9 best short haircuts for women with a round face

Photo 173Often the owners of a round face when choosing
hairstyles are worried that most short modern haircuts
they are not suitable.

However, stylists and hairdressers do not agree with this opinion and
offer many options that will harmonize with your
masterfully emphasizing merits and masking

When choosing a hairstyle chubby girls should stick
The following tips:

  1. Avoid straight hair with straight bangs:
    better to stop the choice on a ragged, oblique bangs, which will help
    visually lengthen the face.
  2. Frame your face with strands: side strands covering cheekbones
    smooth rounded contours.
  3. Prefer asymmetry: play with
    color and volume, diverting attention from the shape of the face. Winning
    all will look layered hairstyles with graduations and
    uneven staining.
  4. Refrain from parting in the middle in favor of
    side parting.
  5. Hair for round face should be mostly on
    crown: lateral volume visually makes the face wider.
  6. Pay attention to short female haircuts that are not capable
    only to solve the problem of form, but also to give the image a grace and
  • 1 Playful Pixie Haircut
  • 2 Elegant Car
  • 3 Romantic Cascade
  • 4 Spectacular avant-garde
  • 5 Light mess

Caution! Chubby girls should
abandon perfectly straight hair of symmetric length. Avoid
also smooth tufts and tails, parted, small or
too voluminous curls.

Photo 174Short haircuts for full ladies are suitable
practically the same as for chubby.

One of the most winning haircuts is bob – trendy and
universal hairstyle that will help to adjust the shape
full face, and create an elegant and stylish look.

Due to the variety of options available, every woman
will find his bean. There are:

  • Extra long bob. Front strand length
    different from the length at the back of the head. Hairstyle highlights the neck,
    and the front strands allow you to visually make an oval face thinner.
  • With oblique bangs. Oblique bangs will give the image
    playfulness and freshness.
  • In grunge style. Artistic effect
    clutter and mess will be a bright and memorable accent
    in your appearance and will suit the owners of fine hair. but
    be careful with the volume: excessively disheveled hair can make
    face even fuller. Be moderate!

Tip! When choosing a hairstyle, avoid very
short haircuts in favor of multi-layered, air hairstyles with
elongated side strands or asymmetrical bangs.
Holders of a round face should pay attention to the following
short hairstyles:

Playful pixie haircut

One of the most popular and stylish short hairstyles. As if
specially invented for plump ladies, pixies due to ragged and
knocked out pryadok distract attention from the oval face. Photo 175 Plus hairstyle is that it does not require
complex styling. It is easy to maintain at home. but
don’t forget about regular pixie correction in the hairdressing salon
salon (regrown strands should be trimmed in time).

Elegant car

Such a haircut is not without reason that many associate with French women and
French chic, because they will certainly give their
the owner of finesse and grace. Photo 176

Caution! Chubby ladies are categorically not
will go too smooth or too voluminous styling. Remember
the rule of oblique parting and asymmetric forms.

Romantic cascade

With the help of a cascade, a multi-layer effect is achieved, which is
desirable for visual correction of the face for obese women, as on
photo below. Photo 177 The cascade allows to achieve easy asymmetry, volume
on the top and on the whole create a feminine and gentle look.

Spectacular avant-garde

Photo 178 Bold creative staining and experiments with
the form will certainly underline the originality of its owner, and
in the professional performance will highlight the dignity and hide

Slight mess

A styling that looks great on any hair length, and in
features fit chubby girls.

Photo 179

To achieve a fashionable “disheveled” texture, when laying
use styling products – it can be a foam, mousse or
hair wax

This hairstyle is easy to achieve at home, if on
wet combed hair, a little towel dried, apply mousse
and let the hair dry naturally (do not use a hair dryer).
When the hair is almost dry, you should apply the foam and give it
necessary texture.

Other haircuts for obese women and styling tips in this

Bold chubby ladies are also advised to consider options
super-short haircuts:

  • Flirty garcon. Hairstyle name literally
    translates as “boy.” This haircut is perfect
    miniature girls with regular features will give the image
    mischief and make younger.
  • Cheeky tomboy – very short hairstyle with
    torn and asymmetrical strands. As in the case of the garcon, such
    haircut will look best on thin girls with
    medium-sized facial features. With proper selection tomboy will bring in
    your image is an element of extravagance and freshness, as well as hide
  • “Under the typewriter” or hedgehog – ultrashort
    a haircut for outrageous girls will attract attention to their persona.
    Due to the fact that the hairstyle completely opens the face, she
    recommended for owners of classic beauty. Undoubted
    The advantage of a hedgehog will be the fact that it does not need to be laid,
    just wash your hair.

Caution! Despite seeming negligence,
garson and tomboy require regular styling and correction from the master
at least once a month. Super-short haircuts will not go
girls with too curly and fluffy hair.

As you can see, girls with round faces have no reason to
anxiety. Today, hairdressers and stylists offer a wide
the choice of hairstyles that can not only visually make the face thinner,
but also emphasize its virtues. Photo 180

Other options for short haircuts can be viewed:

  • Ragged haircut for short hair: how to know that you she
  • Fashionable haircut ladder: femininity for short hair;
  • Very short female haircut: from the era of the pharaohs in the XXI

If you are still in search of the perfect image,
Be sure to pay attention to short haircuts. Guided by
By the above tips, you will certainly find something
to your taste.

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