6 Bad habits that spoil hair

Damage to Hair For centuries, people have been searching
ways to keep your hair healthy. Although some
lucky with the fact that they have by nature already healthy and beautiful curls,
many people complain about hair problems, how they fall out,
dullness and fragility.

While genetics and health problems have
directly related to the health of our hair, there are many
habits from our daily lives that hurt them. Below
we take a closer look at 6 bad habits that damage

  1. Stress

    Stress affects not only your mental and physical
    health, it can even lead to hair loss.

    When we are under stress, hair can go into
    telogen phase (fallout). In fact, hair loss can
    occur up to three months after a severe stressful event. The
    However, after their initial loss, as a rule, hair
    grow back within six to nine months.

    In 2003, a study was published in the American
    a journal of pathology that claims hair follicles
    represent an important goal of stress factors. Stress Effect of neurohormones, neuropeptides and neurotransmitters
    during stress can have a significant effect on cyclical
    activity of hair follicles.

    Later, a 2007 study published in the American
    Academy of Dermatology, confirmed that stress can cause
    dermatological problems such as acne, brittle nails
    or even hair loss.

    In order to fight stress, try a few
    simple exercises: try to meditate, practice deep
    breathing and take steps to eliminate known stress factors from
    own life.

  2. Poor nutrition

    What you eat has a direct effect on your
    skin and hair health. They need different vitamins, minerals and
    proteins to stay healthy.

    Bad food A 2002 study of clinical and
    experimental dermatology emphasizes the connection between food
    factors and hair loss. It shows the role of the indispensable
    serum amino acids, proteins, iron and zinc for growth
    hair. Therefore, it is important to follow a healthy diet so that they
    stayed healthy.

    A 2013 study published in the Korean Journal
    medical science suggests that iron plays a certain
    role, especially during premenopause, in female hair loss

    In order to get healthy hair, it is worth including
    healthy and organic foods that are rich in protein, vitamin
    E and iron in your diet. You also need to consume foods
    rich in trace elements such as zinc and copper.

  3. Instruments

    Currently, most of us tend to experiment
    with their hair, and many resort to various hairdressing

    Hair Tools Even daily use of hair dryer
    causes significant damage to our hair. Heat from it removes
    serum from hair, making them dry and poor.

    To reduce hair damage, set the hair dryer to low.
    level and constantly move it up and down. However,
    It is always better to wet your hair dry naturally.

    In 2011, a study published in the Dermatology Center,
    reported that a hairdryer causes more damage to the surface than
    natural drying.

    Other styling, straightening and curling agents contribute to
    additional hair loss, if you use them often. With
    using a hair straightener or hair curler to set them,
    the less heat the better. Too much heat can
    cause serious damage, including hair breakage.

  4. Химические продукты для волос Chemical substances Чтобы сохранить волосы здоровыми, многие из нас
    rely on shampoos, gels, serums and other products for
    hair styling. But not all products available on the market are
    healthy for them.

    Many products contain harmful chemicals that
    may cause great and irreversible damage to our hair.

    Chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia,
    found in hair dyes can cause them to thin and
    dropping out. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is another harmful
    a chemical contained in shampoos that can
    promote hair loss.

    Hair relaxants are the main chemical pollutant
    is sodium hydroxide, which can weaken them and cause
    infection of the scalp. Avoid chemical hair overload
    products. Instead, you should choose products from vegetable
    raw and homemade hair mask recipes.

  5. Swimming in chlorinated water

    Swimming is one of the best activities that help
    us to be fit and healthy. But swimming in a chlorinated pool
    not good for our hair.

    Swimming in chlorinated water There are more than 100 chemical
    elements in pools that use chlorine as
    disinfectant. These by-products are very harmful to
    health as well as hair. In fact, the accumulation of chlorine in the hair
    makes them curly and brittle.

    In addition, chlorine can remove natural oils that are
    cover the hair, resulting in loss of shine and flexibility, as well
    makes hair more susceptible to breakage.

    The 2000 study, published in the Journal of Dermatology,
    The researchers studied 67 swimmers and 54 people who could not swim,
    and found that 61 percent of swimmers had symptoms of discoloration
    hair compared to the second group.

    If you like swimming, try swimming in chlorinated
    pools only occasionally. It is preferable to wear a hat. Try hard
    take a shower and immediately wash your hair with shampoo after bathing.

  6. Hot shower

    Daily showering is one of the hygienic
    procedures that everyone should practice. But not worth it
    overdo it as a hot shower can cause huge damage
    our hair.

    Hot shower Heat from it can remove natural oils
    our hair (serum), without which they become dry and
    brittle. This can make our hair more prone to
    grinding and prolapse.

    To avoid such side effects from this pleasant
    procedures, it is worth taking a shower no more than 10-15 minutes, two or
    three times a week. At the very end, use cold water to
    fix the moisture. It will make them shiny and healthy.

    In addition, after a shower, dry the skin with a soft towel and do not
    rub your hair too hard. Let them dry naturally
    by and do not use a hairdryer.

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