Actual manicure with rhinestones for short nails

It’s no secret that long nails, despite their former
popularity, give up. Manicure with rhinestones for short
nails for several seasons in a row is very popular.
It looks much more spectacular, more elegant and more expensive than on
long extended nails. Today in a trend shorter
natural nails.


  • How to prepare for a manicure?
  • Design options
  • How to use rhinestones?
  • Conclusion

How to prepare for a manicure?

Short nails are much more comfortable for women leading homemade.
household Yes, and in any company they will not interfere with any work on
computer, no paper analysis. On short nails can be done
absolutely any design, from the most everyday, to the elegant and
festive. To make the pens look well-groomed, you need to pay them
enough time.

Never even the most beautiful design will not look
attractively on unkempt hands with nails of different lengths and
regrown cuticle. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically give
Marigolds in order before doing them manicure and design.
The cuticle requires special care. If you grow it quickly,
you need to carefully monitor this.

Before applying any varnish should soften the cuticle and
move it away with an orange stick or pusher. For this
You can use a warm hand bath or special
means for softening and eliminating the cuticle. Great way
keep the last tidy – after washing in warm water
walk a little along its growth line with a towel. It
gently remove dead skin excess in the cuticle area.

Design options

It will look great on short nails French
manicure, or french. It always looks fresh, relevant, fashionable and
exquisitely. Hands with such nails are great. French
manicure on short nails is performed exactly the same as on
long It can be classic, with a tip, or a line
smiles, will be white, and the basis of natural color, for example
soft pink or beige. French can be with a color line
smiles, and even fantasy, consisting of several contrasting

The strip on the nails of natural length should not be too
wide, otherwise the nails will look too short. French
You can perform both conventional and gel polish. For it is used and
special acrylic paints. Using special gel bases
greatly facilitates the application process and the resistance of the jacket.

French manicure for short nails will look great
with rhinestones. You can decorate it completely diverse. Go through
fine rhinestones along the smile line, add a track or
triangle, fully encrusted one nail or just
add one small pebble on each. It all depends
from your taste and the case in which this or that

The most popular is now shellac manicure, or coating
gel polish. It’s no secret to anyone how durable and
nosky and how comfortable in the rapid pace of our lives. Shellac on
Short nails – a great option for a modern manicure. Besides
the fact that gel polish lasts a long time, it also looks
brilliant and bright, as if just applied, until the very moment
removing it from the nails.

Of course, when manicure gel varnish, you can perform any
interesting design that will long please look and raise
mood. And here, of course, also does not do without rhinestones. By them
You can decorate any drawings applied to the nails. Pebbles
will perfectly keep on such varnish if to put them
directly before drying in the lamp.

How to use rhinestones?

In order to put the rhinestones on the nails, you must advance
consider the place of their attachment. You can even pre-try
them on the planned location and evaluate the results. Grab them
using special tweezers or a simple toothpick or
orange stick, pre-moistened with water. For better
fixing rhinestones can be applied to their base a drop
special glue for nails. Of course, rhinestones definitely need
overlap top-coated. So that they do not lose their luster, you can
walk top only on their bases, not touching themselves

For short nails, it is best to use small rhinestones.
diameter, as large stones will look rough. But if
you like all the same volume rhinestone elements, use them
only on one finger of each hand. Then they will look like
perfect decoration.

Remember: the harder the rhinestone, the more likely it is that
quickly fall off.

Therefore, for large items, be sure to use
special glue for more secure fixation.

When choosing rhinestones for nail design be sure to focus
not only on the size of the stones, but also on the color. Especially if you use
colored rhinestones. They must be either neutral transparent or with
multicolored glitter or the same shade. Can be used and
suitable contrasting color. Rhinestones can be made from
glass and plastic. Glass crystals are recommended: they are
more brilliant and not afraid of top coatings, although they cost a bit


Short nails are not only relevant in modern fashion
trends, but also incredibly comfortable to wear. Even companies for
The production of materials for design is now paying much attention
objects for decorating natural nails. Smaller stickers,
elements and, of course, rhinestones. Today their range is extraordinary.
great and you can always find suitable for both design and color
cover itself.

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