Acne face masks: the richest collection of homemade recipes

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What kind of facial acne is better to use in the fight against
this scourge? Top brands will tell you what to choose on
store shelves. An impressive collection of homemade recipes from
food and medicine will help prepare
anti-inflammatory self.

Acne is one of the most common and
most unpleasant skin problems that can be encountered in
any age. In adolescents, they suffer so low.
self esteem. During pregnancy and lactation can not get rid of them
so simple because most of the drugs

But there is a saving face mask from
acne that only require topical use, and
that means they have a minimum of restrictions for use. Our task is
review the best and most sought-after brand products from
this scourge. And teach you to prepare anti-inflammatory masks by
homemade recipes from a variety of ingredients.

Ready and homemade acne face masks

Brand Rating

So, the most effective acne masks that
The moment can be found on the counters of stores and pharmacies. These are developments.
leading cosmetology laboratories that have long been
famous brands.

  1. Comodex Double Action Mask – double action acne mask.
    Christina (Israel). $ 25
  2. AC Therapy Sleeping Pack
    —Korean therapeutic mask for acne on
    night. Baviphat (South Korea). $ 24.
  3. Black Mask – Organic Mask
    against acne. Black Mask (Russia). $ 17.
  4. Carrot Mask – martial mask from
    acne. Hendel Garden (Russia). $ 15.
  5. Pure System – deep cleansing mask against
    Acne .Yves Rocher (France). $ 9.
  6. Cleansing mask for acne and acne. Floresan (Russia).
    $ 9.
  7. Black Head — black face mask
    for acne. Pilaten (China). $ 2.
  8. Face Control— antibacterial mask from
    acne for teenagers. Witek (Belarus). $ 2.
  9. Daily Dewy Bee Venom Mask Pack
    – tissue mask from acne with bee
    poison. MJ Care (South Korea). $ 1.
  10. Clear skin – steam mask from
    acne.Garnier (France). $ 1.

These are the best face acne masks that collect mass
positive reviews. And not only those that work
belong to the premium class (for $ 25), but also mass market tools
(for only $ 1). So if you want you can always buy such
anti-inflammatory mask. Well, if time is on it
sorely lacking, will have to prepare wonderful textures in
home conditions.

Useful advice. Despite the large
the popularity of tissue masks for acne, keep in mind that
inflamed skin likes oxygen. Therefore it is better to use the most
ordinary, “breathing” means.

Ready Masks for Acne

All the details about homemade carrot mask from acne you will learn
из этого обзора>>.

Mask of yolk for dry skin:

Top 5 best homemade acne masks

The best acne face masks at home
are obtained from different ingredients that have
anti-inflammatory properties. We bring to your attention
rating of the most effective recipes for which you can easily and
quickly prepare very effective means.

  • Black mask

Homemade black face mask from
Acne can be prepared from three main components:
activated carbon, black clay and curative mud. Along the way with
rashes it perfectly solves the problem of black points. 30 gr
pharmaceutical mud powder diluted with a small amount
filtered warm water so that you get a creamy
weight. Action time – according to the instructions (from 15 to 40

  • Soda

Fairly aggressive, mask
Acne facial acne is applied to very oily.
and contaminated skin. If you have it sensitive and thin, given
the recipe is better not to use. Mix 30 grams of beer yeast with 10
gr baking soda. Dilute with a small amount of filtered
warm water to a creamy consistency. Action time – 10-15

  • From laundry soap

Another effective, but no less aggressive means – a mask
from acne laundry soap, which
It is also recommended only for oily, problem skin and
contraindicated for dry and sensitive. Small piece
Soap soap in warm water, beat until education
thick foam. Mix 3 teaspoons of this foam with a pinch of food
soda Dot to put on acne for half an hour.

  • From tar soap

An effective acne mask
tar soap. A small piece of his grate, pour
warm water, beat until foaming. Apply it point on
problem areas of the face. Rinse off after 5-7 minutes. With the right
after a couple of minutes, the skin will start to burn,
feeling of tightness and discomfort is a normal reaction that
need to endure.

  • From henna

Excellent results can achieve a mask from
acne henna (colorless), which
known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Dilute 15 gr
henna powder warm strong brewed green tea to make
thick gruel. Add 10 ml of calendula oil.

Judging by the reviews, these homemade recipes for acne masks
effectively cope with any rash – including acne
rash. Anti-inflammatory effect and have a means of
cosmetic clay.

Be careful. Acne masks from
tar and laundry soap, of course, are good, but you need them
maximum control: they are contraindicated for the care
sensitive, dry, thin and couperose skin.

The Best Home Acne Face Masks

Clay acne masks

  • Black clay

The best option in this series is a face mask from
acne black clay. Pour 30 grams of powder
black clay 50 ml of warm broth series. Add 10 ml of lemon



  • White clay

Good reviews collecting acne face mask
white clay. Mix 15 grams of kaolin powder with 10 ml of juice
Aloe, add 30 ml of alcohol.

  • From blue clay

Helps in such a situation and a face mask from
acne blue clay. Pour 15 p of powder
blue clay 50 ml of warm chamomile broth from the pharmaceutical. Add 20
ml of cucumber juice. Action time – 20 minutes.

