9 types of curlers and 3 ways of laying

Beautiful flowing curls – the dream of most girls. And for
There are various ways to create them. One of the most ancient –
This is laying on curlers.

Now some girls think that this method is outdated, and
prefer to use curling or visit beauty salons for
create a perm.

curlers for large curls

However, curlers are a safe way to create curls, not
damaging the hair structure. But this requires
long amount of time and not quite comfortable to sleep on them.
However, there are now many varieties of them, and each
A girl will be able to choose a suitable option for herself.

  • 1 Types of curlers
    • 1.1 Papilotki
    • 1.2 Curlers-boomerangs: how to use
    • 1.3 Magic curlers
    • 1.4 Velcro curlers
    • 1.5 Electric Curler
    • 1.6 Heat Guns
    • 1.7 Velvet
    • 1.8 Metallic
    • 1.9 Plastic
  • 2 Additional funds for cheating hair
  • 3 How to wind hair on curlers
    • 3.1 Horizontal piling
    • 3.2 Vertical waving
    • 3.3 Spiral
  • 4 General rules for curling curlers
  • 5 How to wind hair of different lengths

Types of curlers

You can choose them depending on the material, their diameter
in order to create perfect curls. But no matter
what you choose to do with their help laying just at home


The use of such curlers can be a real adventure.
for your hair. Because they are made of improvised


Most often for this purpose, use pieces of cloth and
paper. How to make a curler-papilotki?

  1. Hair is wound on paper strips.
  2. Fasten papilotki with pieces of cloth.

The size of the curls will depend on how wide you make
strips of paper. Hair will need to be spun gently to
Do not damage strands. Treat the resulting curls with

Boomerang curlers: how to use

The boomerang curlers in their form resemble a long roller,
made of foam or rubberized material with fine
wire curlers inside. Boomerangs bend well and therefore well
hold strands in position.

curlers boomerangs

Curls created with the help of such flexible curlers, long
time retain their original appearance. Using them is easy:
wrap the strands around the product and connect the ends of the boomerang.

The thickness and thickness of the curls depends on the number of used
curlers-boomerangs. But their main advantage is that they
soft and pleasant to sleep in them. Therefore, many
girls prefer this option because of the nice stuff
and firmness of curls.

Important! It is better to choose soft curlers for curls,
Made from rubberized foam rubber because it is more durable
the material and due to the smooth coverage the risk that the hair
tangled, minimized.

Magic curlers

Girls want their curls to not lose their shape for long
time, looked natural, while the hair structure should not
get injured. All listed criteria match
magic curlers (magic leverage). This product is very recent
appeared on the market and immediately won the sympathy of girls and

magic curlers

These are spirals of bright colors, for the manufacture of which
thin silicone is used. There is no frame inside
from wire. Also in the set has a special hook, which
you pick it up and thread it. Magic curlers
differ in diameter and length. This allows you to create
beautiful curls on the hair of any length.

Advantages of magic curlers:

  • ease of use;
  • hair injury during winding is minimal;
  • reliable fixation;
  • leave no creases – curls look
  • Curls retain their shape for a long time.

But do not think that this magical adaptation is not at all
injures hair. Because of the stretching and threading, strands through
hook, they still get a negative impact.

But compared to other types of curlers, they occupy
one of the first places to use safely. Sleep with
they are uncomfortable because the spirals are suspended
condition. But all this is offset by the listed

Velcro curlers

Almost every girl has velcro curlers. They are comfortable in
usable, compact. Volumetric hairstyle with their help to create
just curls are obtained without creases.


These are cylinders with a “spiny” surface, thanks to which for their
fixing clamps are not required.

Important! This type of curlers fits only
owners of healthy hair of short and medium length.

Because long hair can be very confused –
Accordingly, no beautiful styling will not work. Same
Velcro should not be left overnight – because
lack of clamping (if you need curls without creases) they can
get loose.

With the help of such hair curlers a girl can create a volumetric
styling in a short time, and owners of curly hair
will be able to make their curls more even and obedient.

So if you have healthy curls of the right length and you need to
in a short time to make a beautiful styling, then you should
look at sticky curlers.

Electric curlers

Electrobugs are a modern and practical way to create
beautiful curls. Heating is due to electrical current.
The heating element is built in the special case. On curlers
there is a metal side that conducts heat inwards to
melted wax.

electric rollers

Electrobigi come in different diameters, which allows you to create
curls of different sizes.

Which electric rollers are better?

  1. Ceramics is the most expensive material for electric rollers.
    The high cost is due to the fact that ceramics impedes
    overheating. Therefore, they are also called gentle.
  2. Ion coating prevents entanglement
  3. The covering from velor provides resistant fixing of electro-curlers
    in the right position.

Important! It is best to use products for
create curls with a velvet coating. They are capable of longer
keep warm and does not overdry hair.

Electric curlers are a great opportunity to create curls.
using modern technology.

Thermo curlers

This is another kind of curlers that
heat create curls. The difference from electric is
that they need to be dipped in boiling water or hot water.

Thermo curlersInside they have a wax core, which
Heats up simultaneously with the heating curlers.

When the wax cools, it begins to give off heat to the hair,
thus creating curls.

