6 lessons from Monica Bellucci

lessons from Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is an incredible woman. She failed to
only fall in love with all men, but also cause admiration
women. 51-year-old beauty frankly shares her female
the lessons that life taught her.


  • Women’s beauty lessons from Monica Bellucci
  • Monica Bellucci Personal Care Lessons
  • Happiness Lessons from Monica Bellucci
  • Glory Lessons for Monica Bellucci
  • Career lessons from Monica Bellucci
  • Monica Bellucci Love Lessons

Women’s beauty lessons from Monica Bellucci

“Beauty is really a great power, but only if you can
to enjoy. It’s the same thing as having a Ferrari: if you don’t
you can really ride, you don’t need anything. ”

“People can forgive your mind, even talent, but beauty –

“Beauty becomes lively and interesting when it is hidden
clothing. ”

“Once I was struck by this thought: beautiful women are created for
guys without imagination. I know a lot of beautiful people whose
life is a nightmare. Because they have nothing but
beauty because they are bored with themselves because they are
exist only reflected in the eyes of others. ”

“Beauty cannot be spoken of as a burden. This is unfair.
Beauty is a great chance for which you can only be grateful. TO
the same she will pass, you just have to wait. As someone said
not stupid, its action is given only three minutes, and then you
should be able to keep his gaze on. ”

Monica Bellucci Personal Care Lessons

“I have no beauty secrets, she just has to go
from the inside. It is impossible to look good if you do not feel
just as good. This applies not only to young girls, but also to adults.
women with experience— ”

“To be feminine for me is a perennial habit, because mine
mom, aunts and two grandmothers always cared for themselves. ”

“Like every girl, I will wash before bedtime.
I use a moisturizing cream with a light texture. And I drink very much
a lot of water, because humidification from the inside is extremely important
moment. In addition, I love makeup. Mascara and bright lipstick – that’s what
I like”.

“I love doing makeup. Even if I didn’t need to
be drawn daily for work, I would not care, waking up, the first
I took mascara and lipstick in my hands. ”

“Paints lips is an erotic gesture, beautiful and sensual. It is
the ritual that is transmitted from woman to woman – so did my
mother and grandmother. It is very touching to remember how a grandmother is 80 years old.
painted lips before leaving the house. And it was bold: she
showed that she still wants to like and be young. ”

“I’ll never be thin. I’m rather lazy by nature. I love
to eat I am real – such. And does not intend to become
unreal. ”

“I know that I can not flour, you can not bread and pasta. But what
you can do it – I hate bans. Sometimes a piece of pleasure
necessary, right? Harmful of course. But even more harmful – to refuse
myself in everything. ”

“Instead of going to the gym, I wear black – this
much more practical and more pleasant. ”

Happiness Lessons from Monica Bellucci

“I would never want me to be twenty again.
Now I am much happier than then, because at this age we still
we only recognize ourselves, try to understand what we want to become, suffer from
self-doubt. Now I know exactly what I need, and without
what can I live. ”

“I feel comfortable and alone with myself, but not
because I’m beautiful. I know many very beautiful people whose
life is terrible. And they are very bad alone with him. Feel inner
comfort is not how you look outside, but how you feel
yourself inside. I am a happy person because I have experienced a lot of love.
to myself – I have a very big family. ”

“When I was very young, I wanted to prove to everyone that
I also have a brain. Now I do not care. If someone wants
to think that I am stupid, let him think, this is his problem. If somebody
thinks that everything is beautiful in its own hands, it is also his

“I always wanted to be independent, earned from 14 years
escaped from her provincial town, where I gasped. Until now
I can’t stay in one place for a long time, I move out of town
in town. I am such a traveler at heart. And you know what? I
– the happiest woman in the world. ”

Glory Lessons for Monica Bellucci

“All these lists and ratings are created by some other people, without
my participation. So, I feel that I have a certain image, but, in
Overall, I’m just an ordinary woman. To be honest, I do not really pay
attention to shortcuts. What do other people think of me? For me it is not
the main thing”.

“You don’t need to hate people who are jealous because they’re
admit you’re better. ”

Career lessons from Monica Bellucci

“The actor’s body is his instrument. I don’t like vulgarity
screen and undue sex scenes. But if you can
use your instrument then everything happens sensual and
beautiful, and I have nothing against it. In general, I started with a model
careers and quite early learned to pose and feel your
body. This does not mean that I am ready to act for as long as possible.
male erotic magazines but working with really
talented photographers have always brought and brings me a huge
pleasure, even if I pose nude. ”

“Understand the difference between glossy photos and yourself in
reality is very important. You are not a picture, but a real woman. About
this must not be forgotten! ”

“I would not be able to live in Hollywood. They are all obsessed there
youth and beauty obsessed with much more than
us. In America, actresses reach the age of forty and descend from
crazy The film industry needs young and beautiful. In America, love
certain type of women. I’ll never be thin. I have
little children, i’m lazy, i love to eat. Who does this have to
worry? I am real, my beauty is natural. ”

“I don’t even know why the screen magnifies me so. And not only
my body, but also my face. I actually have such a small face
so small— ”

Monica Bellucci Love Lessons

“As for love, I think that every woman has her own
instructions and she is unlikely to share them. What is love for
me? Of course, the reward! I am Italian and we are known for our
temperament and proud temper. Therefore, if someone decides to break
my happiness, he does not hold back! I often repeat that I can and kill
because of jealousy. ”

“I know what passionate love is that makes you touch
the twilight zones of your own self, those destructive blacks
holes that are in each of us. This is pretty exciting.
a feeling that allows you to learn a lot about yourself. I personally
I prefer a different passion, in which, of course, there is a place to merge
bodies, sexual union, but there is also something that makes
heave high and not slide into the abyss. ”

“Love lives only when there is respect for each other and
freedom. The desire to possess another as a thing is absurd. ”

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