Aesthetic restoration of teeth

The restoration of the teeth is a difficult and time consuming process. WITH
Few could encounter such a procedure, but its benefits
hard to overestimate.

How is the restoration of the teeth? What are the advantages of this
procedures? What types can be distinguished? Answers to these and not only
Questions can be found below.


  • What it is
  • Artistic option
  • A little bit about curvature

What it is

Smile is the business card of every person. With a smile and
Mimics can convey different emotions, but for a number of reasons
which may be related to external or individual
factors such opportunity is lost. Restoration of the front or
posterior teeth are aimed at reducing imperfections that could
arise due to certain circumstances.

restoration of teeth

There are many techniques that help restore the entire
dentition Each is selected from individual needs and
individual contraindications for the patient. Most Popular:
prosthetics, microprosthetics and artistic restoration

Such problems can be solved by art dentistry, which
allows you to compensate for various aesthetic imperfections. She is
reproduces the natural shape of teeth, given their color
structure. In addition, transparency and
other properties that help achieve the perfect resemblance.

Art restoration of teeth allows you to restore
tooth, keeping color, transparency and shape. Dentists
allocate direct and indirect restoration.

The first case is characterized by a full simulation and general
restoration of the tooth in the oral cavity. Procedure itself
carried out with the help of special dental materials.
These include photopolymers and glass ionomers.

In the case of indirect restoration, treatment is different.
the script. First, castings of individual sections are made of
special material. In most cases, as indirect
restoration is prosthetics. It will help to restore not
only a few sections, but the whole row of teeth.

Modern aesthetic dental restoration helps to eliminate
natural abrasion of tooth enamel prevents complete or
partial destruction of the tooth root, reduces the number of unpleasant
defects. If you do not have the right tooth, dentists can do it.
implantation. Each method is selected individually, depending
from the current clinical picture.

Artistic option

Aesthetic restoration of teeth – a method that provides
full or partial restoration of the tooth structure, imitating the shape
using separate materials.

Restoration of the front teeth

Such events allow you to revive the original position
tooth, shape, eliminate damage and progressive age

The procedure also aims to eliminate the results.
pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.

It all starts with a detailed examination of the oral cavity. Indirect
the restoration is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • preliminary examination and treatment of the oral cavity;
  • taking necessary impressions;
  • production of special metal-free crowns, veneers and
  • fixation of the materials obtained in areas that
    need correction.

Indirect procedure is considered very high quality, because
the product is made by a professional technician in special
conditions. The optimal shape, color and is calculated
preliminary amount of materials. Produced detailed
correction, selection and creation of a damaged area.

An artificially created area is no different from a natural one.
Aesthetic restoration is carried out in the patient’s oral cavity.
In this case, used raw materials.

A little bit about curvature

Restoration of crooked teeth is one of the few methods that
can combine efficacy with aesthetics. Such a procedure may
to be shown in the presence of ongoing pathological processes, and
also healthy, but uneven teeth. If the patient is found
interdental gap, then it needs to be adjusted.

Restoration of crooked teeth

For the restoration allocated a list of contraindications, among

  • the formation of the wrong bite;
  • lack of individual teeth;
  • destruction or deformation of tooth enamel;
  • natural tooth erasure.

The quality of the procedure may depend not only on
material, but also from the qualifications of the dentist. In general, composite
restoration of teeth is not a direct danger to life.

Art restoration of the front teeth is necessary only for those
in patients with congenital or acquired
pathology. It is especially necessary in the following cases:

  • adjustment of a number of teeth or individual sections;
  • discoloration of tooth enamel;
  • changing the position of the tooth;
  • restoration of the tooth surface.

The doctor can independently select essays. When correct
the procedure, the patient can get almost
perfect and functional dental unit. Patient can start
fully chew, and this is reflected in the general

Composite teeth restoration also helps to restore
original appearance, overall color, shape and texture. Composite
materials have long been proven in the market. They are used
for the restoration of the chewing surface of molars.

Procedures take place in case of extensive damage to the tooth.
surfaces due to caries or other mechanical

The procedure can be carried out only after complete replacement of old ones.
amalgam fillings. They can lighten the tooth surface and
to give the tooth the color of the composite.

Restoration is performed by the direct method, that is, in the oral
cavity of the patient. Thanks to the presented method, the procedure can
be carried out after a single visit to the dentist. Average
the duration of the restoration of one tooth is from 20 minutes to 1
hours During the correction, there is no need for a secondary
Processing: grinding, fixing, etc.

Composite sheath strengthens dental tissue and surface
becomes like a natural. When installing veneers can
require further processing.

In case of detection of a clinical problem, it is necessary immediately
seek help from a dentist who can determine
optimal scheme of restoration of the affected area. Right
Selected material – the key to a good and natural tooth.

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