7 ways to collect men’s hair in tail

There is no doubt that every man should be an example.
masculinity and strength. Many believe that a similar image is good
complements the short haircut, which does not require much time on
care. But there are those, and over time they become more and more, who
He considers men’s hairstyles with a tail a sign of independence.

Such people immediately catch the attention of passers-by on the street.
Grow hair – a serious step for male faces
gender, so it is worth thinking and learning about all
the intricacies of this process.

who is suitable

  • 1 Who will suit the hairstyle with a tail?
    • 1.1 Style
    • 1.2 Face shape
    • 1.3 Age
  • 2 How to grow a man’s tail?
  • 3 Types of male hairstyles with a tail
    • 3.1 Horse tail
    • 3.2 Braided tail
    • 3.3 Fishtail
    • 3.4 Mr Boone
    • 3.5 undercut
    • 3.6 Top knot
    • 3.7 Mohawk
  • 4 Care for long male hair
  • 5 Laying long hair in the tail
    • 5.1 How to make a bundle:

Who will suit the hairstyle with a tail?


Many public figures: actors, musicians, artists
prefer hairstyles with long strands. For example, Brad
Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Ben Barnes …

hairstyles with a tail

This list can be continued for a very long time. Men this way
show their inner world, and long curls allow it
make the most diverse.

Face shape

Suitable for people with an ideal head shape – oval. If a person
round, then long hair can expand it even more, especially
if they are thick enough. If a person is thin, they will
pull the face profile even harder.

tail in men


As for the age of a man, there are no taboos and
restrictions. Both teenagers and older people can wear long

There is one caveat: if a boy is at a very young age
long hair, it can sometimes be confused with a girl that can
make jokes and ridicule.

How to grow a man’s tail?

Growth and loss of hair in men and women occur
differently. This is due to the difference in the work of the endocrine
system. Obviously, hair care must be different.

how to grow a man's tail

Testosterone prevents rapid hair growth. There are external
factors preventing in the short term to grow hair:

  • exposure to a lot of stress;
  • excess physical activity;
  • nutritional deficiencies, lack of nutrients
    from the outside.

In men, more oily scalp, which often causes
appearance of dandruff. The presence of a greasy film on the skin leads to
its inadequate nutrition and hydration.

hairstyle with long hair

Necessary actions:

  • Consultation with an endocrinologist will help to find out about the availability of
    diseases and methods of its treatment.
  • If there are no problems with the endocrine system, you can drink vitamins
    to strengthen the hair.
  • Realize that the care of curls will now be different. To wash
    head a couple of times a week is now not enough, you have to resort to
    a variety of care products: oils, masks, conditioners, balms,

Types of men’s hairstyles with a tail


The most common option for long male hair.
Attempting to collect them in the tail is the first thing that tries to do
man, having grown a certain length. It is very convenient and practical.
strands do not climb into the eyes, look neat.


Braided tail

This can be either one braid or several small braids.
This is a new trend in hairdressing. You can choose any of
set of images, because there is a sufficient amount of styling


It is a mistake to believe that the tail will look crazy and insane like
in the series “Viking”. It is enough just to achieve neat styling,
which will be in harmony with the business suit.


Fish tail

This is a very dense, braided knots, pigtail. She fits
not all, because it expands and enlarges certain features of the face. The
no less she has her fans both in everyday life and
at fashion shows.

guy's pigtail

Mr boone

This hairstyle was previously considered exclusively female, but
broke this stereotype and looks great on a man’s head.
Hair is collected over the back of the head in a strong beam. Some strands
can be left hanging

Mr. Boone


Haircut Anderkat is characterized by shaved temples and nape with
long head region. In this case, the hair is perfectly collected in
tail. It looks very attractive, manly.


Top Knot

Got a huge number of fans. Hairstyle
It is popular both among young people and among men.
They are united by the desire to show their individuality, and Top Knot
allows you to do this. It differs from the undercount by the ability not
shave whiskey

Top Knot


This is probably the most popular from the list of extravagant
haircuts. It is characteristic of a narrow circle of persons. It used to be worn.
punks and goths, now it is not so popular. This haircut is chosen
the most independent and courageous young people. Good complements
coloring in bright colors – green, red, blue.


Care for long male hair

The scalp on the head is very dependent on the genetic
predisposition However, it is important to maintain his condition.
at the proper level, because a person’s hairstyle is much
talks about him and his attitude to life. After all, man
must be careful in everything.

First, you need to regularly wash your hair. Frequency depends on
type of scalp. If it is greasy, then it is necessary to wash it every 2 days.
If normal – 2 times a week. Dry scalp requires washing
no more than once a week.

washing head

Secondly, choose the right care products. Perfect
option become specialty shops for hairdressers.
Professional cosmetics have the best quality, especially
compared with supermarket products. Select cosmetics,
drawing on your hair type.

Third, do not abuse the use of hair dryer and other
devices with high temperature. They damage the hair structure.
Therefore, it is better to dry the hair with a hair dryer only in rare cases.

On the video – an excellent instruction for quick hair styling.
hair dryer:

Fourth, regularly comb your hair and keep it clean
hairbrushes The most popular is massage, its advantage is that
it stimulates blood circulation, and it has a positive effect on
hair health.

And also abundant drinking of water and proper nutrition make the structure
the hair is denser and more elastic, they become less prone to
breaking off, which is important when hair grows.

Long hair styling

You can collect hair in the tail above or below the crown. Here you need
experiment and select the most suitable for a specific
human option. It is better to avoid a low “trailing” tail – on
male hair, he looks ridiculous and feminine.


How to make a bundle:

  1. Comb your hair.
  2. Treat them with styling spray (varnish, wax, gel).
  3. Re-comb using hair dryer, hair will become larger.
  4. Take the hair and place the tail on the crown.
  5. Start curling your hair, winding it around
  6. Secure the bundle with a thin elastic band.

Long hair is able to emphasize individuality.
men Huge selection of hairstyles: male haircuts with
ponytail, top notes, Mr. Boone and many others allow you to dilute
casual style, adding creativity to it.

Growing male hair is a laborious task, but it’s
worth it, because the owners of elegant hair will always hear
compliments about your appearance.

See tips on how to grow a guy with long hair:

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