5 options for male haircuts

undercardNow men are in great demand.
undercut haircut.

She is chosen by stylish, self-confident individuals aspiring.
emphasize your masculinity and keep up with fashionable

Among the fans of this haircut there are a lot of Hollywood stars and

  • 1 Underkat History
  • 2 Features haircuts
  • 3 Varieties
  • 4 Who should do
  • 5 technology male haircuts undercut
  • 6 How to lay

Undercount History

haircut historyThe first who began to cut their hair in this
style, warriors are considered. Once men were not allowed to walk with
short hair, but in the battle long strands interfered.

Therefore, a successful solution was chosen: shave the whiskey and
the back of the head, and leave long strands on top.

Later, in the 20s of the 20th century, this model with this haircut appeared
on the catwalks in America.

But she gained special popularity in the last
time: now in the style of an undercard can be cut and in
barbershop, and in simple barbershops.

Features haircuts

Underkerkat is based on the principle of contrast.
This is a combination of a short-shaven temporal part and a long
bangs on the back of the head and parietal area.

Undercut is the opposite of classic male
a hairstyle for which smooth transitions are characteristic. He is different
a marked contrast between the lengths of the strands that makes this man’s
hairstyle so bright.


This haircut has several variations, so each
a man will be able to pick up an undercount that matches his
style and character.

    1. Retro style means short hair in
      temple areas and long strands at the crown. Perfect styling
      haircuts are combing back hair.


    1. Military or short underrun suit
      men who do not want to spend time laying, but at the same time
      strive to be stylish. In this embodiment, fully shaved
      whiskey and neck, hair remains only on top


Important! You need to make sure that the temporal and
the occipital region has always been smoothly shaved, then this haircut
will look stylish.

    1. Pompadour will suit those who do not want short
      cut hair. A distinctive feature of this type of anderkat –
      it combed back hair. The longer the strands, the more fashionable
      there will be a haircut. Hair can be laid using mousse – this
      will add extra volume and help create a stylish


Important! Whiskey and neck should be short
trimmed, but not under the “zero”! Otherwise it will already be underrc –

    1. Option with parting or combed hair
      on the side. The upper strands must have a minimum length of 5 cm. it
      you need to easily style your hair on the right side,
      giving the necessary shape. This haircut is suitable for those who
      wears a beard. In this case, the master deals with the design
      beards. Thus, emphasizing the symmetry of the parting. Clear
      contour, separated hair adds solidity, confidence.
      Therefore, this option is often chosen by young businessmen and successful


  1. Punk or Mohawk is the choice of the bold, daring
    young men. The crown strands should be enough
    long in order to create a mohawk. Hair length
    should be minimal. This is an aggressive undercrat option and
    suitable for young confident people with active life
    by position.


Who should do

Despite its popularity, men’s undercut haircut fits
not all. Its worth doing:

  • To owners of straight hair with good stiffness.
    Although, skilled craftsmen can make undercut and
    wavy strands;
  • those who are ready every day to spend time on
    styling this stylish haircut;
  • men with a dark shade of hair: they are more
    visible cut line contrast;
  • men with a round or square shape

for round face

Technology male haircuts undercut

The wizard uses straight lines to create this haircut.
hairdresser’s scissors and typewriter with various nozzles. Below
An instruction is given on how to make this haircut step by step.

  1. Begin to cut from the temporal region. The form master selects in
    depending on the selected undercount.
  2. Nozzle number 1 is used to work with hair growing in front
    ears. To work with the occipital region take the nozzle number 2. 3rd number
    needed for a smooth, soft transition to the strands at the crown.
  3. Hair cut against the direction of growth.
  4. The desired length of the strands for this haircut is 10cm.
  5. All items are negotiated with the client, the underrun is selected
    individually, taking into account the features of appearance.

In order to make this haircut perfect, the movement of the master
must be confident and clear.

This video demonstrates how to cut and stack:

How to lay

On the Internet you can find photos with various ways of laying on
short hair.

styling options Anderkat refers to those haircuts, for
which need to be monitored daily and put in order.

  1. The classic option – bangs combed back and fixed
    laying means.
  2. A bold decision – the creation of the top strand of the “tuft”. Means
    for laying put in the direction from the neck to the forehead.
  3. Form a mohawk and fix hairspray.
  4. The end strands are laid towards the middle of the head and
    Fix the means for styling.
  5. Form spikes like a hedgehog and secure with means for

Anderkat is a combination of style and
masculinity. The man who made this haircut immediately
will be in the spotlight – because such an original hairstyle
emphasize his personality and sense of style.

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