7 questions to a professional stylist about hair

Questions are answered by professional stylist Victoria
Petrik Victoria Petrik

What you need to know about hair?

Every girl knows: to look at 100%, think a little
about a decent wardrobe and trendy jewelry. The brightest makeup and
ultra-modern manicure, exquisite fragrance of your favorite perfumes and
charming smile attract attention. But the image will become
completed only thanks to a neat haircut and lively shine

After all, they will talk about their good health and their well-being.

What are the latest discoveries in this area? What would you ask
a specialist?

  • Why does hair split?

    It all depends on the structure of the hair. Although at first glance he
    whole, hair has a rather complicated structure. Keratin
    the rod is in the middle of the hair. Liquid keratin
    only about 10 cm from the bulb, then gradually turns into
    condition of the hardened cement is the most unprotected.

    The core covers a variety of other layers having different
    complex names (cortex, medulla, etc.), we will not now have them all
    to list. The topmost one – cuticle – is a layer of scales. When
    the scales at the end of the hair fall off and the other layers are damaged,
    keratin rod begins to split. Restore it
    is impossible. It is recommended to regularly “trim” the tips.

  • So the hair is not dead?

    – In a sense, yes. He is dead because in him
    there are no nerve endings. It doesn’t hurt us when they cut it off.
    But hair is sometimes called “live”, describing its healthy external
    view. There is evidence that hair continues to grow even after death.
    Some time. Hair growth is not regulated by the brain.

  • Today such a variety of care products! In what
    Unlike mask and air conditioner?

    – The mask, like shampoo, has an alkaline environment. Headwashing
    shampoo reveals hair scales, giving you the opportunity to wash
    excess fat and dirt. When using a mask, the scales are expanded, and
    substances that feed it penetrate the hair.

    Air conditioning is an acidic environment. Under its influence scales
    close, retaining moisture, nutrients. Using
    conditioner – prevention of damage to the cuticle. Is created
    an obstacle from penetrating inside into deeper layers,

  • It turns out that after the mask you need to put more
    air conditioning?

    – Exactly!

    Mask is selected for individual hair features. Masks
    are: 1) moisturizing; 2) nutritional; 3) for dyed hair; 4) and
    a lot others.

    Masks for colored hair more sparing. They are only slightly
    open the scales. Thus, the paint is washed less, and
    color – lasts longer. Moisturizing masks promote the greatest
    disclosure of scales, penetration and retention of water. Hair look
    more shiny, healthy and smoothed. But for painted
    Hair such masks are not advised.

    Nutritious masks are useful after chemical perms and for
    damaged hair. They restore, nourish from within. Masked
    use 1-2 times a week, and air conditioning – after each wash

  • Recently it has become fashionable to use it.
    called hairbrush rectifiers. Is it in this

    “There’s definitely a point.” The principle of this comb –
    Smooth hair with ionization and heat treatment.
    Hair is not magnetised, cuticle is not damaged, scales –
    are closing. As a result, you get a beautiful styling and effect.
    laminated hair.

    An important role is also played by the use of additional protective
    (ionizing) means in combination with the comb-rectifier. it
    sprays, oils, foams, gels and other means for thermal protection. But
    only having such a wonderful comb at your disposal does not save
    provisions. In order for the hair to look alive, it is necessary
    feed them from within. This will help special vitamin and mineral
    complexes (dietary supplements). For example, any pharmacy drug “for beautiful
    skin, hair and nails, for healthy hair and nails.

    If you purposefully grow hair, pay attention to
    selenium. It is called the “Royal Asset” for healthy curls.
    Specialists of the World Health Organization indicated
    direct involvement of selenium in neutralizing free
    radicals, eliminate toxins at the cellular level. They believe that
    selenium is an essential component of nucleic acid metabolism; and
    protein, hormones and enzymes. Protein with selenium – forms bones,
    hair and nails, supports the work of muscles, improves hormonal
    balance. Scientists say: the daily rate for a person is about 1
    mcg of selenium per kilogram of weight, but not more than 400 mcg for
    an adult.

    Use foods containing it: onions, garlic; Brazilian,
    walnut, peanuts; egg yolk; mushrooms; seaweed

    Pharmaceutical targeted drugs selenium is better to take products
    new generation. It consists of selenium compounds and natural
    organic substances – bioligands. See the composition. On the package
    you can find the words: selenium – methionine, selenium – cysteine; divalent
    forms of selenium. From dietary supplements is also good Spirulina. All this is safe and
    the most effective forms of the mineral. Important: Vitamin C
    (ascorbic acid) may reduce the bioavailability of selenium.

  • There are natural hair coloring products.
    (henna tint, basma) and unnatural (paints, tonics, tint
    shampoos). Now about the latter. Why take a tonic, if you can immediately –

    – The properties of paint and tonic (fine shampoo) are different.
    Applying paint allows the pigment to get into deeper layers.
    hair due to the discovery of scales. We have a rich, deep and
    pretty steady color. The coloring properties of tonic are based on
    superficial attachment of the pigment, it envelops the hair
    thin layer outside.

    Toning products are attractive because they can be easily
    change or refresh the shade of natural hair; frequency and lightness
    in their use. Among the shortcomings – tonic does not paint over gray hair,
    the pigment is quickly washed away, and the coating film prevents the action
    Mask and with long-term toning weakens hair. If a girl
    decides to paint with paint, the remnants of tonic will not give painting
    substance to penetrate and consolidate properly. To tonic
    completely gone, it takes a lot of time. Sometimes up to 4 months.

    Paints are: ordinary, resistant, salon, professional, without
    ammonia and others.

    Salon paints contain volatile silicones. When you go out
    Salon, hair look on “wow.” Up to 2–3 shampoos. But in this and
    a plus. If you use paints with heavy silicones, over time
    they are eaten, fixed, accumulated. Hair becomes
    thick, dull, brittle. On professional paints
    no images of the final color. The result depends on
    skills of the master, taken proportions and features of the client’s hair. They
    more sparing and persistent. The palette can be expanded by mixing

    Without ammonia paints are usually not allergenic, they can
    use for girls under 18, pregnant and lactating. Not
    Burn your own hair pigments. Disadvantages: hold in
    average 2 weeks, poorly lightened and not always high quality
    paint over gray hair.

  • What hair dye best of all?

    – There are different types of hair. Best painted porous and
    curly hair, worst of all – “glass”. That is – gray and
    Asian type. “Glass” hair characterizes their thickness and
    rigidity. They are difficult to lay but resistant to

    With the right choice of paint, following the instructions for
    hair dyeing and proper care (shampoo for dyed
    hair regenerating and protective equipment) problems not be

    The main rule in hair care: strictly adhere to
    individual care for your hair type, while respecting
    the only diet is a complete balanced diet.

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