Afro-braid – do not go unnoticed

Well, when the avant-garde in fashion hairstyles plays on the hand appearance
any girls. This is how you can characterize the actual today.
approach to giving your image originality and style with
using afrokosichek – hairstyles leaving no one

African braids photo

  • 1 What benefits afrokosichki?
  • 2 What types exist?
    • 2.1 African Pigtails with a straight tip
    • 2.2 Pony Tail
    • 2.3 Corrugation
    • 2.4 Senegalese braids
    • 2.5 French patterned braid
    • 2.6 Thai Spit
    • 2.7 Spit with large curls
    • 2.8 zizi
    • 2.9 Dreadlocks
  • 3 Who is suitable
  • 4 How long can weave
  • 5 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 6 Weaving at home
  • 7 Tools
  • 8 Materials
  • 9 Weaving technique
  • 10 Caring for afro-braids
  • 11 Hairstyles with afro braids
  • 12 How to unstuck

What benefits afrokosichki?

African braids, which have recently gained popularity in Russia,
have a long history. It is believed that the idea of ​​their weaving – the fruit
fantasy of the ancient Egyptians. Fully cutting hair to escape
the heat they wanted to look attractive.

afrokosichki photoTherefore, had wigs consisting of braids
of equal length, perfectly braided, decorated with small

Such hairstyles were worn by high-ranking persons close to
royal chambers.

Today weaving afrokosichek-tribute to fashion. Coat
so generously braided in 100-250 braids, not
looks poor. It creates the illusion of density of hair, their length and
full health.

What types exist?

Today there is not one way to create such a hairstyle. Knowing
how to weave African braids at home, you can
try to create an original youth
hairstyle that will enrich your image with natural enthusiasm,

True, it is unlikely to be able to perform it professionally without
dating some secrets. One of them – Kanekalon –
modern material to give spit volume.

African braids with a straight tip

The most simple to understand and perform common
Today, but a long version of weaving –
classical. Pigtail trudges in the usual way, from
its base to the end point.

classic afro braids

Its thickness depends on the selected number of parts.
Execution time ranges from 4 to 6 hours.
The tip of such braids is even and thin. To not bring to its full
thinning, you can finish weaving African braids
5 centimeters to the end.

Important: if such braids are not backed up
any interwoven fibers, their ends will be thin and

Pony Tail

Many are impressed with pigtails ending in long
strands of hair. This is a pony tail. Must be guaranteed
uniformity of length, width and thickness of elements. Fluffy Pryadochki
can be straight, curled or completely curly.

Such braids can be interesting to lay, fixing them on top or
On the sides. Sticking tips will give ease and carelessness.

Pony tail


Some are confused by the lack of braided braids on their heads.
pomp. Facial features are sharpened, more visible
protruding elements.

Therefore, the popular option is corrugation –
curled braids that resemble the well-known for a long time
wet perm. To create this option you need
availability of special corrugated kanekalon.


Senegalese braids

A special variant of braids, characterized by weaving two
pryadok Density is provided from the very base
fit the components of the pigtails.

The original is the performance of the Senegalese elements of the two,
different color strands. You can use two shades
the same color, but you can – completely opposite

French patterned braid

To make pigtails tight to
head using the methods of French weaving.
“French” braids (differently, spikelets) became fashionable a long time ago,
representing passing over the top of the scalp
weaving, from the forehead to the beginning of the neck. Gradually interwoven strands of hair,
allow you to make a neat whole head, not much tightening hair,
without changing dramatically the direction of their growth.

French braid

Today, this method of “French” weaving has found application in
numerous pigtails on strictly separated lines. Often in such
hairstyles are performed African braids with thread — an option
possessing stronger characteristics.

Variety – French Brades.

Thai braid

How to make African braids, not using artificial
strands? It offers a version of Thai braid. The condition is
the presence of native thick, long and healthy hair. To hairstyle
turned out to be relevant, it is necessary to ensure their uniform length,
process a special composition that provides smoothness and
uniform volume.

Thai Spit

A special charm to this option gives the method of fixing the tip.
It is made of bright elastic, thread or another small
fixing hairpins.

Spit with large curls

The advantage of hairstyles with African braids, made in
the form of large curls are obvious. With their help, looks stylish
hairstyle for special occasions.

Spit with large curls

There are two main options for execution:

  1. curled into curls artificial, fully braided pigtails
    (Kanekalon is then treated with a special compound,
    to ensure the duration of the so-called socks);
  2. curls, executed on the free end of the strands.


There are also less long-established species of African
braids, for example, zizi. Own length
hair should not exceed 20 cm, interlaced finished braids are not
need to be supplemented. Looks stylishly curled execution
the form. There are spirals and corrugation, soft curls and small


A similar option is Katherine Twist – intended for
intertwining a thin braid, curled in the form of a large curl.


