A remedy for lice and nits Full Marks (Full Marks) against pediculosis – the pros and cons

Pediculosis is a contagious and very unpleasant disease. With
in the absence of timely treatment, parasites cause many
problems. One of the effective means to fight them is Full.
Marx. It helps to quickly get rid of lice, while providing
long-term result. Full Marx for Lice

What products from Full Marks are on the market? Forms
release and how they act

The content of the article:

  • What products from Full Marks are on the market? Forms
    release and how they act
  • How to use – instructions for removal of lice by means of Full
  • Contraindications, side effects and precautions
  • Where to buy and prices
  • Shelf life and storage conditions
  • Pros and cons of funds
  • Reviews
  • What other effective means against lice and

Full Marks offers solutions in the form of a solution and spray. Also
There is a special comb for combing.


Hard and frequent metal comb Full Marks
it is applied together with solution or spray for
combing In combination, means allow reliably
remove both dead and weakened parasites from most of
hair and scalp.

When using pediculosic solution only die
adults. Insecticides almost do not work on nits,
as the poisonous components do not penetrate the egg. At the first
processing killed adults. A few days later from the same nits
larvae that can provoke the appearance of
new lice population. Therefore, a few days after
processing the head is treated with a comb again – it helps
eliminate new grubs.

Comb must first comb the hair, then turn it over.
other side and make combing. The cost of the product
starts from 500 rubles.


The spray, like the Full Marx solution, includes such an active
component, as cyclomethicone, which is detrimental to adults
parasites and nymphs. Its concentration in the preparations is similar, spray
differs only in the form of release and packaging. Spray

IMPORTANT! Unlike a number of other similar
Full Marx drugs not only reduces the activity of parasites, but
dehydrates their body, blocks breathing and provokes death.
The average price of the spray – 500 rubles.


The composition and principle of the solution is similar to the spray,
but not so easy to use. He is
oily liquid that spreads into small plastic
the bottle. The composition includes cyclomethicone, contributing to the death
parasites, and isopropyl myristate, which is an additional
component and reducing the fat content of the solution. Solution

The solution costs about 200 rubles.

How to use – instructions for removal of lice by means of Full

The product is intended solely for outdoor use.
application. Before applying the hair must be carefully
comb and split into strands. Then the solution or spray is applied.
on the skin and hair. Dosage recommended by the manufacturer
is 50 ml for one session, although it may vary in
depending on the thickness and length of hair.

Full Marks is applied as follows:

  • Strands are carefully combed. For this
    It is recommended to use the comb Full Marks.
  • The curls are carefully divided into small
  • Each is treated with a solution or
  • After that, the hair is collected in a bun, and the head
    wrapped with polyethylene. This is an important measure since it
    allows parasites to provide a lack of oxygen, which provokes
    their doom Leave the product is recommended for 10 minutes. But if
    the number of parasites is very large, the duration of exposure can
    increase to 20 minutes.
  • Then you need to carefully comb the dead lice and
    nits by applying a full marx comb. Combing is pretty
    long process. Each strand needs to be cleaned separately, then
    rinse with clean water.
  • In the end, the head is washed with ordinary shampoo.

Full Marx

ATTENTION! After treatment with means Full Marks
You can not use a hair dryer and process hair balm.

Contraindications, side effects and precautions

Full Marks is considered effective and
safe. However, you need to take into account contraindications
to its application. They are few and they are as follows:

  • Do not use formulations for children under five years of age.
  • The drug is contraindicated in the presence of individual
    intolerance to any component in its composition.

ContraindicationsIn the absence of contraindications anyway
some precautions need to be followed:

  • Face before applying the composition must be masked or
    gauze bandage.
  • Before processing, you must wear closed clothing.
  • Liquid is applied only to the scalp and hair – to others.
    the area its hit is unacceptable.
  • If the tool has fallen on open areas of the body, you need
    Rinse them as quickly as possible with running water.
  • If in the process of applying redness and coughing,
    It is important to wash your head and body as a whole as early as possible.

In the process of using Full Marks, the following may occur
side effects:

  • mild swelling;
  • allergic reaction (manifested by itching, burning skin in place
    application). scalp irritation

In case of similar phenomena it is necessary to wash the drug off.

Can I use during pregnancy and lactation

Full Marx is not contraindicated in pregnancy and
lactation, however, it can only be used if
potential benefits outweigh the risks. Anyway
you first need to consult with a specialist and
Take extra precautions carefully. Same
applies to women only planning pregnancy. pregnancy

Where to buy and prices

The drug can be purchased at pharmacies or ordered online.
Its average price is 300 rubles.

Source: apteka.ru

Source: www.asna.ru

Shelf life and storage conditions

Keep the drug should be warm, protected from children.
place Sunlight is not allowed. Term
storage is two years. shelf life

Pros and cons of funds

Full Marks preparations have many advantages:

  • Unique composition. Active ingredient not
    provokes paralysis of the pest, and immediately kills it by
  • The treatment of lice with this remedy is simple and
    fast Keep it in hair is only needed for
    ten minutes.
  • The tool does not destroy the hair structure, and
    after its use, rehabilitation is not required.
  • Thanks to the oily liquid nits become
    pliable and their gummy substance promptly
  • The drug has a minimum of contraindications and is allowed for
    pregnancy and lactation.