  • Green clay

Antibacterial Acne Face Mask
green clay with the fact that it is easy to prepare.
Brew 30 grams of green clay powder with warm filtered water
so that we get a creamy mass. Add 2 drops
tea tree essential oil.

  • Pink clay

Pink Acne Treatment Mask
clay has a pronounced anti-inflammatory
effect. Pour 15 grams of pink clay powder aloe juice to
education creamy gruel.

  • Yellow Clay

Not so popular, but no less effective face mask from
yellow clay pimples are also good
fight against rashes. 30 grams of yellow clay powder mixed with raw
egg yolk, add 20 ml of sea buckthorn oil.

On the note. You can not do every time
new masks for acne. Took one recipe – and treat with his
using inflamed skin for 1-1.5 months. Then –
rehabilitation period of 2-3 weeks. And only then can
try something different.

Masks from clay against acne

Pharmaceutical Acne Masks

  • Activated carbon

Classic Acne Mask of
black activated coal before
just cleanses the skin of harmful substances that are just
provoke the appearance of lesions on the skin. Crush 2-3 tablets,
mix with any liquid: in the fight against acne is better to use
aloe juice or decoction (infusion) of calendula, succession, pharmacy chamomile.
The resulting black gruel is applied to the face point for 10-15

  • Aspirin

Therapeutic mask Aspirinomfor face
for acne – antibacterial action. 2 crushed tablets
dilute with milk or decoction of chamomile pharmacy to the desired
consistency. Action time – no more than 5-7 minutes. Do no more
than a day.

  • From Polisorb

Purifying, anti-toxic mask
Acne Polysorbate for face will make skin radiant and
net for 2 months of continuous treatment. Mix 30 gr
polysorb crushed capsules with 10 grams of granulated sugar and 10 grams
onion puree. Action time – 10 minutes.



  • With badagi

Homemade acne masks
Badger attracts instant action. Dilute
pharmaceutical algae powder 2% boric acid to creamy

  • With hydrogen peroxide

Homemade peroxide mask
acne hydrophoresis pulls out all the rot from under the skin,
which provokes the formation of lesions on the skin. Dilute 15 gr
black clay powder filtered with warm water to form
thick gruel. Add 4 drops of hydrogen peroxide and 10 ml
cosmetic macadamia oil.

  • With mummy

A good helper can be a homemade mask
mumiosis acne. Pour 2 crushed tablets mummy
20 ml of warm plantain broth. Add 10 ml of calendula oil and
5 ml of strong brewed green tea.

  • Alginate

Badagie good alternative
make up an algae mask for acne –
also from algae. Dilute 30 g of warm blue clay powder.
water to obtain the desired consistency. Add 15 ml of liquid honey
and 10 grams of alginate powder. Knead thoroughly. Time of action –
10-15 minutes.

  • With vitamin E

To treat problem skin, make masks from
acne vitamin e that promotes
rapid regeneration of damaged tissues. Dilute 15 g of powder
red clay warm green tea to make a thick mass.
Add tocopherol ampoule and 2 drops of anise essential oil.

  • With Levomycetinum

Antibacterial Acne Mask
with Levomitsetinom good, but often
causes a skin rash as a side effect. So be
Be careful with this antibiotic. Mix 1 pill
Levomycetin and Aspirin. Dilute them with calendula tincture
to make gruel. Action time – 10 minutes.

  • With enterosgel

Acne Cleansing Mask
Enterosgel – analogue of the same means with
activated carbon since this drug is also intended to
excretion of toxins and harmful substances from the body. Buy pasta from
with such a name and apply a thick layer on the face for 20 minutes.

  • Zinc

To dry the rash on the face,
useful zing masquerade acne.
Mix 15 grams of zinc paste (or ointment) with raw egg yolk, 10
ml of liquid honey and 20 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

Acne Mask with Badger

  • Dimexide

Liquid Mask Dimeksidomot acne
more like a tonic. Dissolve 10 ml of Dimexidum in 20 ml of broth
calendula Add 3 drops of tea tree ether. Make applications
on problem areas daily for 10 days.

  • With Vishnevsky ointment

If you tolerate smells well, make a mask
Vishnevsky ointment from acne. For its preparation
need to take a fabric base with slits for the eyes and nose, well
soak it in a remedy and put on the face for 2.5 hours.
The effect is amazing!

  • With Analgin and Streptocide

Another anti-acne anti-acne mask
Analginom and Streptocide. Crush 1 tablet
Analgin and Streptocide. Dilute with chamomile broth to
gruel formation.

  • With boric acid

Excellent anti-inflammatory properties have a mask from
boric acid pimples (for their
preparation is better to take a 2% pharmaceutical drug). Mix 15 gr
oat flour with a pinch of baking soda, add 5 ml of boric acid,
dilute to the desired consistency of nonfat kefir.

  • From Paracetamol

Unexpected mask of Paracetamolot
Acne has recently gotten inexplicable popularity.
Mix 1 aspirin and Paracetamol tablets.
Diluted with calendula tincture to a porridge state. Apply
dotted for 15 minutes.

