7 creative ideas: how to make curls on short hair do it yourself?

Hairstyles with curls for short hair today look stylish
and fascinating. They can be found quite often in a variety of
variations. Chic curls, elegant waves,
charming curls … Let’s get acquainted with the most trendy styling,
which are feasible at home.

Curls for short hair

  • 1 Kinds of short curls
  • 2 Ways to create curls
    • 2.1 Hair dryer and brushing
    • 2.2 curlers
    • 2.3 Curler
    • 2.4 Iron
    • 2.5 Other ways
  • 3 Styling products
  • 4 Chemistry, carving, biowave
  • 5 How to lay short curls

Kinds of short curls

There is a huge amount of curls on
short hair:

  • Hollywood waves;
  • brazilian curls;
  • spiral;
  • corkscrew;
  • zigzag (or broken curls);
  • sloppy curls;
  • and many other species.

The main thing is to choose the right curl type to
the hairstyle is not only in harmony with the general image of the woman, but also
brought her complete satisfaction.

Kinds of short curls

Ways to create curls

Strands should be armed before winding
hairdressing tools, it is:

  • rare scallop;
  • comb with a long thin handle;
  • round brush;
  • curling iron (plain or conical);
  • the hair dryer with a removable nozzle “diffuser”;
  • hairdressing clips.

From styling drugs will need: foam or mousse,
modeling wax, spray for the formation of curls, varnish
medium fixation, thermal protection for hot styling.

Hair dryer and brushing

Hair dryer

This method is often used by stylists. However if
make a little effort then you can easily master him and in
home conditions.

Step-by-step execution:

  1. Wash your hair
  2. Moisten hair with a styling agent.
  3. Round brush (brushing) grab one strand from
    roots. Dry hair, combing it to the ends. Optional
    the tips can be slightly twisted inside.
  4. After drying – a small amount of wax to rub in the fingers and
    beat them ends of hair.

When the styling has cooled, correct
her fingers and sprinkle with varnish.


Curls on curlers

The perfect solution for a fashionable look – Hollywood
curls. They can be created using a large curler

Working process:

  1. Divide clean wet hair into equal
    strands. Secure them with hairpins so that they do not interfere.
  2. Pryadku (any – to choose from) unleash and comb through the comb with
    frequent teeth, then wind on curlers.
  3. Do the same with all the other strands.
    After removing the curlers get large curls.
  4. Such a hairstyle for a long time will keep its shape, if its
    fix with spray.

To give the image a special charm is recommended to decorate
one side of the head with a small barrette with neat

Curling iron

Fashionable hairstyles

Consider how to make curls for short hair with
using electrical forceps.


  1. Wash your hair Apply heat protection to the hair.
  2. Divide hair into zones: lower and upper (which should
    stabbed with clips).
  3. Separate the strand in the lower zone, warm it slightly.
    curling, sweeping the device along the entire length. Wind the strand on
    rod curling and hold for 5 minutes.
  4. Release the curl from the curling iron and allow it to cool.
  5. Alternately wind the hair lower and occipital
    parts, gradually moving up.

It turned out amazing styling.

It is important to know! It is desirable that the diameter of the forceps
did not exceed 18 mm. Otherwise – it will be difficult to screw
strand on the rod.

This video shows how to create volume using a curling iron.
short hair


Consider how to wind short hair with

Step-by-step execution:

  1. Saturate the hair with a small amount of thermal protection.
  2. Heat the iron to 100-120 ° C. All hair divided by 4
  3. Cheating begins with the lower sector.
  4. Strands are captured by the iron at the roots. Every curl
    warming up for 10 seconds.
  5. Then the strands are ironed to the ends.

After cooling, comb through each tooth with a rare tooth comb.

Attention! Higher temperature
spoil the hair structure, and lower – will give unstable cheat.

other methods

Curls cone curling

Today in the trend sloppy curls. You can get them
taking advantage of the cone curling.

Stages of work:

  • Clean wet hair with a massage brush.
  • Apply volume to the root zone.
  • Raise strands of brushing on the back of the head and
    top of the head.
  • The bangs are dried according to the same principle without raising
  • Twist the ends inward, in the area of ​​the crown pull the straps
  • Finishing styling varnish.

