8 ways to remove a growing bang

options for stabbing bangsOften we want to change our image with
using bangs, because she does it drastically. But with time
bangs grow or just get bored and want to somehow
diversify hairstyle. And sometimes it happens that you bang
initially done poorly – too short or crooked, and this is very
spoils the mood. But do not despair, because it can and be removed,
and in many different ways. Consider in detail how beautiful
stab the bang.

How to use the bezel?

The first way to remove a growing bang is to use
rim. The choice of these simple accessories today is quite large, on
every taste and wallet. Long bangs fit narrow rims, and
for short it is better to choose wide, able to fix well
hair. If you are going to a party or some special
event, you can pick up extravagant models with large
flowers or stones, smooth rims are suitable for everyday life, preferably
in the color of your hair or pastel shades. To hair under
rim lay perfectly, apply on them foam or gel, suitable
your hair type.

Invisible features

The second simple way to beautifully stab a bang –
use invisible hairpins. In this case, the long
bangs are also better to apply gel or mousse to make it more
smooth. Gather all the hair back and lock it back.
invisible, and hairpins must cross over so that the hair does not
crawled on the sides. You can use two, four or even six
invisible – their number depends on the length of your hair and their

Add volume

The third option is to make a bang with volume. This option fits
for longer bangs, since bulk look short
somewhat ridiculous. So, lift the hair up and make the bouffant, then
Take them back and fix the tips with any suitable barrette.
This can be both a casual and solemn option if,
for example, use a bright hairpin or varnish with sparkles.

Option for thick hair

If you have very thick bangs, you may well diversify
hairstyle, making it more rare. It’s very simple: clean back
Most of the hair and stabbing, and in front leave a rare and
thin row.

Romantic option

Pretty simple, but at the same time effective option – to remove
bang with tape. Silk looks especially good
ribbons on smooth hair. The color of the tape can be matched to your tone.
clothes or any accessory.

Fashion asymmetry

The next way is to remove the bangs on its side, thus making the fashionable
asymmetrical hairstyle. Here, the exact same first takes a bit
comb your hair and collect them on one side, fasten tight
barrette To prevent the hair from falling apart and not getting fluffed, apply it on
them a little gel or mousse.

Braids and harnesses

options for stabbing bangsThe most time consuming and unusual options.
stabbing bangs – it’s pigtails. There may be a lot of variations –
it all depends on the length of your bangs and your imagination. Can do
longitudinal braid framing the whole face – from the temple to the temple.

Together with the hair of the bangs weave in the braid “basic” hair –
the pigtail will turn out intertwined in a hairdress. It looks very
beautiful: a kind of hair tiara. And you can braid two
ordinary pigtails from parted part and fix them in the back under
hair Instead of braids, you can twist small bundles of hair –
they will add hair volume.

Options for short hair

All of these ways of stabbing bangs are definitely suitable for
regrown hair. If your hair is not too long, you can
use barrettes “crabs.” Take the hair in small
equal beams and secure them in a semicircle with hairpins. Will turn out
a kind of crown from the “crab”.

Another option for short hair is to experiment with styling.
For example, using a medium fixation gel, distribute
separate locks so that they do not merge with each other. If a
hair is very short, you can raise it so that they stand
vertically. This option is suitable for free style in

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