5 strand braid for a dozen amazing hairstyles

5-strand braid is a skillful alternation of curls, along which
impossible to guess the sequence of weaving. But this
beautiful and, at first glance, a complex hairstyle can master any

5-strand braid

A little practice, and you get a truly universal option.
styling! Wear it on weekdays or add jewelry and feel free to
go on holiday.

  • 1 Who is suitable?
  • 2 Various weaving options
    • 2.1 Classic version of the five-spit braid
    • 2.2 French braid of 5 strands
    • 2.3 Five-line braid with ribbon
    • 2.4 Five-weave using two ribbons
    • 2.5 French five-spit braid using two
    • 2.6 Five-strand braid with two thin pigtails inside
    • 2.7 Beautiful French five-spit braid combined with
      low tail
    • 2.8 French five-spit braid, braided to the side
    • 2.9 Loose hair with a five-strand braid rim
    • 2.10 Parallel five-spit braids and low bundle beam
    • 2.11 Spit-chess
    • 2.12 Basket weaving
  • 3 Advantages of a braid using five strands:
    • 3.1 Execution subtleties

Who is suitable?

Any girl will be glad to come to the kindergarten or
school with a hairstyle. Unusual, incredibly beautiful
Five-spit braid will attract the attention of girlfriends and teachers. And hair
will stay in order.

types of five-spit braids

A teenage girl can experiment with
way: this braid will be appropriate in a romantic style and in
This style is suitable for young
women. It will give the image of charm and mystery.

Various weaving options

For beginners, simpler options are suitable, which in
further it can be complicated. Beautifully looks “Spit reverse” for
pancake hair.

The classic version of the five-spit braid

Watch the video how easy it is to learn how to weave such a braid.

How to braid a braid of 5 strands? As two three-row. Wherein
The central part of the hair is used on both sides. Need to start
from the three left beams, then go to the three right.

Weaving scheme – a real help for beginners. Study her
detail and follow the instructions on the photo.

5-strand braiding weave pattern

  1. Form 5 identical beams.
  2. Start on the left side. Skip the first curl on the left before
    the second and cover the third (central).
  3. Skip the first lock on the right before the second one and cover with a lock,
    which has now become central.
  4. Then again take the first lock on the left side, skip it.
    before the second, then under the central.
  5. Again, skip the first bundle on the right before the second one and cover
    central. Repeat these steps until the spit ends.

French 5-strand braid

French braid

The finished hairstyle in this technique looks more loosely than in
classic version. Try starting from the top of your head.

Step by Step:

  1. Gather the hair at the crown and divide into 3 bunches. Make two
    interlacing: put the right bundle on the central one, the left – on
  2. Separate the additional bundle on the left. Pass it under the first
    left, then above the central and below the third bundle.
  3. Now separate the additional bundle from the hair to the right. Spend
    it under the first and above the second bundles.
  4. Now you have 5 bundles on hand. Next, the beam is separated from
    hair, connect with the extreme beam and repeat the sequence:
    the first part of the hair on the left, pass under the second and above the third
    strands; the first part of the hair on the right, pass under the second
    third strand on the right.
  5. When nothing is left on the sides, dock and straighten

Five-line braid with ribbon

Spit 5 strands with ribbon

The use of this accessory decorates and increases the thickness.
curls! Choose soft, from 1 to 2 cm wide.

Step by Step:

  1. Tie the tape with one edge under the beam at the crown.
  2. Form 4 locks, between the first and second place
    the tape.
  3. Weave start right. The first part of the hair spend under
    the second, above the third part and under the tape.
  4. After this, skip the first part on the left under the following bundle.
    and above the ribbon.
  5. From this step, start adding loose parts to the sides.
    curl and repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. After nothing is left on the sides, braid the tail
    to the length you need. Stretch the side curls a bit

Five-strand weaving using two ribbons

with two ribbons

Try to master the technique on the collected tail. Here
2 tapes and 3 locks are used. Tapes on your
discretion: same or multi-colored.

  1. Secure the tail. Tie the ribbon at the base of the tail so that
    the ends are the same length.
  2. Divide as follows: 2 beams left, 2 tapes and again
  3. Start on the left side. Throw the first bundle under the second, on
    the first and under the second tape.
  4. Then pass the first bundle to the right below the adjacent one, above
    closest and next to the next tape.
  5. Repeat this order to complete the work on the left, then
    on right.

French five-strand braid using two tapes

Tapes make their own highlight, forming a zigzag in the center of the spit.
Watch a video on how to weave a braid with ribbons.