However, there are some drawbacks:

  • Full Marks are more expensive than many other tools from
    pediculosis, but its effectiveness is justified.
  • Cannot be used under the age of five
    years old.
  • You can not find it in every pharmacy.
  • In some cases, allergic
  • The liquid has a peculiar smell and is difficult to wash off with
    skin. After applying the composition can not be dried hair
    hair dryer


Source: otzovik.com

What other effective means against lice and

Manufacturers offer many other products aimed
for pediculosis treatment. Supplement therapy can be folk


A mechanical method of removing lice involves them.
combing scallops. Modern manufacturers
offer special tools to eliminate parasites.
Combs can be metal, plastic, wood and
even electric. They have long even cloves with quite
small clearance, and a special notch allows you to keep and
remove the nits.

Popular lice combs – Nit Free, AntiV, LiceGuard,
Pedikulen ultra.


Tablets for lice and nits are used in cases where
other treatments are contraindicated, for example, in the presence of
skin diseases, scratches, scratches. They allow you to destroy
parasites in about 15 days of admission. It is worth considering that the funds
have a number of contraindications, and they must appoint a doctor. Levamisole

Means such as Butadion, Levamisole,
Ivermectin, Albendazole.


Special pharmaceutical shampoos can be used as a treatment,
and for the prevention of pediculosis. They need to be applied to the hair and
keep under the polyethylene specified in the instruction time, then
funds are washed out abundantly with warm water. After recommended
rinse your head with vinegar – it helps to destroy
adhesive substance, due to which nits are attached to the hair. Then
hair combed and washed with ordinary detergent.

Shampoos from and lice are presented in a wide variety. Are popular
the following means:

  • Nok Permethrin Based Shampoo,
    recommended for use at the age of two years. Keep
    the composition on wet strands need within 30-40 minutes.
  • Pedilin. Inexpensive but effective drug on
    malathion based. It helps to eliminate parasites in just 2-3
    application. Among the disadvantages is an unpleasant smell.
  • Paranit. Belgian remedy with oily
    oily consistency. No insecticidal ingredients,
    but there is a composition of oils. Judging by the reviews, the composition helps to heal
    lice in just one use in about 60% of cases. Paranit
  • Nyx The tool can be used for children from
    half a year. Available in the form of a cream, but due to the nature
    use refers to shampoos. The composition includes a comb for
    combing The drug is effective, but quite expensive – it costs
    about 700 rubles and more.


Funds in the form of creams and ointments are nkzotoksichny and give good
results. They are often used to treat pediculosis in children.
The following drugs are popular:

  • Benzyl benzoate. One of the most effective
    ointments, destroying parasites in just 5 hours. Benzyl Benzoate
  • Sulfuric ointment. Has an antimicrobial effect,
    helps to cope with head and pubic lice. Sulfuric ointment
  • Turpentine. Fights only with adults
    individuals, but has a strong antiseptic effect. Turpentine
  • Boric ointment. Powerful drug with
    anti-pediculosis and fungicidal properties. Borina

The sprays

Preparations in the form of sprays are easy to use and effective. Of
This group should allocate the following funds:

  • Couple plus. French remedy
    fight all types of lice. In the composition there are two
    insecticidal component and synergist enhancing their action.
    Couple plus
  • Avalanche. Means on the basis of essential oils. AT
    The set includes a comb for combing and a cap. No
    no toxic components, so the drug is practically not
    has contraindications. Avalanche
  • Pedikulen Ultra. The composition includes anise
    oil that in combination with other ingredients helps fight
    with parasites. The drug is contraindicated in children under five years old,
    pregnant and lactating women. Pedikulen Ultra
  • Here. Dimethicone-based spray aerosol,
    destroying parasites. The product is non-toxic, but apply it.
    can be from the age of three years. Nuda

Folk remedies

Folk remedies can be supplemented with therapy.
They are safe and can be used even for very young children.
They demonstrate particular effectiveness in the early stage of lice.
Here are some recipes:

  • You need to mix the solution of vinegar and salt in a ratio of 5: 1,
    moisten gauze in the composition and cover the head. Leave on
    night, morning wash with shampoo.
  • Also at night it is useful to make a mask of kerosene and
    vegetable oil in the ratio of 1:10.
  • Useful compress of olive oil and tea ether
    tree, ylang-ylang or geranium. It is left at 40
  • The popular method is soaping the head.
    tar soap. Keep it under the cellophane need for
    half an hour.

Do you trust Full Marks? Yes

There are many effective remedies for pediculosis, and
Full Marks is one of them. The drug gives fast and persistent.
results, is safe and has a minimum of contraindications.
But it must be applied carefully and in accordance with

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