5 types of emotional vampires

“They have the appearance of ordinary people until their internal needs
turn them into predators. They seek not blood, but emotional
energy They are able not only to pester you, but also to hypnotize
you to drown your mind with deceptive promises until you
fall under their influence. These emotional vampires attract you,
and then devastate. “Albert Bernstein.


  • Who are the emotional vampires?
  • Passive aggressive people
  • Narcissists
  • Angry people
  • Eternal martyrs
  • Jealous and gossip

Who are the emotional vampires?

Emotional vampires seem nice and friendly.
neighbors, but behind their backs they spread rumors.

At first they seem better than ordinary people. They are charismatic,
charming. You love them, you trust them, you expect them
more than from other people.

You expect more, but you get less, and in the end they
capture you. You invite them into your life and rarely realize
the problem before they disappeared, leaving you empty, your
the wallet is empty, or perhaps your heart is broken. Even then you
Interesting – Is it their fault or mine? Their. These are emotional vampires. ”

An excerpt from the book “Emotional Vampires” by Albert

Just like other relationships that we develop on
throughout our lives, emotional bonds grow in
depending on how you feed them. Of course, if we feed
their sadness, envy, complaints or constant anger, then we create
unhealthy relationship.

It is well known to everyone that there are relationships that can be
overly harmful to us that threaten our emotional

There are people who, intentionally or not, can make us
feel depressed, overwhelmed, angry or
can even destroy us emotionally.

The truth is that without effective self-defense strategies, we
become tasty food for emotional manipulators,
as a result, we develop unhealthy behavior and
symptoms (overeating, isolation, mood swings, feeling
constant fatigue—).

They are called by different names: toxic people, emotional
vampires or predators, parasites. Although this classification does not have
scientific justification, there are people who exhaust and force
us fall into a state of emotional collapse which is very
hard to survive.

“They are not inherently bad, but their immaturity
allows them to act without thinking about whether their actions are good or
the bad ones ”(Albert Bernstein)

Below we will identify 5 types of people who are toxic to
our emotional health, absorb our energy like
vampires and trap us like predators.

Passive aggressive people

They are experts in concealment and powdered sugar.
hostility. These people express their anger with a smile on their face or with
excessive anxiety, but always with restraint, which


types of emotional vampires

Most of us have used this technique once, but
such people abuse us, causing us to lose peace in our

Best self defense strategy to direct their behavior:
fully maintain their beliefs, create boundaries and
stick to them.

We deserve to be treated with love and
sincerity, and we should not allow them to speak with us, “as if
they pardoned our life. ”


They believe that they are the center of the universe. Selfish,
vain and eager for admiration and attention. They can show themselves
how smart and attractive until they see a threat to their status
guru or intellectual power.

They can work with enthusiasm and creativity as long as your goals
match up. However, when your needs are incompatible, they
show their fangs.

Since their motto is “I am first,” then being angry with them or
aggressively express their needs will not have any
influence. For the fact that they usually do not have empathy or good
it is hidden, it can be difficult for them to understand unconditional love. They
are the first and when it is not so they unleash

Thus, the best self-defense is to use them well.
traits, but be realistic in expectations. At the same time, not
allow yourself to be crushed or feel worse
understand that narcissism is their own need.

You can always get help every time you call
their own interests and show them how your business will be
very useful for them.

Angry people

These vampires spend their time accusing, attacking, humiliating,
criticism and conflict creation. They are addicted to anger and often
punish people. Such people can tear you apart under
the influence of anger.

The best self-defense strategy: to protect your self-esteem so that
their anger did not make you lose self control. Do not hurry do
pause and breathe deeply. Try to control yourself against them.
attacks and do not react until you calm down.

So you can disarm this person
her realize the importance of recognizing and considering your opinion on this
the issue.

“These people suffer a lot from their own attacks. Calm
attitude to their requests will help to find common language with them. ”

Eternal martyrs

Martyrs are kings and queens of drama. They can be found
everywhere. They know how to make you feel bad. They
constantly pushing the insecurity buttons and rubbing salt into your

Better self-defense: discard the idea that we should be
committed and responsible constantly. Everyone makes mistakes.
However, when you feel guilty, it is better to go to another
place, think about what hurts you, and if necessary
to cry

You can also respond to their attacks with positive ones.
statements like: “I understand your point, but when you are so
say it hurts me. I would be grateful if you
stopped saying it. ”

Jealous and gossip

These are noisy people who find pleasure in discussion.
others behind their backs, spoiling the reputation of the people and spreading
malicious rumors. When they do this, everyone around them feels
humiliated and depressed.

The best way to self defense is not to worry about this
the person is talking about you and not taking gossip to heart.
It is more correct to ignore them.

On the other hand, if you are in a group where they start
talking about someone, it’s better to change the subject and never
spread gossip.

However, it is appropriate to make them understand: you know what they are doing, and you
don’t like that. We can turn to them and say something like:
“Your offensive comments. How would you feel if
would i say it about you? Please stop talking so about

Identify the people who are hurting you and
build self-defense mechanisms so that your psychological
welfare was not damaged.

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