All kinds of curls for long hair, 25 photos

The classic shape of curls – round, ladies on balls
the aristocracy of the 18th-19th century showed perfectly round,
neat curls.

At the beginning of the 20th century, large waves formed
around the head, over time, the shape of the curls in hairstyles acquired
variety: 70s – corkscrew, 80s and 90s – chemically curled locks
on hairstyle cascade.

From the early 2000s to the present day, a variety of layouts has been growing on
curls, thanks to the emergence of new means of fixation and modern
electrical appliances.

  • 1 Types of curls: spiral, textural, small, large
  • 2 Corkscrew
    • 2.1 Technique of creation
  • 3 beach waves
    • 3.1 Laying technique
  • 4 Fine curls
  • 5 curls at the ends
  • 6 Features laying thermal devices
  • 7 Laying on curlers
  • 8 Curls without curling and curlers
  • 9 Weave braids and create beams
  • 10 Professional styling
  • 11 Hairstyles on curls

Types of curls: spiral, textural, small, large

What are the curls:

    • voluminous curls,

    • texture waves,

    • afro curls

  • broken curls


Curls for long hair emphasize beneficial
color, so look better on chestnut, black or
melirovannyh hair. Fair-haired and blonde better to choose more
gentle or careless options perm. The basis of the image on curls type
corkscrew – brightness.

Bright color should be hair and makeup, no detail of the image is not
must be lost. Energetic shape looks
extravagant and will draw attention to the secular

Creation technique

Curls with a corkscrew twist on a round curling small
diameter. Before starting hair should be treated with mousse for
styling. Upon completion of the process, the resulting volume is worth parsing.
manually, giving it shape and fix varnish.

Hairstyle looks more profitable on the side parting, allowing
Create a bouffant over the forehead, it emphasizes the beauty of the oval face.

Beach waves

This type of curls is also called textural.
Hair looks like natural waves for long
hair after swimming in the sea dried up a little, gives
relaxed, frivolous and independent look.

Laying technique

  1. Hair combed and powdered on the vine powder for volume.
  2. Iron each strand bend first up and then immediately
    down, the curl comes from the occipital region, the hair on top
  3. The end of the strand is left straight and protruding.

Secret. The effect of traced contours is achieved
using salt spray that allows you to
The texture of the hair volume is stiff and crumbly.

Hairstyle looks most advantageous on blonde or highlights
blond hair, creating a play of shades that gives
fair-haired looseness and sexuality.

Fine curls

Small afro curls don’t go

They look better on light or bleached hair, on
dark ones can look rustic, decorate multi-tone

Chubby can be a little fat, although they perfectly mask
rectangular shape.

Screw such curvy afro curls without using chemical
Curling can be using ironing and sticks. You can take a wand for
sushi or pencil.

  1. After covering the hair with mousse, the fine strand is separated from
    the temporal zone.
  2. Wrap it on a stick for sushi.
  3. Clamp the iron and, slightly warming up, take out the wand.
  4. Thus the whole hairline passes, it must
    leave from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  5. The resulting spiral rigid curls form using
    fingers and fix varnish

Curls on the ends

At the ends of long hair it is convenient to curl curls to give
hairstyle grace. These hairstyles look great with a skew.
parting, combed to one side.

This creates a stacking with a large curling. The curler is applied
to the occipital zone and curl curls on it.

Features laying thermal devices

With the help of the ironing can be curled, straighten and crimp.

Corrugated curls are more often used to create
hairstyle elements, for example, to add volume or
create texture bangs and front strands.

Ironing allows you to create broken
lines, you can twist the waves from the face back, you get
effect of developing hair.

Curler heats up more slowly than the iron, so curling hair
Curling, hold it a little longer.

Curler styling

Some forms of curlers become obsolete, such as plastic and
metal with fixing on an elastic band. This is due to the fact that
it is difficult to dry a hairdryer for a quick curl, sleeping on them is also not
comfortable, and walking around the house is not aesthetically pleasing. Besides
conservative Soviet curlers quickly get dirty, hair at their
lifting can catch on and get damaged.

In the late 90s, heated hair rollers appeared, but they are inconvenient in
use, as they require heating in boiling water. Today the most
Popular types of curlers:

    • velcro

    • papilotki-boomerangs,

  • soft foam rubber

All these curlers can curl hair before going to bed.

A wide variety of curls is achieved by using
Velcro curlers, which are inexpensive, have a variety of
The sizes and are optimum when laying by the hair dryer.

  1. After spreading the mousse through the hair, the strands are combed and
    wind on them curlers with stickies.
  2. Hair curlers must be fixed at the roots with clip pins,
    otherwise they will fall.
  3. Dry the entire volume with a hairdryer, pour varnish and again
  4. Take off the hair curlers and form the hairstyle.

You should not wait for hard structural waves, rather
get a soft volume. Long curly hair a little
disheveled, without a clear structure look sexy on
blonde woman A good fringing gives styling for a haircut cascade on
long hair.

Curls without curling and curlers

Curls can be created using only small rubber bands:

curls with flagella

  1. The long strand is pulled and twisted into a bundle.
  2. The harness is twisted around its axis.
  3. Secure with a rubber band.

The harnesses can be secured not only with rubber, but also with invisibility,
they keep stronger, but with them uncomfortable to sleep.

Pads on rags are comfortable to sleep and can fit
to girls.

  1. Take a cotton scarf or a piece of cloth 2 times in length
    longer than hair length.
  2. Moisten hair.
  3. It is knotted around a thick strand at the root.
  4. Divide the strand into 2 parts, each of them wrapped around the tissue
  5. Tie a rubber band on the end.

So you need to do with all the hair, dry them with a hairdryer or
go to sleep. It turns out beautiful in the form of a spiral
curls. Details on how to do this are shown in this.

Another option to curl at home is
winding strands around a paper napkin, for fixing
gum is used.

Weave braids and create beams

The secret of laying with braids is a neat weaving of small
braids on wet hair, after a night spent on such
braid, spiral curls hold on all day, resembling a mane

If you form a bunch on your head and twist it around a donut
or around its axis, then fasten with pins or stealth, then
You can get a very stylish look.

Caution! Creative weaving and fashionable beam on
head can give a side effect in the form of beautiful curls.

To enhance the curly effect, use mousse or gel
for hair, you get wavy ends.

Professional styling

Stylists in their work use curls, as in the creation
hairstyles, and for the formation of the form. Barber uses curling irons
various sizes, irons, including with a corrugation nozzle, clamps,

Secrets of professionals: curled strands
lock it with an invisible hook
occurs at the time of cooling, and not at the time of winding up.

Master works on the volume of long hair
an hour and a half, gently winding up a pile of dust,
pre-roots can be lifted with the help of a corrugation or / and
powder to create volume. One of the professional styling techniques
The large curls shown in this video:

Before work can be used thermal protection

After curling the master carefully disassemble the wrap. Manually he
forms each curl, stacking in the desired shape, to achieve
mid-air pull, curl bounces, beautiful

After which fixation is necessary, experts prefer liquid
varnishes that fall directly on the hair, rather than being sprayed

Hairstyles on curls

Hairstyles with curls for long hair – the key to a spectacular exterior
views on any holiday.

  • Laying on the curls with tucked back strands.
  • Festive styling with braids, decorated with flowers.
  • A bundle on curls looks aristocratic and pretentious.
  • Volumetric curls look airy, screwed on curling
    large diameter (32 cm).

  • Greek braid – a luxurious wedding hairstyle, representing
    is weaving on curls.

  • To create a French waterfall used horizontal
    weaving, curls can be made with the help of plaits, pressed

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