The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to make such

  1. Separate the strand on the crown and attach under it crosswise
    Invisible or tie 2 tapes.
  2. The sequence should be the following: 2 bundles, 2 tapes, 1
  3. Weave start on the left, where 2 locks: the first curl on the left
    swipe under the second, before the first and behind the second tape.
  4. Do the same on the right: swipe the first bundle under the second,
    in front of the next and second tape.
  5. On the left side, along with the first curl, take an extra
    bundle and again spend it under the second curl, before the first and for
    second tape.
  6. Then add a bundle on the right and repeat the above

Five-strand braid with two thin pigtails inside

Here the order is the same as in the technique with two ribbons. Only
thin braids are used instead. Start from the occipital
parts or from the crown, adding loose curls to the sides. Watch

Weaving algorithm:

  1. Form 5 identical parts.
  2. From the third and fourth braid thin braids.
  3. Follow the order already described: skip the first lock on the left
    for the 2nd, above the 1st pigtail and under the 2nd pigtail.
  4. Skip the first lock on the right for the next one
    oblique and second oblique.
  5. Repeat this until the end.

Beautiful French five-spit braid combined with low

5 strands with a tail

This hairstyle is created according to the French 5-strand scheme, but not
completes to the end, and ends beautifully decorated

  1. Weave from the top of the French braid.
  2. When you get to the back of the head, and nothing from the sides
    remain tight tie the tail with a rubber band.
  3. The base of the tail can be wrapped with a thin strand or to decorate it

French five-strand braid, braided to the side

braid 5 strands to one side

Diagonal weaving looks very textured and unusual. Him
performance requires some skill, but the result is superior
all expectations!

  1. Start from the temple and move to the base of the ear on the other.
  2. Weave according to the scheme of the French five-spit.
  3. Experiment with lateral pulling curls: somewhere a little
    more, somewhere less.
  4. You can use ribbons or thin braids, this is even more
    will decorate your hair.

Loose hair with a five-strand braid rim

bezel of braids

Such a bezel is a great decoration for flowing loose

Reference! To make a bezel, you don’t need to be
owner of a long head of hair, such a bezel is performed even on

Weaving scheme:

  1. Use the technique of the classic five-strand braid.
  2. Weave from temple to temple, along the length of the forehead, adding free
  3. Remaining free hair decorate at will:
    twist or lift at the back of the head.

Parallel five-strand braids and low beam-bagel


  1. Parting the entire head, it can be straight or
  2. Braid 2 five-spit braids from the temples to the back of the head in
    classic or french version.
  3. Assemble the ends in the tail and wind it on a special foam rubber
    bagel, create a bun.
  4. You can leave part of the tail and braid a thin pigtail out of it,
    then wrap the base of the bundle with it.



In the central part of the hair you will get a chess pattern from
alternating ribbons and curls.

Note! In order to get a clear
chess pattern, braid for weaving should be dense and not already
1.5 cm

  1. Under the beam, from which you will perform the work, fix
    two tapes.
  2. The separation goes in this order: beam – beam – tape –
    braid – bundle.
  3. Drop the first bundle on the left under the second, in front of the first and behind
    second tape.
  4. Then cast the first strand on the right under the next one, skip
    before the next and second ribbons.
  5. Next, follow the plan described above, weaving the left,
    then on the right additional curls.

Basket weaving

Only extreme strands are involved. It turns out linen
interlacing, as on a basket. For a clear pattern, try
to stretch the working parts of the hair as horizontally as possible. This
Hairstyle is better to create together. Watch a detailed video like
weave a beautiful basket.

How to do:

  1. Form 5 equal curls.
  2. Drop the first strand on the left to the second, under the third, to the fourth
    and under the fifth strand. In the end, it will be the last strand on the right.
  3. Now take the second curl on the right side and swipe it.
    for the third, before the fourth and fifth strands.
  4. Next, take the second strand on the left side and hold it for
    the third, before the fourth and fifth strands.
  5. That is, every time there will be a second strand in the work. Spend her
    through other strands in the sequence “for – before – for”.
  6. When the length of the working curl is finished, seal the ends
    rubber band. The rest of the tail can be turned inside.

Advantages of a braid using five strands:


  • for the development of techniques does not require special abilities, only
  • Finished hairstyle looks impressive;
  • hairstyle will look volume even on thin hair.

Execution subtleties

Algorithm of actions:

  1. It is easier to learn techniques if you collect hair in a ponytail.
  2. How to weave a volumetric braid: pull the side strands through
    every 3-4 cycles. If you are carried away and have already been plaited for the most part,
    start the traction from below.
  3. To make the weave look more delicate, apply on
    hair a little varnish, wax or gel. You can slightly moisten them.

Important! Do not perform braids on freshly washed ones.
hair. They fluff and spoil the pattern of hair.

To complete the hairstyle you will need:

  • comb, better with a thin tip;
  • fixing agents (varnish, wax, gel);
  • gum stealth for fixing.
  • tape or tape, depending on the technique of weaving.

How to combine with clothes

what to wear

Different ways of weaving a volumetric braid allow you to use
This hairstyle in a variety of stylistic directions. For
more classic, sporty or casual
discreet weaving options, from the back of the head or crown, without
use bright decorations.

In a romantic, ethno or boho style, this hairstyle will give a special
color. Ribbons will look harmoniously here, their color
matched to the color of the clothes. Difficult weaving options with
using accessories will decorate the festive

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