5 treatments that will make your hair beautiful, healthy, shiny and perfectly straight

Every woman wants to have silky and smooth hair, with
unique brilliance and without split ends. Beauty Salons
Now they offer us a lot of procedures for the beauty of hair, but
their names are often not clear. In our review, we find out what
lamination, shielding, glazing, keratin straightening
hair and why we need these procedures.

hair treatments


  • Lamination of hair
  • Glazing curls
  • Hair shielding
  • Strand elution
  • Keratin straightening

Lamination of hair

Lamination of hair is done to protect and restore
weakened hair to give it glitter, volume and extend
color fastness. Lamination is transparent and colored.
Transparent does not paint over your hair, but it helps to consolidate
coloring. Color laminator contains pigments that give
hair noticeable shade, but it does not spoil the hair. This
the procedure is completely safe, so there is no

The process of lamination hair:

  1. Laminating agent is applied to clean hair, which
    forms a protective film on the hair, smoothes the hair scales
    and fills invisible damage on the surface of the hair.
  2. The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes.
  3. After some time, the remains of the laminator are washed off.

The result of lamination lasts from 3 to 6 weeks, because
the protective film that covers the hair is gradually washed off.
The duration of the action depends on the frequency of washing the hair and on
the chosen method of lamination: cold or hot. Effect
Hot lamination is stronger and lasts longer.

Glazing curls

Female beauty and pride are shiny and docile hair.
If you want just such a result, you can do it in the salon
beauty glazing hair. This hair treatment
very similar to lamination. Differences between them most often
invisible, but beautiful women claim that glazing is visually
does not weigh hair.

The process of glazing hair: cause ceramide on the hair
the icing that envelops each hair with a protective layer, and
nutrients in its composition take care of recovery.

Ceramide glaze is applied in several stages. As well as
lamination, glazing can be transparent or colored, and
The effect lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

Hair shielding

The purpose of the hair shielding procedure is health and
hair restoration, giving volume, shine and well-groomed appearance.
The screening process is also very similar to lamination, the difference
only that shielding strengthens the hair from the inside, and
lamination – outside. Therefore, some experts believe that
shielding more useful for hair.

Strand elution

Elyuminirovaniyu – this is hair dyeing means that are not
contain oxidizing agents and ammonia. During the procedure
eluminization can change hair color and strengthen
their inside. The duration of the procedure is about an hour, and the effect
from her keeps about six weeks. Color elimination,
besides protection, it will also give the hair a desired shade, and colorless
directed exclusively to the therapeutic effect for the hair.

Keratin straightening

This procedure involves straightening the hair for a long time.
period without damage. In salons most often offer
Brazilian and American keratin hair straightening. Should
Consider that formaldehyde is part of the Brazilian agent,
strong preservative that can cause cancer.

Keratin hair straightening process:

  1. Over the entire length of the hair evenly applied means with proteins
    composition, which is not washed off, and dried on the hair with
    hair dryer.
  2. After that, straighten hair with an iron heated to a temperature
    230º C.

The procedure is quite long – 3 hours, but the result is the most
long among all procedures – from 2 to 4 months.

These are the 5 most popular procedures for your beauty and health.

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