3d highlighting – 17 photos, pros and cons, as done and how much

Until recently, the natural shade of hair was impossible
achieve with the help of conventional techniques of highlighting and dyeing hair
other methods.

Natural color is many-sided, shimmers in the light, looks
differently at dusk and daylight. 3d highlighting

Thanks to the newfangled technique of three-dimensional coloring, it became
it is possible to create a real masterpiece on your hair.

Hair color now looks natural, because in this
The procedure uses a specific scheme of staining strands. Now
women of fashion can choose any hair color, but at the same time look
beautiful and natural.

What is a 3 d staining technique?

The content of the article:

  • What is a 3 d staining technique?
  • Pros and cons of this procedure.
  • Technique for three-dimensional highlighting
  • Suitable highlights according to color
  • Appropriate techniques and shades depending on the length of hair
  • Depending on the type of hair
  • How to do 3D painting at home
  • How much is the 3d highlighting in a beauty salon
  • Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure
  • Hair care after highlighting

This coloring technique has appeared quite recently,
but already managed to catch the fancy of many girls. In what
The secret of such a popular 3D painting procedure? To reach
the desired effect, you must perform 2 mandatory conditions:

  1. Pick a foreground color and some similar ones
  2. And the very importance of applying paint on the hair, and in
    This will help you only a true professional.

Do not confuse 3D highlighting with coloring.
Coloring differs from this staining technique in that
that has a clear scheme for coloring, while in 3D
highlighting is required to be able to work with the color wheel.
bleached hair

The starting point for other shades is the primary color, and
if you do the job correctly, your hair will look
just superb, soaked with glitter and will have a lively look. BUT
additional shades will give your hair volume, making it

3D highlighting will transform your hair beyond recognition, your
The image will look well-groomed, interesting and fresh. BUT
if you contact a professional master, then not at all
You will regret choosing this procedure for your

Pros and cons of this procedure.

Why many girls choose this technology?
staining? All because it has several advantages compared
with other methods.

  • This technique uses gentle dyes,
    which in no way should spoil the hair structure;
  • This coloring perfectly impregnates hair.
    pigment that creates protection for them. Hair will be less
    split and look well-groomed;
  • A large range of shades will give your hair a colossal
    volume and they will look very natural and
  • Hairstyle will look great after normal
    washing, because now there is no need to do permanent
    styling – hair always looks neat;
  • Such highlighting is suitable for any length and structure.
  • Since the staining is a gentle dye,
    This procedure is well suited for pregnant and lactating
  • 3D highlighting perfectly refreshes your face and gives you
    new image.

beautiful hair

Attention! To keep staining longer on
For your hair, use special shampoos and balms.

Any coloring technique has not only positive sides,
but also negative.

  1. Perform such staining at home very
    difficult and may not work the first time, better
    trust the master.
  2. Thoroughly select colors for coloring.
    They should fit you completely, otherwise the end result may
    to upset you
  3. Any coloring is stressful for the hair,
    therefore, enhanced hair care is necessary after the procedure.
  4. This procedure does not belong to the category of cheap,
    have to fork out a little.
  5. Unfortunately, the saddest minus is that
    professionals who really know how to do this
    the procedure is very small. So if you find such
    master then take care of him!

Technique for three-dimensional highlighting

By itself, the technique is quite simple in execution. Here you can
choose two options, the first will be the fastest and most efficient

It will be enough just to lighten some strands of hair, while
roots darken. The second method implies a more complex
option of coloring, but thanks to him hair will be
look volumetric, expressive and bright. Equipment

To do this, you need to divide the hair into four parts, and the master
It is necessary to conduct an immaculate stretching of all shades. Such
staining is difficult to repeat at home. The most difficult is
it is to distribute light tones correctly. Paint should be
maximum light from the top. Saturation, depth and color
shade should penetrate deep into.

The main thing is to grasp the essence of the distribution of colors and the option
their application, taking into account certain areas.

Suitable highlights according to color

On dark hair

The owners of dark hair, a rich palette of colors will allow
give curls different color: from dark chestnut to milky
chocolate, fudge. dark

On light brown hair

Fair-haired beauties recommend applying golden,
wheat and brown shades of flowers. This range of colors
will look natural and natural. blond

On blonde hair

Lucky for girls with blond hair. Them
any colors will do! So certain boundaries for
your fantasy is not. light

On red hair

Rare natural red color itself already looks
noble and unusual. A three-dimensional staining recommend choosing
with similar shades of colors to the native hair color. red

Appropriate techniques and shades depending on the length of hair

On short hair

Today, three-dimensional staining is popular among
owners of short haircuts. Just look at the image
It looks finished, and the hair gets a visual volume.

On medium hair

Medium hair is the standard hair length among
women. Remember that the main thing in this technique is right
pick up shades. average

Long hair

It’s no secret that long hair takes a lot of time
on any staining. In addition, the service will be very expensive.
But if you find your master, the result will be
insanely satisfied. long

Depending on the type of hair

On curly hair

Matrix particles in the three-dimensional dyeing dyes will create
on curly hair lamination effect, which makes them light
alignment curly

Straight hair

Straight hair is a canvas for a hairdresser. And such staining
only reveal all its superiority on straight hair.

How to do 3D painting at home

If you still decide to make yourself a three-dimensional staining
yourself then please be patient. To get the desired
result, you need perfect execution.

What is required for this work:

  • The paints themselves. Primary color and several matching
  • Towel;
  • Flat brush;
  • Paint tank;
  • Fine comb;
  • Clips for hair;
  • Shampoo.

tools for highlighting


  1. First you need to divide the hair into 4 parts and fix
    their clamps.
  2. Dissolve paint with all ingredients as indicated in
  3. Begin to paint with the back of the head, previously
    by making it there. This place is the main color paint.
  4. After coloring the back of the triangle,
    add to it strands of hair from the temporal part of the head. Their
    paint a shade half lighter than the main one.
  5. If you use multiple shades, then continue
    add strands on both sides, alternating colors.
  6. After the above steps, the largest part remains:
    this is the top. The principle of coloring is the same as on the back of the head.
    Take the center of the strand and paint it in the main color. Then,
    adding alternately strands, paint over in other shades.
  7. Hold the dye on your hair for as long as indicated in
  8. Wash the dye from the hair with warm water along with shampoo and wrap
    hair in a towel.


Attention! Foil and cellophane do not need to be used,
so you only hurt your hair more.

How much is the 3d highlighting in a beauty salon

The cost of three-dimensional highlighting starts from 2000
rubles for short hair. Further, the amount increases from the length
and thick hair. For long hair the master will require from 6000

Also do not forget that the price depends on the locality, on
professional experience and from the salon itself.

How much to do on time.

The time for this procedure takes 3 hours,
depending on how much experience your master has.

How much is holding up

This procedure will hold on your hair from three
months, but with the condition that the roots need
tint once a month.

How often can you highlight

It is allowed to dye roots once a month. But
paint the hair the entire length of enough 3-4 times
of the month.

Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure

Wash your hair before any staining.
Thus, you will wash away the protective fat from the hair and they will be stronger
susceptible to the effects of pigment. Read more about washing
hair before highlighting washing head

If your hair is healthy, try not to wash for about 2 days.
And if your hair is brittle and fragile, then refrain from washing on
4-5 days.

Hair care after highlighting

When hair undergoes any dyeing, they experience
stress, so caring for them requires even more than it was

In professional stores you can purchase special
shampoos for colored hair. So you keep your color longer and
hair will have a fresh, shiny look. Also not
forget about nourishing masks and balms, your hair is very
needs it.

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