Therefore appeared
many of its variations.

  1. Bob-caret is a classic version in which
    missing bangs. It is sometimes compared to a square – they are very similar.
    But there is a significant difference in technique. In the caret is straight clear
    the lines in the bob haircut are at a slight angle. This option
    is very popular.
  2. Bob-car

  3. Asymmetrical bob – a selection of bold creative
    natur. The asymmetrical variant involves a combination of long and
    short strands on the temporal-lateral areas, longer
    укладывают на одну сторону.Asymmetrical bobБолее короткий вариант этой стрижки
    will emphasize the neckline, but if you want to be more feminine, then it is worth
    choose an extended version. The advantage of asymmetric bean
    is the ability to combine it with different types of bangs.
  4. Asymmetric

  5. The leg bob can be made at any length
    strands. Its peculiarity is that the front strands appear
    longer due to short hairline behind. This option is stylish
    смотрится с челкой.on the legДостоинством боба на ножке является то, что он
    gives hair a visual volume.
  6. legged

  7. Bob with bangs and without. This hairstyle is good
    Combined with straight and custom bangs. The main thing is that everyone
    harmoniously combined.

    With a bangBut the traditional option is considered a bob without bangs on
    medium-length hair, which also looks stylish.

  8. A graduated bean is an alternation of short
    and long strands on the back of the head and near the face. Graduation allows you to create
    multi-hairstyle that allows you to hide flaws
    лица, как на этом фото:graduated bean on medium hairМногослойный боб
    will fit:

    • chubby or square-faced girls;
    • those with a high forehead;
    • prominent cheeks;
    • owners of thin strands.

Important! It is necessary to take into account some features.
this haircut. Due to the short first layer it may turn out
“dandelion effect”, which is not for everyone.

Haircut graded car on medium hair adds thin
strands volume, and thick become more obedient. Another his
advantage is ease of installation.

  1. Extra long bob is suitable for those who do not want
    drastically change your image. Its difference from the rest in long
    front strands. Hair cut at a certain angle
    allows you to keep the desired length of the strands. Long bob well
    Looks on girls with straight hair.
  2. haircut bob on medium hair photo

  3. Tousled or torn bob creates an image
    perky bold girl. The feature of this haircut is her
    negligence, which is due to the fact that strands have
    different length. Thanks to this technique, thin hair appears
    more voluminous, and curly locks beautifully framed face. Beautiful
    addition to this haircut will bang. It is better to choose the option
    emphasizing the negligence and disheveled bob. More expression
    hairstyle will add a bright contrast coloring.

bob square on medium hair

Technique haircuts

There is nothing to create a bob-cut hairstyle for medium hair
complex. But every professional has tricks and tricks
which allow you to create the perfect hairstyle.

  1. Strand divided into three parts. Separate the vertical parting
    strands in two half from the middle of the neck to the middle of the forehead.
    Spend a horizontal parting from ear to ear. Make a
    parting in the form of an arc so that it passes through the crown from one
    temple to another.
  2. It is necessary to begin work with definition of the main, separated
    horizontally from the neck, strands.
  3. Pull the strand, cut to the desired length. Watch out for
    so that the fingers are parallel to the floor. On it you will
    navigate while working.
  4. Take a strand higher than the main one and cut it so that it is long
    exceeded by 1-2mm main. So you should trim the remaining strands.
    from the nape to the horizontal parting.
  5. The part separated by an arcuate part divided into two parts.
    vertical parting. Take a strand on the right side so that
    it was parallel to the upper arc-shaped parting. Shear her
    being guided. So all the strands on the side are processed.
  6. On the parietal area, divide the hair into two parts and trim
    them, focusing on the main strand.

Important! To make the tips curl inward
Profile the edges of the haircut. Scissors should be held during operation.
at an angle of 45 degrees.

This video shows the entire haircut technique in great detail:

Styling options

Haircut bob-square on medium hair is loved by fashionistas for simplicity
in laying. It is selected according to taste.
preferences, style and features of appearance. For stylish
styling you will need only a hair dryer and a comb.

  1. Give the hair a basal volume, and curl the ends
  2. For styling a four-cascade on medium hair, use a gel for
    hair. Spread it over your hair and just rub it.
    by hands.
  3. With the help of a round brush, you can curl the ends of a haircut
    outside that will look stylish.

And in this video, another version of the installation of this universal

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You need to keep track of the shape of the bean, trimming the ends of each
1.5 months. This women’s haircut will remain for a long time
popular with women of any age, thanks to its versatility.
Despite the fact that it is quite simple, this hairstyle looks stylish
and spectacularly.

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