32 braids for girls of any length hair

There is nothing more charming than a neat babe with charming
pigtails. This is not only very beautiful, but also an unprecedented scope for

In addition, since childhood, it allows the baby to teach
self-care and the importance of a neat appearance for a young lady.
Today we are waiting for an amazing journey into the world of a thousand and one
pigtails in which we will get acquainted with all the wisdom as
learn how to weave braids baby.

variants of braids

  • 1 General rules for working with baby hair
  • 2 Tools
  • 3 Weave on short hair
    • 3.1 Additional options for non-long curls
  • 4 braids for medium length
    • 4.1 Interesting harnesses and loose strands
  • 5 long hair braids
    • 5.1 Like a fairytale princess
  • 6 The variety of hairstyles based on braids

General rules for working with baby hair

It doesn’t mean that children have any
special kudriya require diametrically opposite
approach, rather than curls adult girls, but it is worth remembering that
little girls are fragile in every way.

how to braid girl's hair

It is this, as well as standard hygiene and
dictated by the following rules:

  • Convenience is paramount. Not necessary
    bring their desire to create a masterpiece to the position: “I am not
    China’s braids are simply braided. ”It’s important to strive to
    aesthetics hairstyle did not interfere with the child and did not cause inconvenience;
  • Consider the situation: no need to weave
    pigtails to school to spend a whole hour and build a complex composition.
    There is a lot of simple, but quite spectacular
    weaving options that can be implemented in 10 minutes. ABOUT
    there are more in this article;
  • Hairstyles with hair of different lengths will be difficult to weave.
    neat pigtails, so weigh all the pros and cons before
    than choose a hairstyle. The output can be
    combined options;
  • Ribbons, bows and other jewelry is better to begin to weave
    already from the middle of the spit, and not wait for its tip. So hairstyle will be
    look lush;
  • To make styling look neater and easier to weave
    hair should be moistened beforehand;
  • It is better to use a comb or comb for dividing into the order.
    with fine teeth;
  • Remember that for children’s hair varnish is extremely
    undesirable! If you want the spit to last like
    longer, simply spray it with water from a spray bottle.

These items must be followed if you have to
braiding for girls whose photos are simply amazing

photo hairstyles for girls


General rules are known, now it remains to prepare
tools. In order to weave baby braids, well
Have at hand the following:

  • Comb with fine teeth;
  • Spray with water;
  • Ribbons, rubber bands, laces and other additional
  • Clamps for fixing strands that are not in use (optional,
    but more comfortable with them).

hairpins and rubber bands

This is just enough to execute practically
any complexity hairstyle. But how to weave them?

Weave on short hair

If babys curls are shorter than average, this is not a reason
give up braids. A spit will be a good option
spikelet .


It is quite easy to do it, besides on short strands it
even easier to do neatly:

  • Take the hair piece that will be the beginning of the braid, and
    divide it into three parts;
  • Begin to whip like a regular three-strand pigtail, while
    every step or through one capture and weave loose
  • If the hair is quite short, you will have to do two or three
    such spikelets, which at the ends is better to draw the tail and bow –
    braided to the tips, they will not be so

The video shows well how to weave such a spikelet, and although
the girl’s hair is long there, the principle is clear:

As a result, we get neat, well-known “dragons”.
If the strands are not woven from above onto the braid, but from under it, then
get a “French” pigtail.

French braid

Additional options for short curls

Альтернативой такому плетению может стать “basket” , которая
It is woven by the same method as the spikelet, but in a circle. Sure
in order to get it neat, you have to attach
efforts, and on a very short four of ages make it not work, but
the result will be worth it.


Another way for short hair is perfect for
little girls is a tail braid:

  • Hair is collected in bunches from the forehead to the back of the head for 4 or more
    tail in a row (more importantly, to be like);
  • Further, they are connected in pairs and fixed in new ones;
  • The finished bundles are divided in two and attached to
    tails of the next row;
  • This continues until the neck.

The video clearly shows how to make a braid from the tails:

This method is similar to the “web” method, but does not require as much
time to weave.

Another way to “outsmart” the length – braid
африканские косички или zizi с применением
Kanekalon and other materials. As a result – a cheerful bunch of
neat smooth braids that can even be


Medium length braids

This is the best length for many versions of the weave. Such
the hair is not too tangled yet, but it allows us to give free rein to the hands
and fantasy. For example, you can try to braid braid beautifully
called “Fishtail”. Enough for that
run the following algorithm:

  • Divide all hair into two parts;
  • Alternately separating from each of the parts along the strands, toss
    her in another bundle;
  • Continue weaving to the desired length.

When performing a fish tail, you can work as immediately with
with the whole mass of hairs, and interweaving locks on the spike principle,
starting with a small bundle.

fish tail

Another good option for medium length is
коса snake :

  • A small part of the hair is combed to the face, the rest –
  • Begin with a small section, which will gradually be
    weave strands in the course of advancement;
  • The trajectory of weaving exactly repeats the snake, which lay in
    the basis of the name hairstyles.


Interesting harnesses and loose strands

In a simple way, but very curious
a “harness” that can be braided even every day
Following such simple instructions as this step by step photo:

  • Hair is collected in the tail, which is divided into two parts;
  • Each part is twisted into a bundle in one direction;
  • Both sides connect, allowing them to twist and securing,
    as needed, studs.

of harnesses

In addition, on medium hair will look great such
hairstyles like “waterfall”, elf braid, “malvinka with braids”
—They are calculated on the fact that some of the curls will remain
not spun, which is not always practical for children’s hair.

hairstyles for medium hair

Long hair braids

This option allows
maximize all possible weaving. Among them are
options such as “leaf clover”, “magic flashlight”,
“unusual eight”. In addition, all previous models
for medium and long hairs are also acceptable. Only important
remember that some options will require more work and fussing with
long locks, but the result will surely please you.

weaving for girls

For starters, you can try a hairstyle

  • Comb the hair from the neck to the forehead – weaving will begin
    just from the back of the head;
  • An ordinary spikelet (dragon), in which
    only half the hair is woven;
  • Reaching the top of the head, all the hair should be collected in a bun;
  • The curls above the elastic fold into a neat knot or bun,
    decorate according to outfit and wishes. Such
    hairstyle is performed by, but very elegant and gentle
    it looks.

Here is a video with the details:

Like a fairytale princess

Another very effective option is
“Jasmine” – an imitation of the hairstyle of the heroine of the same name
from the cartoon about Aladdin:

  • Hair is collected in a bun on the back of the head (can be higher,
  • Two strands are separated from the tail. They should be chosen
    from under the bottom and bring up;
  • We fasten them with rubber and leave to lie;
  • Again, separate the two strands from under the bottom and again fasten.
    After each step, we slightly disentangle the previous portion in order to
    add volume;
  • At the end, fix all the rubber band or tape.


Variety of hairstyles based on braids

We called only the main types of braids and ways of weaving them.
Varying and combining them with each other, you can get more and more
hairstyles for girls from braids. Also do not neglect and
braid accessories such as ribbons that
can make an elegant even a simple hairstyle.

pigtails with ribbons

Especially good on long hair look different
Holiday laying with the use of braids. If you want to
see the most beautiful braids at the graduation party, learn how they are done,
then it is presented in our respective article, completely
dedicated to this issue.

hairstyles for girls

All this opens up the opportunity to build for a young beauty
exactly the hairstyle that will please her and make
like a little fairy princess.

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