How to wind hair on hot rollers? Nothing complicated: stages
Curls are the same as when using conventional products.

An equally important question is: how long does hair curlers keep on hair?
On average, 15-20 minutes, you need to shoot them when they are completely
cool to make beautiful curls.

Important! Do the perm on hot curlers need on
dry strands.


velvetSpecial love deserved curlers that have velvet
or velor cover.

Made from this soft material, they are not at all
injure and do not tangle the hair, which makes them the most
safe to use.

A large number of through holes allows chopsticks
securely lock the strands in position.


This is one of the oldest varieties.
curlers. Their appearance they resemble velcro,
only made of metal.

metal curlersThey consist of two parts:
metal body and rubber tuck for fixing hair.

But shooting such curlers is not easy: for this you will need
special stick that can be bought separately or with

If you decide to create curls with metal curlers,
then you will need a lot of time.

These products should be wet hair. Strands can
dry for a long time, so they are often used in salons where there is
possibility to dry hair with a professional hairdryer.

Attention! At home, discard
use hair dryer for quick hair drying. Hot air faster
heats the metal shell because of which the strands heat up

Therefore, it is better to dry the hair naturally or
use such curlers in beauty salons.


These curlers are hollow studs with spikes, thanks to
which twisted strands are not shifted. Also included in the kit
fasteners – plastic nets, in the shape of a semicircle (or simply
elastic bands) which are put on over hair curlers. Made with their
using curls for a long time to keep their shape.


A significant disadvantage is that they can not
sleep. There are also creases from clamps due to which
Curls do not seem natural. It is necessary to remove such curlers
carefully, making sure that the hair is not tangled on the spikes and

Additional funds for cheating hair

In addition to curlers there are other devices to create
perfect curls. Each of them has its own merits and
disadvantages that need to be considered when choosing them.

  1. Curling iron
  2. Iron.
  3. Creating volume with a hair dryer and a round brush.

How to wind your hair with curlers

There are different ways to curl strands of any length. Besides themselves
hair curlers, you need a comb, a tool to create

Horizontal styling

This type of styling is recommended for curling hair on
certain types of hair curlers:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • Thermo curlers.

Important! Laying on thermal rollers and electric
perform on dry hair!

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to perform horizontal

  1. On freshly washed strands, apply a tool to create
  2. Hair should be divided into several parts: parietal and two
  3. The curl must be started from the parietal part. Take a strand on
    top of the head.
  4. Place it vertically so that it is perpendicular
    Regarding the crown, comb.
  5. Begin to twist the strands in the direction from the forehead to
    top of the head.
  6. Strands should be twisted with the same force to the very roots –
    so, on the received curls will not remain wrinkles.
  7. Wind the middle part of the forehead to the neck so that there is one
    line of curlers.
  8. Next, proceed to the strands of the temporal part.
  9. When all hair is curled on a curler, blow-dry it,
    if you used a styling agent.
  10. Proceed to spinning the strands after complete cooling from
    drying hair dryer.
  11. You need to unwind the hair from the bottom up.
    Comb curls must start from the ends, gradually rising to
    to the roots.

how to use curlers for horizontal installation

Vertical waving

With this technique, strands begin to wind from the bottom line.
hair growth at the neck.

  1. Make a tail at the crown.
  2. By horizontal line separate the wide strand on the occipital
  3. Divide it into narrow strands.
  4. Screw them on the curler in the vertical direction.
  5. The rows of curlers should be horizontal. Remaining steps
    similar to horizontal perm.

vertical laying on curlers


For this technique, suitable spiral curlers, magic curlers
or papilotki.

  1. The hair is divided into four broad strands: parietal, occipital
    and temporal.
  2. Additionally, divide them into thinner ones.
  3. Twist the strands spiral.

spiral styling

General rules for curling curlers

To curls turned out beautiful, you need to adhere
simple recommendations.

  1. Curling on wet hair is more resistant, so moisten it.
    before cheat. Moisturize strands do not need if you use
    heated hair rollers and electric.
  2. The thinner the hair, the thinner you need to take strands for
    winding up.
  3. Do not leave curlers longer than an hour – it hurts
    hair structure.
  4. Spin the strands only after they dry.
    completely, assorting curls with his hands. Only need to do it
  5. Do not stretch the strands when curling too tightly.

Some hairdressers believe that the curlers should not cheat
on wet hair, but everyone agrees that you need to curl
just washed hair. Most professionals before
wrapping using styling tools, as in this video:

How to wind hair of different lengths

To make the curls seem natural, you need to use products.
with different diameters. To curls turned out perfect, you need
take into account the length of the hair when curling.

  1. What are the curlers for long curls?
    Spirals are ideal. If using cylindrical
    curlers, then for fixing need additional clamps. It is better
    do a spiral curl.
  2. Which curler is better for medium hair? For
    This length will suit almost all types of curlers. It is better to choose products
    medium diameter. Perm should be done in a vertical way.
  3. For short hair length fit
    Velcro, papilotki and boomerangs. Products worth choosing
    small diameter. Curls at this length will not work. Curlers on
    short hair helps to give volume haircut. Curling is done
    in a horizontal way.

beautiful curls

Knowing the subtleties of curling hair with curlers, you can create
beautiful and spectacular curls.

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