5 ways to make straight hair beautiful curls and cute curls

how beautifully twirl hairBeautiful well-groomed hair – the standard
beauty, however, just clean neat hair sometimes
not enough to blow everyone away. Girls who want
look original, you need to think about the image to the smallest detail, spend
hairstyle time

One of the best ways to change and add tenderness to the image –
create curls. There are 5 ways to make your hair beautiful
curling iron, with the help of curlers or hair dryer.

Method number 1: twist the hair with a curler

Curlers – a very successful thing, because they are suitable for short
hair, and for long. In order to get beautiful and
original, no need to suffer for a long time, just take one of
types, for example, thermal rollers or velcro curlers, and possible hair curlers with

For short hair to create curls need to take curlers with
the smallest diameter to be able to at least a couple of times
crank up. Better to create volume and slightly twisted ends
take the biggest size curlers, you may need them all
4-5 pieces.

Method number 2: create a gentle image using curling

Curler is specifically designed to create beautiful curls.
There are a large number of pleyos of various diameters that
can beautifully wind both long and short hair.

Usually with the help of curling can be done several options.
curls. You can screw only the ends, for example, or make
big waves – it all depends on the thickness of the strands and the diameter itself
curling. Locks are interesting when used.
professional curling iron with two heating elements without
clamping. Long hair turns into beautifully falling waves that
looks very attractive and gentle.

Method number 3: curling hair with tongs

In order to beautifully twirl hair, it is not necessary to have
home a whole arsenal of hairdressing supplies, one is enough
forceps. Ironing tongs are more often used to level the hair, but with
they can be used to create and curls.

To twist short or long hair using forceps,
it is best to use irons with rounded ends. Now in
There are 2 in 1 models for sale that can be used and how
forceps, and how curling, only with the purchase of such a large technique
attention needs to be paid to clamping – it should hold well

Method number 4: hair dryer – the best assistant to create volume and

How beautifully wind your hair with a hair dryerHair dryer can
use not only to just dry hair, with
using it you can make styling. For this you will need
directly hair dryer itself and only a round comb-brush.

Using a round brush and hot air from a hairdryer
lift short hair at the roots and twist the ends.

It is important to know: that the hairstyle is preserved as long as possible when
with a hairdryer, it is imperative to use mousse or
hair foam, especially if the hair is long.

Method number 5: the effect of wet chemistry popular method

Girls with naturally smooth hair know how hard it is
keep curls or curls. No mousses and varnishes help –
hair all the same through time will dismiss, thus unevenly,
which is even more sad.

However, there is a great tool – this is the usual gelatin. Can
make a hairstyle with highlighted strands for long hair literally
in 10 minutes. To do this, you need to wash your hair and dry
a towel.

Next, they need to comb and apply gelatinous water throughout
length. You can do this over the bathroom upside down so that nothing
stained with a sticky compound. Gelatin dissolved in warm water
need to apply to the hair with his hands “combing” movements.

Then the hair should be lightly pressed from the ends to the roots, creating
arbitrary kinks. You need to dry on individual strands using
diffuser – nozzles for hair dryer. This hairstyle will hold very
long until the next shampooing.

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