Afro braids zizi: weaving, care and possible hairstyles

afroPerhaps ordinary
African braids are quite widely known and already have many
admirers among bright personalities. Afro-braids can be labeled as
stylish and quite practical hairstyle that can be long
time to rid a girl of a hair dryer, comb and tools used for
daily hair styling. Many representatives of the beautiful
sex, whom they liked, but who so far does not dare to braid
them on my head, it will be interesting to know that in addition to the African
“classics”, there are many other braids that can
meet any requirements.

What are pigtails zizi?

These pigtails are a type of afro-braid. They are referred to
“quick” way of weaving. From the “classic” zizi distinguishes what
they are ultra-thin braids already braided,
made of artificial hair using machine weaving.
The material for braids is kanekolon. Of course, if you do not like
this type of weaving, you can try to make Thai braids,
that will look good on hair of any length.

Zizi intertwined in the hair in almost the same way as ordinary
kanekolon. But there is a significant difference. So,
you no longer need to dock artificial hair to the very tips – this
made during the production of these braids. There are even
zizi (very thin ordinary pigtails), crimped with large or
small curls and spirals. Zizi after weaving can
wear about 10 weeks. It is worth noting that the length of the hair at
zizi weaving should not exceed 25 cm. The length of the braids themselves is usually
Do not exceed 80 cm, if you need braids shorter, then you can be superfluous
cut off and solder the tip with fire.

Pigtails and their advantages

Zizi is one of the most sought-after types of hairstyles with
afrokosichkami as they are ready for use, which gives
the ability to make hair in just 2-4 hours: the less will
hair length, the process of weaving will be easier and faster. By virtue of
minimum thickness, they look good on young girls, and
on mature ladies.

dignity braids zizihow
And any afrokosichki, zizi have a huge number of flowers and
shades. You can make very interesting interweaving of different shades.
zizi tiers, segments, edging that allow you to create
unusual amazing lines. This approach makes hairstyle
multivariate. For example, in uncool, hairstyle can
have one color, but it is necessary to slightly lift the upper braids and remove
them in a bunch, as on the back of your head you will see a different color, which
will change the image. You can also experiment with forms

The advantages of this type of Afro-braids:

  • small amount of time to spend on
    creating hairstyles;
  • low cost;
  • With careful handling of the zizi, you can use several
  • wide range of colors;
  • ease of use of the material for the manufacture of themselves

But the main advantage of zizi, thanks to which
there will always be a big demand, is that they are perfect
even enough adult women.

Zizi: how do weave pigtails?

Of course, the care of your hair is better to entrust
qualified specialist. You need to understand that in salons
Only high-quality material is purchased from good manufacturers.
You can get all the necessary care instructions from a specialist.
such a hairdo. Weaving zizi can be organized at home by inviting to
imagine the master.

It must be said that the technique of weaving zizi is simple and accessible.
to each:

  1. Hair washed, dried and carefully combed.
  2. Strands of 0.5 cm are separated from each other.
  3. In each individual strand along the entire length of the hair is woven
    ready pigtail with its release through the braids.
  4. To create such a hair, hair can be 7-25 cm long.
    Of course, you can braid and long strands, but it will be much
    longer and harder.

Zizi is harmless to the hair itself: a material that
used to create them, very light, so the hair and
The bulbs are not damaged. That is why the data
afrokosichki can be woven into the hair, even nursing mothers and
women in position. Zizi is easy to care for; they do not need to
constantly lay down, which allows you to devote more time to yourself or
to your child.

Afro-braid zizi: possible hairstyles

The pigtails themselves are a great hairstyle. But if you suddenly want
somehow update your hair, you can try different options

  1. Even if the Afro-braid data was straight at first, you can
    easy to screw with a curler, thereby increasing the volume
  2. Braid the free braid, where it can be located where
    Anyway – on the side, behind, on the very top. It will be very good
    look like 2 braids woven using fishtail technique.
  3. Separate 2 strands of 5-10 cm from the sides of the head. Strand data
    twisted into strands and turn around from 2 sides near the head.
    The remaining tails can be attached to the back with a rubber band, barrette or
    tie a knot.
  4. Pigtails are collected in the “horse” tail at the crown, and loose
    zizi pigtails twist around the base of the tail and fasten with
    using invisibility.
  5. From the side, slightly above the ear, begin to braid tight not too
    thick braid. Weaving continues until the second ear, while
    gradually added several braids. Then you can or
    just finish the braid that will wrap your head around like a wreath, or
    continue to add strands. The ends of the hair are taped or
    small rubber band.

Now you know how to weave and how to make beautiful hairstyles with
afrokosichkami. If you have the time and desire, you can
try to make this hairstyle yourself.

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