9 lean products for feminine beauty and youth

Every woman dreams of being as beautiful and young as possible.
longer. And beauty first of all depends on our food. In
during Lent, add lean foods to your diet,
that stop the formation of wrinkles and prolong the female

Every woman knows that beauty comes from within. Beauty skin
hair and nails directly depend on the state of our health
body and daily menu. Specialists identified list
products that should be in the diet of every beauty.
Thanks to the constant consumption of these products
natural processes of aging and formation are slowed down


  • Beets strengthen hair and smooth wrinkles
  • Carrot saves eyesight
  • Pumpkin helps to lose weight
  • Corn will strengthen teeth
  • Nuts – a source of vitamins
  • Buckwheat will strengthen blood vessels
  • Fish will prolong the youth of the skin
  • Grapefruit for slimness and good mood
  • Cabbage – protection against free radicals
  • How to properly observe the post?

Beets strengthen hair and smooth wrinkles

Frequent consumption of beets in food will save you from the need
buy a lifting cream. This vegetable is a record holder
zinc content. Lack of this element causes hair loss,
peeling of the skin and exfoliation of the nails. Zinc also stimulates
production of collagen, necessary for skin, protein which
tightens facial contour and removes early wrinkles.

9 Lenten Products for Female Beauty and Youth

Carrot saves eyesight

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, one of
recognized beauty vitamins. He also opposes the appearance
wrinkles, protects from the formation of cracks on the lips and saves eyesight
young and healthy.

Pumpkin helps to lose weight

This fat vegetable is actually the main protector.
slim figure. The particular vitamin T contained in the pumpkin,
promotes the absorption of heavy food. Therefore, you should lean on
pumpkin to everyone who wants to say goodbye to extra pounds.

Corn will strengthen teeth

Frequent eating of corn dishes will rid you of
unpleasant visits to the dentist. This vegetable is rich in calcium.
vegetable origin. Proof of this are
the snow-white and strong teeth of Hispanics, whose diet is rich
dishes of corn.

Nuts – a source of vitamins

In the female diet must be products with high
the content of vitamin E – the strongest antioxidant. Sources
nuts rich in this vitamin are Brazilian nuts, hazelnuts and
pistachios, which also contain selenium, thanks to
which is better absorbed by vitamin E.

The record number 2 on the content of vitamin E is flaxseed
oil that contains polyunsaturated fatty acids –
defenders of our skin, reproductive glands and blood vessels. No wonder all vegetable
salads we fill with vegetable oil. Vitamin A is digested
only in a greasy environment, and especially in a company with vitamin E. Therefore
try making the healthiest salad dressing that
consists of flaxseed, mustard, olive oil and walnuts

Buckwheat will strengthen blood vessels

From the red nose to the cold and varicose veins on the legs
women will save buckwheat. And also give a beautiful and fresh complexion
due to its high iron content and ability to improve
circulation. The fact is that this croup contains a large
the amount of rutin that strengthens the walls of blood vessels
stops bleeding, prophylactic and therapeutic
impact on veins in a state of varicose dilation, as well
strengthens the smallest blood capillaries. Want to be slim,
attractive and healthy legs – do not forget to consume

Fish will prolong the youth of the skin

Every beauty should be able to cook, because representatives
“fin family” is a treasure trove of nutrients for
beauty and health. B vitamins improve skin condition and
hair, vitamin D keeps your bones strong and your posture straight, and
Vitamin E prolongs youth. In addition, fish contain fluoride.
and phosphorus, which are responsible for the strength of teeth, potassium, which
strengthens blood vessels, and selenium, which improves mood. Special
many omega fatty acids that prolong youth are contained
in marine fish.

Grapefruit for slimness and good mood

A grapefruit should be on the table for every woman who dreams
about slender waist and hips. A few pieces of this citrus,
consumed after dinner, is credited with the ability to burn almost
half the calories gained during the meal. Nutritionists recommend
full people add grapefruit to their diet because it
contains plant enzymes that help the body
digest heavy food.


However, besides a slim figure, a grapefruit is able to give more
good mood. A few slices in the morning for dessert, sprinkled
powdered sugar, provide you with a pep of a day and
positive emotions.

Cabbage – protection against free radicals

Cabbage dishes on the spring table will provide you with reliable protection.
from free radicals. Free radicals are formed in the body.
under the influence of solar radiation, tobacco smoke, polluted
the environment. Due to the destructive effects of free
radicals accelerate the aging of the body and appear
malignant tumors.

The main fighter against free radicals in the body is
vitamin C. In early spring, champion in vitamin C on
our cabbage becomes fresh and sauerkraut. Vitamin C
fully preserved during fermentation, so the amount of askorbinki in
sometimes sauerkraut even more than fresh. Regarding
lemon content, it is inferior to cabbage in vitamin C content, but in its
The composition includes an element of citrine, which improves the absorption of vitamin

How to properly observe the post?

  1. To optimize the digestive process, eat at least 4-5
    once a day. Vegetable food is less calorie than animal,
    so for the usual 2-3 meals you will not be able to dial
    necessary and usual amount of calories. In consequence to
    avitaminosis add fatigue and weakness from partial starvation
    and the body is visually impaired.
  2. If you consume food at fixed hours, the digestive system
    after a few days will adjust its work and the process of digestion
    will occur optimally. And even a sharp change of favorite dishes is not
    reflected on the state of health.
  3. Do not eat dishes that are unpleasant to you, even if they
    extremely helpful. If you eat with a feeling of disgust,
    food is not digested and will not do you good. As a result
    products will rot and wander in the intestines, and on the body
    additional toxic load will fall. Eat only what you
    tasty and with an appetite.
  4. Chew food thoroughly. This is the only way
    neutralize pathogenic bacteria that enter the mouth along with
    a meal. The lysozyme contained in saliva does not leave bacteria a chance
    for life.
  5. Remember that fasting is not a diet. During the post we are called
    cleanse your body and soul. And besides extra kilos and toxins,
    we are cleansed of sin, lies, negative emotions, evil manifestations,
    anger, hated and neglect of other people.

If you observe fasting in thought, word and deed
health will only improve, and lean nutrition will provide
best effect. Beauty comes from the inside!



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