7 volume styling on medium hair with a photo

All admire hairstyles created
by professionals.

Their styling looks perfect, and any girl with
properly styled hair looks like a Hollywood

But when ladies try to recreate such styling
on their own, they don’t always get it. This is due to the fact that
They do not know how to volumetric styling. Below are some tips.
specialists so that readers can create the perfect

  • 1 Recommendations for creating bulk styling from
  • 2 Types of hairstyles
    • 2.1 Smooth
    • 2.2 With a pile
    • 2.3 Volumetric with light waves
    • 2.4 Hollywood Waves
  • 3 Evening styling at medium length
    • 3.1 Low beam
    • 3.2 With a bagel
    • 3.3 Bow of hair

Recommendations for creating bulk styling from

You won’t have the perfect hairstyle unless you know
all the subtleties used by masters in beauty salons.
The volume on the average hair is not so difficult if done
preparatory work according to all the rules.

  1. Proper washing is the foundation for perfect styling.
  2. Need to use a small amount
    shampoo, emphasizing quality washing and massage
    heads. This is necessary in order to remove pollution as much as possible.
    dust from the scalp and hair. For this you need to take about tea
    spoon of shampoo and evenly distribute it, not forgetting to massage

    Pay attention! Rinse out the shampoo from the hair too
    need right. Try to wash them, using a shower, turning over
    with their hands, as if unraveling. Rinse off shampoo for
    two minutes to remove all shampoo residues due to which
    hair becomes dirty more quickly, it seems faded.

  3. Careful drying is a guarantee of healthy hair.
  4. Pat your hair with a soft towel. Then wrap others
    head and leave for a few minutes. The less you will be
    to blow dry your hair is better. Thanks so gentle
    drying, you do not damage the hair structure.

  5. Features of use of the hair dryer.

Professionals use a powerful hair dryer that
can work in different modes. Hair should be dried dry
because the styling agent is not intended to be applied on
wet hair. And created in such a way volumetric styling right there
will fall.

How to make a voluminous hairstyle? Contrary to popular belief
that you need to dry in the opposite direction of growth
hair, experts advise to use another way. Need to
keep the hair dryer towards the ends of the hair – so
strands will be shiny and smooth.

Professionals advise the following way: alternate
hands while drying the hair dryer – this will allow you to create a symmetrical

  1. Do the right bouffant.
  2. To keep the volume as long as possible, you need
    comb the hair at the roots. Only need to do it
    so as not to hurt your curls. First, comb your hair
    comb, and then scrape with a soft comb.

  3. Subtleties of application of styling products.

Masters advise to use no more than three types of tools for
styling suitable for your hair type. Varnish for fixing hair
you need to spray on the lower layers of laying – so it will not
flattened at the top and the hairstyle will not seem “heavy” because of

This video shows as many as 7 hairstyles that can be done
with a variety of styling products:

  • Distribution of strands with your fingers.

Hairstyle will look most impressive if
hair folded with your fingers. Because comb
You can spoil the final look. And fingers can
bring your hair to the perfect look.

Types of hairstyles

Bulk styling is a dream of girls and women of any age.
So how do you make this hairstyle yourself?

Experts consider ideal for creating various styles.
strands of medium length. Voluminous hairstyles for medium hair look
very effective, if they are made according to the recommendations of the masters.


  1. On wet hair, apply a straightening agent,
    then comb them.
  2. Next is a blow dryer.
  3. Take a fine comb and part with a straight parting.
    Remove the strands behind the ears and smooth with a comb.
  4. Apply fixative and collect hair on the back of the head with
    gum relief.
  5. Divide the tail into two parts. Twist one piece like
    seashells and secure stealth. Wrap around the rest
    the base of the tail so that the gum is not visible.

Such smooth hairstyles look elegant and concise,
Perfect for any style.

Master Class

With fleece

  1. Using a comb with rare teeth, separate several
    pryadok, fasten them.
  2. In the traditional version, focus on the temples and
    back of the head.
  3. On the right side, separate the strand to hide her disheveled
  4. Sprinkle the second one lightly with a polish and make a comb.
    gradual steps. Start from tip to center, then from
    the central part to the roots, stopping at 5 cm. It is necessary for
    in order not to injure the hair follicles.
  5. Then repeat the fleece.
  6. Lightly fluff the resulting shred with a sharp handle and
    continue to work on the circumference of the entire head.
  7. From the strongest pile (top layer) make the desired
  8. Intact strands hide tucked hair.
  9. Fix the hair with a lacquer with a weak hold.

Bulky with light waves

The basis of this styling – bouffant, whose technique is described

  1. Using curling, make small curls to the middle.
  2. Next, add each strand separately as described above.
  3. Using a soft brush, lay the strands beautifully and fix
    hairstyle varnish.

Hollywood waves

Want to feel like a Hollywood diva? Make a haircut
which looks elegant and very feminine, as in the photo.

  1. Comb your hair with a fine-tipped comb. Do deep
  2. To make curls, use forceps of large diameter.
    Twist the strands towards the face and secure with a clip.
    (not too much).
  3. After all the strands are done, wait for them to complete.
    cooling down Then remove the clips, brush them with a soft

As can be seen from the above instructions, make a lush laying on
medium hair is a snap. If you follow the recommendations
professionals, you get the perfect hairstyle.

Evening styling at medium length

One of the important components of the solemn image is
Correct hairstyle. Styling for medium hair allows
demonstrate the creativity and skills of the master.
But if you do not have the opportunity to turn to a professional, you
You can easily make them yourself.

Low beam

  1. Separate the hair into the back and front. Strand on
    nape gather in the tail, and the rest of it turn into curls
    using a curling iron.
  2. Make a bunch from the tail on the back of the head.
  3. Each curl individually attached to the beam. Can not
    Carefully take care of the neatness of the hairstyle – it will add to the image
    tenderness and romance.

With bagel

It is not a bakery, but a special
foam rubber device, thanks to which beams are obtained

  1. Gather the hair in a ponytail.
  2. Put a donut on the tip of the tail, which will be the base
  3. Spread your hair evenly across its width and wind it up
    on his tail.
  4. Twist the curls need to gently to the base of the tail.
    Therefore, make sure that no order is not knocked out.
  5. Having completed the winding to the end, form a beautiful and
    neat bunch. Fix stealth.

Hair bow

Do you find boring traditional curls and bunches? Then bow
from hair – for you!

  1. First you need to decide exactly where you want to make a bow.
    After that, at the chosen place, collect the hair in a simple tail, not
    stretching the tips at the last turn of the gum. Must remain
    only a small end is the middle of a bow.
  2. Divide the unusual tail into two parts and smooth.
  3. Fix the resulting sides of the bow stealth. Remaining
    Place the tail in the middle and fasten it too.

These are the most popular hairstyles for every day and
solemn event.

Of course, it will take more time to create complex styling.
and workouts. Therefore, to start, you can try to make
Listed hairstyles, which also look spectacular and

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