  • Ichthyol

Homemade thigh mask from
acne is used in the formation of ulcers, so
how well it pulls all this rot out from under the skin. Ihtyolku
you can even not to mix with anything. Just dot it on
pimples for a couple of hours and wash away with clean water.

  • With propolis

Acne mask has healing properties.
propolis – bee product with
excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Pour 20 grams of black
clay 40 ml chamomile decoction. Add 5 ml of alcohol solution
propolis and 10 ml of lemon juice. Keep on face for 15 minutes.

  • With Trichopol

Thanks to a wide range of action, the mask
Trichopolum (main active substance –
metronidazole) from acne collects a huge amount of positive
reviews. Crush 4 tablets of Levomycetin and Trichopol. Pour
bottle (50 ml) salicylic alcohol. Shake well.
Apply dotted on the inflamed areas of the face for 15-20 minutes.

  • Glycerin

Try masks at home
glycerol acne. Mix 5 ml of warm glycerin
with 20 ml of chamomile decoction. Pour this mixture of 10 g of powder.

  • With vitamin A

If you regularly make masks for acne vitamin
And, from them then there will be no trace. Mix 10 gr
baby cream with 1 ampoule of retinol acetate. Keep on face 10

  • With Amoxicillin

Antibacterial mask
Amoxicillin acne will work if its
do every other day for 2 weeks. Mix 2 pounded
tablets with aloe juice, apply dotted for 10 minutes.

  • With nise

Another unexpected acne mask – with a pill
Nise, a recipe that is increasingly common in reviews on
open spaces of the Internet. It is unlikely to save you from this problem, but
inflammation will relieve slightly, and also eliminate discomfort and pain during
opening of abscesses, since the main action of this
drug – eliminate pain. Crush 2 tablets
Nise, mix with baby cream in equal proportions, dilute to
consistency of sea buckthorn oil.

Keep in mind. Applying masks from
face acne, remember that none of them will save you from
of this natural disaster until you get rid of the root cause

Brand masks for acne on the face

Product Acne Masks

  • Honey / Cinnamon

An effective mask for acne honey and
Cinnamon – true salvation for those who cannot
use of drugs because of the propensity for allergies.
Mix 30 ml of liquid honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon.

  • Gelatinous

Purifying mask film of gelatin and
acne activated charcoal for face long
famous for its pronounced cleansing effect on the skin. Together
with the rash will go and black spots. Crush pill
activated carbon, mix it with 5 tablespoons of gelatin.
Pour 2 tablespoons of skimmed milk. Beat until full
dissolving lumps. Heat in a microwave for 15 seconds.
Stir, cool, apply on face for 20 minutes.

  • Oatmeal

Classic mask oatmeal
flake acne facial – for those who do not like
messing with a lot of ingredients. Oatmeal flour or
flakes (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water to the top. Give them
swell up. Apply the resulting gruel on the face to its full
drying out

  • Yeast / Protein

Many dermatologists will confirm that the mask
Yeast and protein from acne is one of the best. Table spoon
beer yeast diluted with warm water to obtain the desired
consistency. Add 10 ml of lemon juice and raw egg

  • Egg

No less popular acne mask
the eggs. Beat 1 raw egg, mix with 2 tablespoons.
strawberry puree, add a tablespoon of grapefruit juice.

  • Saline

Great care requires homemade mask from
pimples salt because with open
ulcers and opened boils it will corrode the edges of the wound and prolong
healing. Mix 30 grams of pumpkin puree (raw), 10 ml of honey, 10
g sea salt, 15 g oatmeal.

  • From turmeric

Turmeric Antiseptic Mask
Acne is good for oily and problem skin. Stir 10 gr.
turmeric powder, mint and basil juice, nutmeg. Beat in

  • Coffee / Chocolate / Cocoa

You can make masks with coffee and cocoa
(chocolate) acne. Thoroughly mix each with
another 50 grams of used coffee grounds, 50 ml of milk, 30 grams
cocoa powder or liquid chocolate.

  • Starchy

Antiseptic mask of starch
Acne also has a pulling effect. So she
recommended for those over 35. Dilute 15 grams of starch in 10 ml
kefir, add raw protein.

  • Yolk

A good acne mask is obtained.
yolk if you mix it with other anti-inflammatory
components. It is good for treating dry skin.
Beat 20 ml of aloe juice with 10 ml of honey and egg white protein.

  • Mustard

A simple mask of mustard acne
contraindicated in those who have dry and sensitive skin. In glass
mustard dissolve a tablespoon of mustard powder. Apply
dotted for 10 minutes after 2 days.

  • Parsley

Natural parsley mask from acne will save not only from
rash, but also from age spots. Mix 20 grams of minced
parsley root with raw protein and 10 ml of garlic juice.

Any home remedies for face masks
acne must necessarily include
anti-inflammatory components. More effective are either
branded products that have received quality certificates and passed
numerous tests, either home, but using
medicines. On the other hand, after them more risk to get
a lot of side effects in the form of rashes and redness. Masks from ordinary
food is not very fast, but most
of them are safe for the skin, as 100% natural.

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