Acne talker recipes

Tumors for acne – a great alternative to the famous
expensive drugs, most of which are not
eliminates skin blemishes. How to make a mash from
and what method of application will be optimal for this or
another recipe?


  • Prescriptions recommended by doctors
  • How to use the talker
  • Side effects

Prescriptions recommended by doctors

Best Acne Treatments
professional dermatologist. If for some reason you don’t
want to do this, you can use one of the known

Talk of acne with chloramphenicol is one of the most famous and
effective remedies for acne. For its preparation is necessary

  • 50 ml of purified alcohol (90%);
  • 5 g of chloramphenicol;
  • 5 ml of salicylic acid (2%);
  • 50 ml of boric acid.

This talker is used no more than 1 time per day. It is better
just put it in the evening. Otherwise, you can
dry out the skin, which greatly complicates further treatment.
If in the process of applying the skin was dry, you need
use a moisturizer or even refuse
this tool.

Another recipe for salicylic acid talker, but this time
This component plays the main role:

  • 7 g of sulfur;
  • 7 g of streptocide in powder form;
  • 50 ml of boric acid;
  • 50 ml of salicylic acid (2%).

Salicylic oil removes shine and dries pimples, and sulfur
kills subcutaneous mites that often cause inflammatory
processes on the face. Boric acid kills bacteria on the skin.
The rules for applying such a mixture are similar to the previous recipe.

The mixture with the addition of erythromycin and zinc is very effective when
rashes of moderate severity, because the combination of strong
antibiotic and anti-inflammatory element has
positive effect on the skin. But keep in mind that
An antibiotic can reduce skin immunity, so use such
a talker for a long time is undesirable. She’s preparing
of the following components:

  • 4 g of zinc oxide and erythromycin;
  • 50 ml of solutions of salicylic and boric acids (2%).

How to use the talker

Talking about acne is not recommended in all cases. With
severe form of acne any recipe will be powerless. AT
This situation requires comprehensive treatment that can
appoint a professional dermatologist. It includes
special diet with reduced portions and reduced
calorie intake of food. Especially harmful will be sharp,
fatty and fried foods, as well as sweets and smoked meats.

To cure acne rash with a talker, it is necessary to apply it on
skin of the face with the specified frequency. Before applying need
perform simple preparatory activities:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the skin of fat and bacteria. For this task
    tar soap or another remedy is best
    which includes milk casein.
  2. Talk prepared by yourself, you need to shake
    so that the components are mixed. Do it before each
    by drawing.

Side effects

In addition to the positive impact, such funds have
negative qualities. Side effects usually occur.
as a result of improper use of the drug. So many
people, trying to quickly get rid of acne, begin to exceed
recommended dosage that can cause draining, inflammation
skin and other unpleasant consequences. It must be borne in mind that
the tool will be most effective with regular
use, rather than increasing the amount of rubbed ointment or
frequency of procedures.

The use of talkers by pregnant women is extremely not

Some girls do it right, but they don’t get what they want
result. This is usually due to the fact that their skin is exposed
influence of cosmetics, dust or temperature changes. Therefore at the time
treatment of these factors should be minimized. Especially it concerns
foundation, as they instantly clog the peeled pores.
Therefore, it is better to use panthenol or baby cream.

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