9 ideas for coloring ombra for long hair

Ombre – fashionable coloring, also known as “gradient
highlighting “. For painting use two colors, in
the classic version of the dark is applied to the roots, and the ends – more
light shade.

ombre staining for long hair

Ombre with bangs will give your image even more mysterious.
Shades can be the most diverse: from natural to the most
extreme The main thing is that the boundary between the transitions was

  • 1 Advantages of the ombre technique
  • 2 Classic ombre staining
  • 3 Multitonal ombre staining
  • 4 Color Ombre
  • 5 Bronded ombre
  • 6 Ombre on dark hair
  • 7 What is ash ombre
  • 8 ombre on light brown hair
  • 9 Ombre on blonde hair
  • 10 Ombre for red hair
  • 11 How to make an ombre at home
  • 12 How to care for hair after dyeing

The advantages of the ombre technique

This type of staining has become popular due to the undeniable
the benefits that flow from the main principle of technology –
smooth transitions.

  1. The effect of ombre allows you to visually give hair more
    volume due to color strands. Hair tint becomes
    deeper, more saturated.
  2. This coloring can look natural.
    because unpainted hair – non-uniform shade. And strands can
    have a different color that can be achieved with gradient
  3. You can update your image, while
    drastically without changing style. Trying on new shades, you do not
    discard the usual color.
  4. No need to tint the roots, if you them
    left a natural color. And the color is recommended to be updated once
    2-3 months.
  5. This coloring looks great on any hair
    lengths But most of all this highlighting is suitable
    owners of long hair.

Classic ombre staining

This is the most common form of this.
technology. Two shades are carefully shaded in their areas
intersections, thanks to which the boundaries are very smooth and

For roots with a classic stain dark is chosen
shade, and make the ends light. The intersection of colors occurs in
chin area or lower edge of the earlobe.

classic ombre on dark hair

Shades for the classic version are closer to
natural hair color. Clarified tips should also be
close to natural color and not look completely
scorched. The classic ombre staining is
universal option, which is not one season
Remains a favorite of fashionistas.

Multi-tone Ombre staining

The peculiarity of this technique is that
not two shades are used as in the classics, but
more. Thanks to this, the hairstyle is visually added.
volume, color becomes more saturated, multidimensional. Special
luxurious, it looks on light brown hair of medium length.

multitonal ombre on chestnut

It is very important that the boundaries between all shades be
smooth. Such a multitonal ombre is considered one of the most
difficult, so if you want to try it out, refer to
a professional

Color Ombre

In this type of gradient technique choose
the most unusual, bright colors. Here are taken shades
which do not belong to the natural – it all depends on your
readiness for experiments and fantasy. The most decisive and
extravagant girls can dye their hair the entire length
bold colors, for example, from dark blue roots to pale blue.

color coloring

Best of all this staining looks on light curls,
curled into large curls. Owners of black hair can also
try it out, only it will take longer because the ends
have to pre-clarify.

Girls with a short haircut can also choose a color ombre:
it will look no less delightful on such haircuts as
“bob” or “square”. And if you are trimmed under a boy, then such a bold
staining will give your image even more shocking and

Bronzed ombre

The basis of brondirovaniya is a natural shade. Therefore, such
painting involves applying several shades,
close in its range, only at the ends of the hair. Length
dark hair should be at least 10 cm, then you can
apply lighter shades.

booking for dark hair

Bronded ombra looks good on owners of any
hair colors. It is important that the colors differ from each other no more
by 2-3 tones. Because the most important thing in this type of coloring is
this is the maximum naturalness.

Ombre on dark hair

Owners of dark hair are lucky: they can try
any kind of ombre. A very popular combination of dark
shades with coffee, caramel: curls seem more alive,
voluminous and multi-faceted.


It’s best for brunettes to do a classic ombre or
armored Now gaining popularity among owners
dark and red hair type ombre “tongues
flame. “All shades that resemble fire are used, and
they are applied randomly, which resembles a fiery dance.

Important! Since dark color has a greater
resistance, you need to work hard to highlight the strands.
Sometimes, to achieve the desired result, you need to spend a few
lightening sessions.

What is the ash ombre

It uses all shades of gray scale that creates
unusual and bright effect. But such staining
not suitable for everyone: it looks good on girls who are cold
color type.


These are dark curls, blue or gray eyes, very light

Important! Owners of green or brown eyes and
dark skin can try this staining, just pick
you need not cold steel shades, but warmer ones
ash brown.

