A comprehensive solution to the problem of loss hair

hair fall outHair loss –
quite common problem, both among women and men.
It is a long and difficult struggle with this phenomenon, however
good efforts to hair can be significantly strengthened and accelerated
growth. If hair falls out badly – what to do will tell you detailed
studying the problem and using available today
cosmetics and procedures.

Norm or problem?

There are enough reasons why hairs fall out.
lot. However, before their clarification is to determine whether
hair loss is so global a problem that requires
take any action. Every day a person loses about
30-100 hairs, which is a natural process and is considered
“norm”. Determine whether the condition of the hair indicators
standards will help simple tests that you can conduct
on their own.

So, pick up your hair and carefully consider it.
If there is no dark pouch (fat root) at its end,
it means it fell out naturally. When hair falls out with
onion, it becomes the first signal that there is any
the disease and your hair needs treatment.

The second method is as simple as the first, but it requires preparation.
The main condition is not to wash your hair for three days. By
after this time, pull a small bunch of hair at the temples
or crown. If after such manipulations in the hand is less than 5
hair, then this is the norm. But in case their number
exceeds 5 pieces, this will indicate a problem with the loss
hair. Then it remains only to find out the causes of the appearance of pathology and
find an effective way of treatment.

Causes of hair loss

It depends on how accurately the reason is established
hair falls out strongly, depends on the effectiveness of further treatment.
Therefore, it is necessary to understand what affects hair loss, and find
the main factor affecting it.

Internal diseases. On the change of hair condition, according to
specialists, primarily affecting endocrine disorders
system. Increased thyroid activity (hyperthyroidism)
very often causes dryness, thinning and hair loss. AT
less infectious hairs affect hair loss
diseases, high fever, diabetes, anemia, polycystic ovary,
pneumonia and an increase in the adrenal glands.

Skin diseases. The greatest damage to the amount of hair caused
various skin diseases that develop on the spot
scalp. Seborrhea (enhanced production of skin
lard), fungal infections (ringworm, ringworm) and
systemic lupus erythematosus.

Hormonal disorder. A common cause of hair loss is
hormonal hormones in the body, and the most noticeable
becomes during pregnancy and after childbirth. Hormone production
progesterone activates hair growth, but literally after 3 months
after delivery, the hair begins to thin, and the hair falls out by the roots.
A similar pattern is also observed in menopause and in adolescent

Stress. With strong hair loss, causes can be
constant stress. It has long been proven that stressful situations
negatively affect the state of the body, and accordingly
It has its own reflection and on the hair. Vasoconstriction in the skin
heads leads to oxygen starvation of cells and weakens
follicle structure, so the hair is weakened and intense
fall out. And regardless of the type of stress (neuropsychic,
emotional or physical), its duration is required
will have negative effects on hair.

Vitamin deficiency and mineral deficiency. Lack of sulfur in the body,
iron, vitamins A and B also often cause hair loss in
large quantities. An example of this phenomenon can serve
premenopausal iron deficiency anemia which
accompanied by hair loss, but is easily eliminated when
carrying out therapy with iron preparations. Also insufficient
the amount of vitamins and minerals is observed in the body in the fall and
in winter, so during these periods many girls and women notice
increase the intensity of hair loss.

Diets Malnutrition, which is in its own way
various diets lead to a deficiency in the body of beneficial
substances. As a result – an increase in hair loss. Special
Attention should be paid to their meals for vegetarians. Disadvantage
protein leads to root degeneration, due to which the hair
thinner, and their growth slows down.

Wrong care. Too frequent shampooing, chemical
shampoos, varnishes, paints, alkaline soap, as well as hair damage
curling and metal brushes – this is a “man-made” reason
hair loss. If the hair was initially weak and thin,
improper care will worsen their condition too quickly. Of course,
have a great influence on the occurrence of this problem and habit
wear tight tails, braids and bunches, in which the hair is pulled,
break down and eventually fall out.

Reaction to drugs. Many drugs are capable of
strengthen hair loss that ends through a certain
period after the end of therapy. The main “culprits” of hair loss
are pressure drugs, antidepressants, remedies for
arthritis, anticoagulants, birth control pills, steroids,
diuretics and even simple aspirin. Almost 90% of patients
who underwent chemotherapy for cancer, lose all their hair.

Heredity. Genetic hair loss
features, not amenable to prevention or treatment. In this
case, the reason why hair falls out in women and men
becomes heredity. If relatives ever had
Earlier baldness or the appearance of premature gray hair was noticed,
it is likely that they can be transmitted on the genetic

Specialist assistance

The reasons why hair in men and women fall out can be
different. First of all, due to the physiological characteristics of the body
and lifestyle. If you do not want to guess about finding a problem,
The best solution would be a trip to a trichologist.

The doctor examines the internal organs for any
diseases, excluding the possibility of their impact on hair loss.
If any serious disease is detected,
drug therapy if there is no disease – the doctor prescribes
drugs to stimulate hair growth.

When hair falls out the treatment is not always effective. AT
In this case, the specialist may advise the interweaving of nylon
strands into the patient’s own hair or hair transplantation. At that
same time, alopecia areata (partial baldness) is enough
effectively treated with steroids injections to the skin on the head or
rubbing a special lotion with steroids into the hair roots.

Regardless of whether the hair falls out in bunches or several
pieces, consultation with a specialist is needed in any case, even if
you decide to do self-medication.

Ways to strengthen hair

Having dealt with the possible reasons why hair falls out
women, you can now think about the possible ways of treatment. AT
first of all, by finding out the negative hair loss effect
factor “, it needs to be eliminated, and then only proceeds to treatment
available ways.

Special cosmetics. Now the range of various tools
intended for the treatment and restoration of hair, reached simply
incredible proportions. Nourishing masks, shampoos, balsams,
conditioners and a lot of different cosmetics is a good opportunity
for complex hair care in order to strengthen and
recovery. Masks are also very popular.
homemade cooking that can be made from ordinary ones
products. The main thing is that all means fit the type of hair and
solved their main problems.

Massages Mild deposition rate can be eliminated by
regular massages of the scalp. Used for its implementation
both fingers and various devices – physiotherapy
equipment or simple massage brushes. The main task of such
The procedure is to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp due to
what makes it natural processes, strengthened
bulb and stimulated hair growth. But, massage has its own
contraindications. It can not be carried out if the skin is
pustular rashes, fungal diseases or open injuries

Contrast douche. If hair falls out when washing it is possible
arrange a douche. Such a daily procedure takes no
more than half an hour, will keep the skin in good shape, as well
stimulate the regeneration of the hair root.

Regular haircut. The easiest way to help your hair –
do regular trimming. Making hair shorter than a couple
centimeters, you can reduce the load on the bulb, thanks to
What will the hair grow more intensively and get more nutrients?
substances from the body.

Nutrition. Deciding to do the health of your hair, do not forget
about the importance of a balanced and healthy diet. Due to lack
vitamins hair fall out in most cases. Therefore, in your
ration must include foods rich in vitamins A,
B, C, H, as well as iron, silicon and magnesium. It is not superfluous in
in this case will be the various supplements, having in its composition
complex of vitamins and minerals.

Hair loss is always the result of any changes.
inside the body. Ate you want to stop this unpleasant process.
and return your hair health and strength, you need to make a maximum
efforts to identify the root cause and eliminate it. But only
then proceed to the treatment and restoration of hair.

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