Afrokoudri: 5 tricks to create a daring image

Frequent afro-curly elastic curls create a defiant, rebellious
form. When the mood is to change the strict office image to
bold and non-standard, easy to reincarnate help
African curls.


Moreover, for this not necessarily go to the salon, you can
handle at home.

  • 1 Features
  • 2 How to do at home: 5 basic techniques
    • 2.1 On curlers
    • 2.2 With curling or crimping
    • 2.3 Pigtails
    • 2.4 Using ironing
    • 2.5 On the studs
  • 3 Afrokoudri for short hair
  • 4 Quick fix procedure and how long it will last


African American curls give the most magnificent volume of hair.
Suitable for owners of an elongated oval face with small
features Chubby girls such styling can still
more visually enlarge.

Especially in losing looks at tall girls with long
hair, adding to the image of expressiveness.

Afrostyle will give to owners of a short hairstyle
mischief and flirty.

fashion curls

Depending on the desired volume of hair, twisted curls
combed or remain intact. Strands can be divided
fingers or a comb with rare teeth, then curls
fluff in different directions, adding styling naturalness.

Blowing head upwards or combing from

In any case, such stacking disregard

How to do at home: 5 basic techniques

On curlers

curlersThe process of waving is no different from winding simple
curls, only the thinnest hair curlers are used.

Wash and dry hair, apply foam or mousse for
styling and small strands winding curlers.

Take off when the curls are completely dry, by
opportunity to leave for the night.

Scrub your fingers slightly to increase volume.

With the help of curling or corrugation

This method produces large curls, corresponding to
diameter of the curling iron. For the effect of the afro need a separate thin nozzle
or cone curling.


Apply heat protection agent to hair, mousse
or foam and screw on the curling line with thin strands of 20 – 30

Special crimping forceps will make smaller curls and lush
volume from the roots. A wavy nozzle is used in which
curls are clamped for a couple of seconds along the entire length.

High temperature easily damages the hair structure
It is worth neglecting the means of thermal protection and restoring
masks. Also, appliances with ceramic elements are considered more than
sparing than counterparts with a conventional surface.

How to wind afrokudri curling iron can be found here:


Easily and without damage to the structure to get afro curls will help
small braids. This method will be especially suitable for
long and medium hair.


Wet washed hair divided into strands, apply a means for
styling. The thinner the curl, the more voluminous the hairstyle.
Braid many braids, from thirty and more, leaving them on
night. In the morning, spread it out, lightly fluff it with your fingers and fix
varnish or gel.

This video shows how to weave pigtails for

Using ironing

If there is no time for a long perm, then speeding up the process will help
ironing On wet hair, do not forget to apply a protective spray from
heat the braids thin braids and dry each

Pay attention to the new model – iron TYME Iron
PRO It works in 2 directions at once:

  • Creates chic curls (effect curlers);
  • Straightens fluffy strands.

Details here

You can make fine curls with a regular pencil or
sticks and ironing, as in this video:

On the studs

The seeming strange technique of obtaining African curls with
using studs, gives the most amazing results.

Need to stock up on a lot of regular studs and elastics
or purchase thick and long special hairpin studs.
Apply styling foam to hair, divide by strands and
wind it up on a hairpin, secure the end with an elastic band.
To sustain 3 – 4 hours and stitch.

hair curls

Get the most similar to the natural African American
curls with extreme volume.

When there are no special devices at hand, but you want
change the image now, you can take an ordinary pencil or
a tubule, even sushi sticks will do. Wet hair
wind and dry with an iron or hairdryer. Get easy, playful

Today a great variety of laying techniques and types are offered.
curls. See for example:

All the secrets of Hollywood curls; Ironing options for
medium length hair; 9 types of curlers and 3 ways of laying; All kinds
curls for long hair, 25 photos; Long-term perm: fashionable
ideas for hair of medium length.

AfroCoudry for short hair

For short hair, there are not so many ways to make curls.

You can diversify short cut afro wrinkles
by means of caps – thin strips of fabric.
Wash and dry hair. Separate a small strand, apply
laying means and wind on a strip from the ends to the roots. The edges
Tie the fabric into 2 knots. Leave overnight or dry
hair dryer


Instead, the fabric fit and pieces of clothesline, laces or
twisted napkins.

In stores you can find special
hair curlers boomerangs. This is a modern option.
papilothok made of soft flexible material. Process
winding is simple, the prepared hair is a separate strand
curled on curlers from the tips. The edges of the boomerang bend to
the middle and left for a couple of hours. To speed up styling
blow dry.

Quick fix procedure and how long it will last

It takes a lot of time and effort to curl afrocudrey, therefore
there is an important question, how to fix the result?

How many curls hold depends first of all on
hair structure. The longest afro styling will last on wavy
from nature to hair of medium length. You don’t even need to do this.
use additional means of fixation.

If the hair is straight, then afrokudri better sprinkle

You can also create a stylish effect of wet hair, causing
curls gel for fixation.

hairstyle with afro

Long hair is usually heavier, and the hairstyle will quickly lose its

For naughty, difficult to style hair choose
follows methods with curling iron or tongs, which will increase the chances of
long-term result.

To make African curls will have to spend a lot
time and patience, but the result will amaze the imagination and become bright
and a cheeky accent of a stylish look.

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