All about popular Canadian haircuts hockey players

CanadianIn the 70s, Canadian hockey players brought to the USSR
men’s haircut their athletes.

She quickly took the lead in the country thanks to
its neat appearance and ease of installation.

By the way, the original name of the “cable car”, she received because
clear framing.

The edging showed the transition from the parietal sector to the temporal
occipital areas. But the fans renamed it Canadian, and
she kept the name.

  • 1 Features haircuts
  • 2 advantages
  • 3 Who will look good
  • 4 Classic Canadian Step by Step
  • 5 Sports Canadian. Execution technology
  • 6 Canadian heavily curly hair
  • 7 Fashion news in haircut Canadian
  • 8 How to style your hair

Features haircuts

Male Canadian implies short hair on the back of the head
and temples with an imperceptible transition to long strands located in
parietal area.

classic Canadian

Also she should have bangs, about 4 cm long.

Canadian is considered a classic haircut because it is
universal (looks good both on boys and on


Creating this haircut doesn’t take long;
do and at home. The undoubted advantage is
ease of installation. Canadian is simple and at the same time.
elegant haircut.

It fits any style of clothing. A variety of styling
allows you to create any image. And ease of care adds more
attractiveness in the eyes of men.


Who will look good on

One of the key features of the Canadian is that it
fits any type of face. But there are nuances that
make the image more attractive:

  • Rectangular holders do
    Canadian, given the massiveness of the chin. Therefore strands on parietal
    plot and forehead make shorter than the classic version.
    Complement her bangs;
  • with the help of a haircut, the master tries to bring the round
    and square face shape to oval. To do this
    bulk top;
  • men with a long face will go
    long bangs, thanks to which the face will appear shorter;
  • on men with an oval type of face will be good
    Look any option.


Classic Canadian Step by Step

Standard option – the volume on the top of the head, gradually
diminishing from forehead to parietal sector, hair of minimum length
in the temples and occiput.

It is important that all transitions are smooth!

  1. Work begins with washing the head. The hair is dried and
    comb, starting from the top of the head, moving to the back of the head.
  2. Spacing horizontally from edge of one ear to edge.
    other. From the sides, make two vertical from the temporal
  3. At the forehead, take a strand of width 1.5 cm. Pull the hair at an angle
    90º, trim a piece to a length of 3 cm.
  4. Similarly, cut the strands on the parietal part.
  5. Also work the hair on the temples.
  6. Working with the temples: pull the strands at a 90º angle to make the transition
    from the forehead to the ears turned out smooth.
  7. Using equal parting on the back of the head, divide the hair into equal
  8. Work with hair on the top of the head. Separate
    vertically strand from horizontal parting. Haircut strands
    perform the method of “oblique cut”: it should gradually become
    less to the bottom. Work through all the upper hairs.
  9. Work with strands on the bottom of the head. Hair do
    minimum length. To do this, use the machine (nozzle number 2).
    Moving up, the angle of inclination is doing more.
  10. The final touch – filing.

Details on how to make this haircut in accordance with
Individual features of a person – in this video:

Sports Canadian. Execution technology

Men who prefer an active lifestyle, choose this
option. The base is a classic Canadian, only the length of the hair is shorter,
and the area of ​​the head and temples are treated with a machine with a nozzle of 1 mm.
But closer to the top use the number 3.

sports canadian

Similarly, work the back of the head. Movement – from the bottom up.
Nozzles from 2 to 6 mm are applied. Parietal area and bangs
scissors, but make the maximum hair length

Canadian on very curly hair

The execution technique for creating this haircut is the same as for
classic option. But you need to take into account the special structure
strands. Therefore, working with thin strands that should be
slightly longer than traditional Canadian haircuts.

canadian curly hair

In the work they use scissors, cut the strands as short as possible.
for curls to choose the most suitable man

Important! Haircut is performed only on wet.
hair and edging do not.

Trendy news in haircut Canadian

Asymmetric canadian versions are becoming more and more popular. it
concerns hair located in the parietal area.


To work with the temple using a machine with a nozzle of 1 mm. Or
it is made longer compared to the other. Also temporal
parts can be decorated with patterns. Add a bang to the haircut
– oblique and long.

How to style your hair

That the haircut was stylish and fashionable, offer men
various styling options that add brightness and

  1. The traditional way. Clean hair laid on the side or back.
    This style looks elegant.
  2. The effect of disheveled strands. Strands on the parietal sector
    pull up using a comb with gel. The main thing is not
    go too far so that the hairstyle does not seem too slick or
  3. The image of romance. The bangs are removed, a drop is applied on it.
    gel, and hair a little lift.
  4. To give the haircut more naturalness on the strands applied
    a small amount of foam, dried with a hairdryer. You can add an image
    side parting.
  5. Retro style. Perform bangs, then it is laid back and
    fix the gel.

If we talk about the last version of the installation, in this video
It is shown how to cut and style this hair:

Canadian is ideal for hot weather.
It is short for the summer season, when it is warm outside.
An excellent choice not only for athletes. On the Internet you can
find photos with famous personalities who chose a trendy haircut

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