Adjust to fight hair loss !

Most people who suffer from hair loss constantly
are in a state of deep despair. They can be fully understood
because the poor condition of the curls and scalp makes you feel
unattractive to other people. Many even
immersed in a constant feeling of painful shame, hopelessness
and hopelessness. In this state, they are sometimes for many years,
every month depression and apathy only worsen.


Get rid of baldness and regain faith in yourself

The content of the article:

  • Get rid of baldness and regain faith in yourself
  • The contract with yourself – a faithful assistant in the fight against baldness

Help in solving the problem of baldness should be not only
in the treatment of scalp and hair restoration. Important role
plays the return of faith in yourself, the desire to revive the feeling
self esteem, uplifting spirit. And when to man
joy and faith in yourself will return, then the course is really
acted and work done.

Believe in yourself To achieve this goal
Four moral principles: faith, love, peace, virtue. Their
should be instilled in people who are treated with an enhanced problem
hair loss.

Most people who have signs of balding, even on
the initial stage, when they look in the mirror, the first thing they see
their constantly thinning hair. From this inside the anger accumulates
and anger, they feel ugly and unlucky in life. AND
the mirror cannot cheer them on, say they are the same
beautiful as the day they were born.

The task of the psychological side of the course on hair restoration
is to teach men, women, children with a problem
hair loss look in the eyes of your fear, overcome it and
believe that there is hope for a complete recovery. Only
learning to control anger and anger by looking at the root
problems, you can completely get rid of it. As stated in
Vedic scriptures: “Life is love, and love is life. What
keeps our body in unity if not love? ”

Believe in yourself The treatment course is built on love and faith, however
restoring the health and strength of the hair is impossible if not performed
listed procedures in good faith. Therefore, the third principle
is good faith. It is the combination of these three
fundamental principles: faith, love and good faith in
addition to therapeutic procedures, allows in the very near future
see the desired result. And when the hair is filled with the power of life,
absolute harmony will come to the body.

For a radical improvement in the condition of your hair
have courage and faith. Many people with baldness experience
only despondency and doubt. Perhaps this is the only obstacle
which prevents hair from growing normally. Understand the sense of doubt and
gloom is quite possible if you imagine how much each year
Many new anti-baldness drugs are available. People with
hopefully try these widely publicized means and get
zero result. Over time, the grain will settle in the depths of the soul
doubts that will interfere with the process of hair restoration. AND
to overcome your fears you need to look at them directly,
recognize them and start acting decisively.

Another ancient Greek tragedian Euripides said:

need to endure what is being sent

The contract with yourself – a faithful assistant in the fight against baldness

Achieving the desired result begins with an obligation.
All progress in the history of mankind has always been made following
this critical step. First you need to ask yourself: “Is it ready
I now drop all my doubts and fears, forget the old ones
failures, make commitments and fulfill to the end
program? “If the answer is yes, then you should read
the contract proposed below, if you wish to amend the text,
print it, sign and date it. Further the contract follows
hang in a prominent place. As soon as any doubts in their
forces will slip into the soul, then immediately need to re-read
contract in order to cheer up.

Contract with yourself
I am obliged to 7
procedures for 90 days

I, _____________, give myself completely
The report is that the implementation of this program will require
dedication, courage, perseverance. Only
this way I can achieve the desired result.

I, _____________, pledge
the best way to take care of your body, soul and spirit
do sports, relax, eat right,
pray and play throughout the entire course of treatment.

Signature _______ Date ___________

Mark Twain once said:

Courage is control of fear and resistance to it,
not lack of fear

If the contract is made, then the person has the courage
to take the path of recovery and change your own
of life.

But it is worth remembering that enthusiasm can come quickly and also
quickly disappear, depression and apathy will take its place. It follows
to recognize. Man is an imperfect being, therefore one must be
loyal to yourself and if the enthusiasm begins to fade, you should again
re-read your contract. When the determination comes back, you should
start to act.

It is necessary to live only for today, paying special attention
what is happening now. If the brain is constantly busy
planning cases for tomorrow, next week, month, then
get depressed by multiple thoughts. Also better not
worry about the past day. In the end what was then

Smile And as soon as the head appears puffy mop of hair,
then the fears will go away by themselves, and skepticism will leave with them, doubts
cynicism. All these negative feelings are replaced by delight,
self-confidence, pride in the work done. Healing from
baldness will most positively affect the rebirth
cheerful spirit, confidence in their own attractiveness will return.
The harmony of body and soul will be restored. And it will be the biggest
benefit from a course of treatment against hair loss.

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