Ash ombre is of the following types:

  • the roots are left dark, the middle part is painted gray, and
    hair ends in white or close to it;
  • creating a blurred border between the dark
    roots and ash-brown tips;

ash ombre

  • “graphite” — его еще называют насыщенным серым.
    The most spectacular looks on natural brunettes. Done
    transition from dark roots to a silvery shade, and then to lilac
    or blue;
  • графит

  • ash blue;
  • blue omra
  • Ash Brown – Looks More
    naturally than previous varieties;
  • brown and ash
  • ashen pink.
  • ash-pink

    Ombre for blond hair

    Owners of this hair color are lucky: it suits them
    virtually any method of staining. Because fair-haired
    Curls well absorb any paint, even without additional

    Brown-haired girls prefer the ombra,
    made in bright colors: it looks like a natural
    game strands and spectacular. Of course, you can experiment with
    dark shades, although it does not look as luxurious as

    for blond hair

    It is very bright and unusual to use the red scale of shades. Blonde
    color is not sufficiently expressive, and fiery tones give hair
    brightness that looks very impressive. One of the trendy and
    The original combinations are light brown and pink. Such an ombra is beautiful
    Suitable for all shades of light brown hair. The image is gentle and

    Note! Girls with light brown hair
    You can safely experiment with colored ombre. Especially bright and
    effectively looks turquoise color. Be careful with
    yellow tint: it can give your skin an unhealthy shade.
    Therefore, it is necessary to consult a colorist.

    Ombre on blonde hair

    Although some are sure that hair coloring
    The ombra is suitable for dark-haired, but in fact not so. Right
    Selected shades highlight the beauty of your curls,

    Classical coloring will suit fair-haired girls,
    which creates the effect of burnt hair. For this
    I use natural shades – it is light brown, honey, coffee.

    blond hair

    Often the owners of bright hair make ombre style
    “regrown roots”. If earlier it seemed to be a sign that it was time
    adjust hairstyle Now this is a fashionable type of coloring.
    The root zone is painted in a dark shade, and the rest
    hair in natural light colors. On fair hair well
    looks pink and purple, they make the image more vivid
    and expressive.

    Important! Blonde hair is not recommended to dye
    too often not to harm or overdry them.

    Ombre for red hair

    Owners of fiery curls can safely experiment with
    any shades: both light and dark. Ginger color is not worth it
    combine with neutral shades, for example, blond: hair from this
    do not play and additional depth and saturation is not
    will acquire.

    If the hair color is light red, then pay attention to the soft
    Calm shades: sand, honey. They will look
    naturally, and the image will become soft and calm.

    for red

    If the curls of a rich fiery-red hue, it is worth
    combine with other bright colors. It is red, copper and others.
    similar tones.

    You can experiment with shades that are not only
    fit the scale to the natural hair color, but also a different range:
    brown, blond. It looks the best way
    ombra staining on thick hair, trimmed in style

    How to make an ombre at home

    You can do this fashionable coloring yourself
    only this time-consuming and laborious process.

    ombreBefore proceeding to the “home” painting,
    it is necessary to know important nuances that will facilitate the process of painting and
    will help to achieve the desired result.

    1. To make the transition smooth, the paint must be maintained.
      no longer than 10 minutes.
    2. To fix the result you must use
      Balsams and shampoos from a special professional line.
    3. Shades that are applied to the roots and ends should not
      differ by more than 5 tones.
    4. It is best to use natural shades so as not to
      An unpredictable result. Then when you are already pretty
      you will surely own this technique, you can
      experiment with bright colors.
    5. The transition starts from the middle of the hair or a little

    For staining you will need:

    • brightener;
    • paint;
    • special brush;
    • foil.

    Important! If you were planning to get a haircut, then
    you must first go for a haircut, and then do
    painting, otherwise staining will look inaccurate.

    It doesn’t matter if an ombra is made for long hair or short hair, it can be
    do in two ways. The first way:

    1. Hair should be divided into 5-6 parts.
    2. Easy to get done.
    3. A brightener is applied to the bottom, followed by strands.
      cover with foil.
    4. After the time specified on the clarifier’s package, its
      need to wash off.
    5. Then the head is washed using a balm or shampoo.

    How to use a brush and ombra yourself
    In this video a professional colorist tells:

    The second option is done in a slightly different technique. Paint
    it is applied not only on the lower part, but on the entire length, only the ends
    need to paint over more carefully. After the paint is washed off,
    it turns out very soft and imperceptible transition between shades.

    Note! If you want the transition
    turned out smooth, hold the brush in a vertical direction.

    How to care for hair after dyeing

    care afterIf you follow simple rules, then your tips
    hair after staining with ombra will remain healthy and not
    over dried.

    1. Hair should be washed no more than 2-3 times a week.
      Frequent washing removes natural oils from the surface of the hair, due to
      what they will be salted more often. Gradient staining is not long
      hold out with frequent washing of the head. If the hair is very fast
      salted, you can try dry shampoo.
    2. Be sure to monitor the moisture of the ends of the hair. After
      shampoo use conditioner, make nourishing masks 1-2 times
      in Week. Helps to cope with the task of moistening coconut
    3. Try to avoid hot styling because the color will become

    Ombre is a gentle way of staining, therefore
    It is perfect for girls and women who care about
    health of their locks. If you still doubt to do this
    painting or not, see photos of girls and stars who have chosen
    gradient highlighting and look very stylish and spectacular.

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