7 products that cause cellulite

You probably already read about home remedies for
cellulite reduction but you may still not know which products
he is called and made visible. Perhaps that’s why
natural treatments or creams do not bring you the desired
results. From this article you can find out what products
increase the appearance of cellulite.


  • What causes the appearance of cellulite?
  • Candy – the enemy of the beautiful figure number 1
  • Fats and fast food
  • Salt retains excess water
  • Carbonated drinks and coffee are harmful to the skin.
  • Refined flour
  • Sauces increase cellulite

What causes the appearance of cellulite?

Cellulite is a problem that all women suffer from.
(or most). It appears on the thighs and buttocks. This is a nightmare and
many women definitely want to know how to eliminate it from

In addition, you should not wear tight pants and sit for
many hours a day, it is also good to stay away from below
listed products.

Candy – the enemy of the beautiful figure number 1

So, we know that they are very tasty, and that you cannot live
without them. However, in order to have a supple and smooth skin, you
should reduce the consumption of sugary foods as much as possible,
especially those that are sold in stores. Sweets increase
the amount of body fat and cause cellulite. Cookies, pancakes,
chocolates and sweets are delicious, but they are also rich in trans fats,
which cause inflammation.

products that cause cellulite

Excess sugar in drinks is also bad, especially if you
use refined sugar because it does not turn into
energy, but accumulates in different parts of the body, especially in the legs,
thighs and abdomen. Replace it with stevia or unrefined
cane sugar or sweetener. Eat dark chocolate if you
can not live without sweet.

Fats and fast food

The food you eat today is full of fat that
unhealthy. Hamburgers, pizza, fried food, hot dogs,
french fries and everything they sell in fast food restaurants
is the number one enemy for your body, including
skin. They cause an accumulation of fat, which later turns into
ugly pock marks on hips and buttocks. Do not eat dairy
foods (non-fat), including margarine, whipped cream and

Fried foods, even those that we cook at home, should also
be minimized as well as all the products you buy
in stores and that contain trans fats. Women who want
reduce cellulite, you should not eat red meat and
smoked sausages (salami, ham, sausages, bacon and chorizo).

Salt retains excess water

Sodium (or all products containing it) is the enemy for
your health for various reasons. First, because he
causes fluid retention – the ideal condition for the appearance
cellulite. We recommend not to consume more than 1.5 grams of salt in

Try not to use too much salt, but use
herbs as seasoning and do not put the salt shaker on the table so as not to
tempted to salt the dish on a plate. Also choose
sea ​​salt instead of regular table salt. Reduce consumption
salty snacks like french fries or some types

Carbonated drinks and coffee are harmful to the skin.

These drinks are harmful to health in general and to the skin in particular.
Carbonated drinks, especially colas and the like, contain many
sugars as well as chemical products. Some people think that
It is best to drink the dietary varieties of these drinks, but this is not
So. It should drink water. If you are tired of it or you are not used to
her, choose natural fruit juices or cold infusions from
medicinal herbs.

The main component of coffee (caffeine, which is also found in
carbonated drinks) may harm the skin. But it happens,
only when you drink it as a drink. You can do homemade
with used coffee beans and olive oil for
skin peeling and cellulite reduction.

We recommend drinking no more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day, at the very least
a case with a small amount of sugar, milk or cream.

Refined flour

This white flour is present in most foods.
which you eat every day. Bread, biscuits, rice, pasta
items that are not made from whole grain ingredients are bad
affect cellulite because they contain a large amount
yeast that is hard to digest.

If you can’t live without bread, you can bake it.
on their own, for example, from whole-wheat flour (or half from
ordinary flour). If you buy bread, give preference
black bread with seeds.

Sauces increase cellulite

Mayonnaise and mustard, as well as spicy and tomato sauce, are badly affected.
on the skin and are allies of cellulite. You can cook
own sauce with natural herbs and seasonings, and
reduce the consumption of these products, especially those that sell in

Instead of buying tomato sauce, prepare the sauce,
for example, from tomatoes. Do not add mayonnaise to everything that you
eat, or if you like it very much, try making it out of eggs
and lemon juice (only lemon can also deprive you of addiction
from mayonnaise). You can buy mustard seeds and make a sauce
own recipe.

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