Must get a little careless, but definitely
luxurious face.

How to make curls for short hair without curling and curlers?

Curls without curling and curlers

There are simple tricks for curling without curlers and
curling. One of them – giving the hair a “beach” look.
Spray the beach spray on wet hair.
curls. Then go spray all hair, paying particular
attention to the root sites. This hairstyle will look
chic if you add her
additional volume.

You can use the mousse to create the effect.
“wet” curls. This tool creates an elastic wave, and
also fixes the result for a long time.

Working process:

  1. To prepare a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle. Set hot
  2. To wash hair. Wet hair dried at the roots
    a terry towel. The ends must remain
  3. Process the locks with a styling agent (foam or
  4. Grab one strand with the fingers of the diffuser, lightly
  5. Twisted short hair blow dry,
    constantly crushing their hands.
  6. Also process the entire head.

Apply a little bit of wet wax throughout.
shag and slightly rumple it, forming the necessary

Please note! Wax should not be applied on
roots, otherwise the hair will look greasy.

This video shows how in several ways
to put short hair.

Styling products

The beauty industry offers styling products that
able to curl any hair or emphasize
beauty of natural curls.

To the trend products include:

  • Matrix Curl Please – composition, forming elastic curls,
    giving them shine;
  • OSIS Bouncy Curls – the oil gel used for
    creating weightless strands. It has high durability;
  • Taft “Secrets of hot styling” – spray-thermal protection,
    designed for hot styling. Saves hair from
  • GHD Curl spray – experienced fluid
    hairdressers. Helps to form curls on even hair;
  • “Curls and curls” Wella Wellaflex – composition for laying
    wavy and curly curls. Forms curls even without
    curlers and curlers;
  • Got2B “Running on the Waves” – a spray that helps to create
    stylish and light curls;
  • Got2B “Trap” – a hair foam that creates
    seductive strands and also gives additional hair

Styling Products

Attention! Performing styling
hot, use any thermal protective agent
which protects the hair from high temperatures.

Chemistry, carving, biowave

How to curl your hair if you don’t have time every day
on curlers or curling? Make a perm. It fits even on
short hair with a bang. Salon perm is divided
into several types. The most popular are: conventional chemistry,
carving, biowave.

Chemistry has a plus – this perm holds up to six months. To that
however, this is not an expensive procedure. But, penetrating the structure
hair shaft, the composition for chemistry changes it. Hair
lose shine, become tough and at the same time
the weak.

Carving and biowave more gently affect hair than
chemistry. However, there are differences between them. Biowave
worth more carving. Bio-curl turns more
resilient than carving, and lasts up to 5 months. Method
allows you to achieve clearly modeled curls. This kind
Curls can be performed on loose and damaged hair, which
when carving is unacceptable.

Chemical perm

Carving (long-term styling) remains short
Time: 1.5–2 months. Moreover, carving is not suitable for
of all hair: it looks best on thin.
Often on different zones of the head strands are wound on different
devices, it can be:

  • bobbins;
  • big curlers;
  • spiral sticks;
  • scooters,
  • boomerangs;
  • and so forth

Thanks to this technology, hair with curls look
neat and stylish.

Important! Carving implies
winding or basal hair, or tips.

How to lay short curls

Curly young ladies who love short
hairstyles, it is better to choose the following models of haircuts:

  • “bob” on a high stem with a curly hat;
  • garcon with long bangs;
  • “Fouette” with increasing length from the parietal zone to
  • “square” with shaved temple in the ensemble with oblique bangs.

Short hairstyles with curls

Having a properly chosen haircut is easy
lay short curls on their own. Simplest
way of laying – design natural curls using
hairdressing preparations.

The gel is applied to the moist curls and is not washed off.
This tool puts in order naughty curls.
Spray designed to create a wet
effect, processed dry hair. Composition attached
curls a clear outline and healthy shine. Mask for cool
curls applied to freshly washed hair, washed off through
3 minutes. After that, curly mop dries
in a natural way.

On a note! Curls for short
hair tucked behind the ears will give the face a playful look.

Thus, using the above tips, you
can achieve amazing results. Your short curls
will look attractive and stylish.

This video shows how to lay short hair in
home conditions.

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