8 stylish short men’s haircuts

short haircut with a beardMany modern men are watching
for their appearance.

Most prefer short haircuts, although they can be
very diverse.

Different variations of men’s haircuts are often
complex and original, emphasizing individuality
representatives of the stronger sex.

  • 1 Classic short haircut
  • 2 Shaved head and temple
  • 3 with bangs
  • 4 Haircut “Hedgehog”
  • 5 Tomboy
  • 6 Boxing and halfboxing
  • 7 Nalyso
  • 8 side parting
  • 9 How to style

Classic short haircut

It is versatile, but it should
consider that a bright image with such a hairstyle does not create
work out.


This is due to the length of the strands and the silhouette of the haircut. Have classic
There are some options:

  • haircut implies a smooth cut;
  • filing especially thick areas;
  • The maximum length of the strands is 5 cm, and they should be at the crown.
    The neck and temples should remain open;
  • such a haircut is easy to lay. All hair parting or
    clean back – it allows you to open your forehead more.

Shaved head and temple

This option is chosen self-confident personality. This haircut
opens room for fantasy, because some men ask
craftsmen make beautiful patterns on these areas. There are the following

    • one shaved temple;

shaven temple

    • abrupt transitions from the minimum hair length of the temporal region to
      long parietal strands;

from minimum length to long strands

    • shaved nape and temples;

shaved nape and whiskey

    • Iroquois;


  • patterns.

patterns Master creates a drawing using cosmetic
pencil. Next, scissors cut out the image and perform the correction
typewriter. Then the master with the help of tonic and wadded disc erases

Especially daring natures, eager to stand out from the crowd,
choose a mohawk (pictured above). It is a comb made of protruding
hair located in the center. They are fixed by a large number
styling products.

With a bang

Bangs – one of the important elements of hair. Therefore, picking up
haircut, you need to take into account its features. Of course there are haircuts
without bangs that look stylish. But it allows you to emphasize
face worthiness and make the image more interesting. Bangs maybe
short or long, oblique, retracted or raised

    1. Most often, men choose the minimum length
      hair. Its advantage is that it does not require
      styling and always looks neat. This length fits the hair
      any structure. It allows you to hide minor defects of the face.
      or the disproportionality of his features.

photo with short bangs

Important! The main condition is accuracy
run, otherwise short bangs make the image sloppy.

    1. If the first option successfully masks minor flaws, then
      long bangs cope with this task even better.
      It allows you to visually make smaller large features and increase
      small ones. Owners of the face with perfect proportions fit
      laying with parting to the side.


    1. Oblique bangs look best with
      graded car. Just keep in mind that such a haircut
      suitable for those who have obedient soft hair.
    2. Combed back bangs fit men with
      wide face shape because visually makes it longer.

Combed back bangs

  1. Raised bangs focuses on the eyes. Also she
    visually make smaller large facial features. The main thing is during
    styling is not to overdo it with gels and other means to
    hairstyle looked neat and stylish.

Raised fringe

Haircut “Hedgehog”

This option is preferred by men leading a sporty image.
of life. It is suitable for guys with short hair whose length
does not exceed 5 cm.

Important! Hair must be tight so that they
could keep the shape of thorns. The master must create a smooth
transition from strands with a minimum length in the temporal region to
relatively long strands at the crown. Also hair should be
profiled. Hedgehog They should be ruffled at the top of the haircut.
To maintain the shape of the urchin spines, it will take a lot of money to


This hairstyle for a long time belonged to women’s haircuts. But
now it is becoming more popular with men. Basis for her
serves as a shortened bob, the length of the strands varies from 2 to 8 cm.


If the hair is thin, it needs to be profiled. Another one
The tomboy feature is that it does not have clear
contours. This haircut makes a masculine look more brutal and
more attractive.

Boxing and semi boxing

These are the most common sports haircuts.
Boxing is easy to perform, does not need styling and is good
blends with any style. Edging do, focusing on
convex points on the head.


The original version of boxing implied symmetry, but all
Asymmetric edging becomes more popular. Master can do
on the back of the head there are interesting patterns or original drawing.

Polubox is a combination of long dark hair and short
strands in the temporal-occipital region. Transition must be pretty
noticeable, it is often complemented by a bang.

A halfbox is short for men with a rectangular, round or
oval face shape. There are various ways of styling this haircut:
the hair is pulled back, to the side or left ruffled.


“Under a zero” is cut by the machine. Hair cut off so much
as far as the machine allows. To get a haircut
as clean as possible with brilliant effect, some men
choose a razor as a tool.


After the haircut, it is necessary to make its correction. Alone men once
in a few days use a dangerous razor. Others give hair
grow back to shave them off again. Such a haircut
fits almost everyone, but it’s worth giving up to men,
having defective scalp. Therefore some people do
tattoos to make such a haircut.

Side parting

Parting haircuts are varied, allowing you to create
different images:

    • business and motivated men fit
      the classic version, and the bangs are laid sideways.
      They can also use Canadian and double square with long strands around
      forehead, from which you can make oblique bangs;

classic version

    • for holidays will suit retro styling with
      short temples:

retro styling

      • for creative people fit hairstyle in the style of grunge and any
        asymmetrical styling.

How to style

Men’s short haircuts are popular for their simplicity.
styling. For this you need only some means.

Important! The gel is suitable for thin soft strands, and
The result of the work must be fixed with varnish.

How to create a styling correctly:

      • it is done on clean hair;
      • hair dryer should be kept in the direction of hair growth, which will allow
        lay even unruly strands;
      • tuft is laid with the help of the gel, directing it up against
        hair growth;
      • laying fix varnish;
      • To work with soft hair will need wax.

The video shows how to quickly and easily make styling using
modeling paste:

Although in fact most short men’s haircuts are not
needs styling. Simplicity in leaving, laconicism – here than
guided by men in choosing hairstyles. Modern haircuts
allow you to emphasize individuality and make a male image
more stylish.

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