The special attention is attracted by African American braids, called

Their modern version has a beginning among the representatives
Negroid race. It is they who, without giving their hair proper care,
involuntarily “created” a new hairstyle – dreadlocks. By nature possessing
stable curliness, they tangled and formed unclean
mats giving the base

Subsequent hair growth lengthened such “braids”, formed
matching style.

Today, a similar hairstyle is created using
kanekalon. This option is called safe.


To suit

Know how to weave afrokos, any useful
a girl who feels active and cheerful.

Care should be the one who has thin and weak hair,
recently subjected to chemical perm, dyeing.

It is undesirable to choose hairstyles from afrokosichek, going
rest to the sea, because from the constant stay in the water,
more salty, its “sock” is limited to time.

How long can weave

Use braids in hairstyle, especially with artificial
fibers, you need to carefully and competently.

afro-braids pros and consYou cannot, for example, use
options with curled strands, if the hair length exceeds 10

In such a case, entanglement is inevitable.

There is an opposite limitation: on too short hair
fixing artificial strands will be unreliable. However much
depends on the weaving technique.

Hairstyle can be created only for a short time and
limit in the selection of braids.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of a hairstyle with braids is its visual
Effect. This provides volumetric forms of hair, their
uniform healthy look, original design.

However, there are negative points. So:

  • sanitary and hygienic care is difficult. Many do not
    understand how to wash your hair;
  • it takes more time to dry after washing;
  • intense stress on the hair roots leads to their reduced
    nutrition, weakening of physiological properties;
  • the expected relaxation of all life functions in a dream
    observed due to uncomfortable forced poses and fear of dishevel
    braids ahead of time.

Weaving at home

The modern industry of hairdressing allows you to braid
afrokosichki home. However, it is necessary to consider that
you won’t be able to braid afrokrosichki, you will need an assistant.

Warning: if your hair is not completely healthy or
you have recently stained them, wait at least two weeks.

The main stages of combing are:

  • The division of the hair of the head into separate squares.
  • Choosing the usual three-spinning variant, we divide each segment by
    three strands and begin to weave.
  • At the base using adhesive composition fasten Kanekalon.

Further weaving is made taking into account the chosen option.
If it is French “spikelets”, hair is interlaced.
gradually. In this case, the strands of Kanekalon pass through the entire braid

When choosing the type of pony tail weaving should stop
much earlier securing it with a rubber band at the beginning of the free

This video shows how to weave African braids on
short hair:


Starting work, you should cook:

  • plastic comb with sparse soft teeth;
  • strands of kanekalon of selected length and color;
  • braid fastening elements (adhesive composition, small rubber bands,
    other devices).


kanekalonThe trick is to use
kanekalon – synthetic filaments with similar properties
human hair.

This organic similarity is achieved by incorporating
certain substances from algae. However, such material
roads and is not the only option.

There are completely artificial strands.
Despite its external similarity with natural hair,
long term wear leads to changes in its structure, and, therefore,
– tearing, knocking out individual hair.

Weaving technique

Differences in the technique of weaving different types of afrokosichek
small, but they exist. So, weaving three strands, you can:

  1. lateral parts interweave through the top;
  2. the side parts, slightly turning inside out, weave

Afro-braid care

Knowing how much hair you can wear with African braids, do not
It is worth neglecting the rules of hair care.

Shampooing is done at least once a week. For this
in a container with warm water shampoo diluted
available hair type. Carefully flush each spit starting
from its foundation. Detergent should be washed in several
methods for his remnants not to begin the destruction of the hair structure
inside the spit.

After that – thorough rinsing and drying.

Afro hairstyles

Free flowing braids are far from the only option
wearing Original and stylish, they look if:

  • lift them to the top of the head and tie in a high tail;
  • partially twist into a nice little crochet, stabbed with a bright hairpin
    or tying a bow;
  • twist a kind of snail on the top or side of
    back of the head.

hairstyles with afro-braids

You can weave into a massive braid or come up with a more complex
option, as pictured:

laying with afro

How to weave

Whatever pleasure the girls would not have experienced
hairstyles of Egyptian queens “, it comes time to unravel it. Sometimes
this is not easy, especially when wearing time is over 2
of the month.

If at the end of the braid only artificial fibers, before
they can be easily cut with scissors, as in this video:

From the place where your strands are woven, you should be careful.
It is advisable to use a sharp smooth object for unraveling.
easily entering between the woven strands and freeing their friend from
a friend.

Such actions are produced, starting from the bottom up, gradually
weaving artificial strands and gently straightening native hair.

After full completion of work, their own hair will be washed in
gentle mode (warm water, mild detergent, herbal
rinsing). It is useful to improve the cosmetic hair
with nutrients, vitamins,
structure restoring components.

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