All the details of keratin hair straightening step by step

In beauty salons, visitors are offered a procedure.
deep recovery with keratin.
If you often work on hair with high temperatures,
do hairs, or in any other way harm your hair,
then this procedure is designed to restore it.

keratin recovery

  • 1 What is keratin straightening
  • 2 Mechanism of keratin effects on hair
  • 3 Instructions for conducting keratin recovery
  • 4 Carrying out the procedure at home
  • 5 Popular Treatments
  • 6 Benefits of keratin straightening
  • 7 Disadvantages of keratin recovery
  • 8 Indications and contraindications for keratin
  • 9 Consequences of straightening
  • 10 Subtleties of care after the procedure
    • 10.1 Which is better – lamination or keratin straightening

What is keratin straightening

This procedure not only straightens the strands, but also
restores damaged hair structure. Keratin
reduces the consequences of the negative influence of external factors on
curls. They become elastic, more dense and

How long does keratin hair straighten? It all depends on
how the procedure was performed – from 2 to 5
months. This is one of the most effective ways
hair restoration.

The mechanism of keratin effects on hair

The mechanism of the impact of keratinHuman hair
almost completely consists of keratin.

But because of the adverse environmental factors of this
substance becomes less.

Therefore, the curls lose their shine and healthy appearance.

During application, small keratin particles penetrate
inside the hair, restore the structure, filling
damaged hair areas.

It promotes fast recovery, thereby curls
acquire shine, silkiness, strength. So deep
recovery allows you to create a keratin layer that does not collapse
under the influence of various factors. Then this layer is washed off,
so the procedure can be done again.

Instructions for the keratin recovery

It is better to entrust this service to conduct qualified
craftsmen using quality tools. How is done
keratin hair straightening?

    1. The head is washed with deep cleansing shampoo.
    2. The specialist selects the keratin mass, which is suitable
      your hair type. It is evenly applied to the strands with

Important! The master must apply the agent, not
affecting the roots.

  1. After applying the mass, the strands are dried with a hairdryer.
  2. Hair is divided into several parts by volume. Each straighten
    using ironing.

Important! You can use the iron only after
thorough drying with a hair dryer.

Keratin mass creates a shell that protects against exposure
high temperatures, so they can be straightened ironing.

Carrying out the procedure at home

Such a recovery can be done independently, but it is worth
perform the procedure and in the cabin to see how she spends

For such a wellness procedure is not required.
training courses and certificates, but to get the desired result
It is worth consulting with a specialist.

But is keratinization done so effective?
on your own?

  1. The main difference is the composition of keratin
    mixes for the procedure. Professional tools have
    stronger composition that promotes recovery and
    straightening strands. And self-made mixtures can
    restore their structure, only slightly straightening them.
  2. The effect of the salon procedure is more durable –
    about 5 months. A home straightening should be repeated after 2
    of the month.
  3. If you want to buy a professional keratin mix,
    then its cost will be approximately the same as the trip to
    a professional However, the funds will be enough to hold a large
    number of procedures.

You can find masks recipes using gelatin, however
should remember that they do not give such an effect as a mixture,
containing keratin. They have a similar effect, but
professional tools allow you to deeply restore the structure

Popular treatments

Below will be considered well-known tools for keratin
hair straightening.

  1. Cocochoco – one of the most famous

    Продукция этой фирмы отличается высоким качеством, а эффект
    keratinization lasts up to 5 months. Distinctive feature
    Composition is the absence of harmful chemical components.

  2. Cadiveu Professional – under this brand
    which produce a professional set for the described
    услуги — Brasil Cacau.Cadiveu Professional

    Как заверяет производитель, эта линейка подходит для любого типа
    hair. After conducting the service using this tool, you
    you can do the styling the day after keratinization.
    Bonus for dyed hair – the color will be more resistant.

  3. HONMATOKYO is a company located in
    Brazil has Japanese roots. Manufacturers work with a wide
    hair spectrum, so they have a large selection of lines for different types

    Отличительная черта этой продукции — это то, что в их составе
    no formaldehyde.

  4. Inoar – this brand has long been releasing a line for
    восстановления кератином.Inoar

    Они выпускают продукцию как для профессионалов, так и для
    home use.

  5. Salerm Cocmetics is mixed straightening.
    hair because it contains a chemical component and
    кератиновые компоненты.Salerm Cocmetics

    Если вы хотите исключить влияние химических компонентов,
    choose only keratin line.

  6. Brazilian Blowout is a feature of this
    the brand is that it removes static electricity from
    шевелюры и придает ей блеск.Brazilian Blowout

    Так же в состав не входят агрессивные химические компоненты.

Which keratin is best for straightening hair? Should not forget
that the funds can affect your curls in different ways.
Therefore, pay attention to the composition: it should not contain
a large percentage of formaldehyde. Then this procedure will bring only

The benefits of keratin straightening

This deep recovery procedure is popular.
due to a number of advantages:

  • creating a protective film that does not collapse under
    exposure to various factors;
  • the hairstyle becomes not only well-groomed, but also healthy
    gloss and shakovost;
  • styling will take less time;
  • deep moisturizing and saturation of nourishing hair occurs
  • strands become straight without ironing;
  • natural composition of funds;
  • lack of aggressive chemical constituents;
  • the problem of split ends is solved;
  • long-lasting effect of keratin recovery.

before and after

Disadvantages of keratin recovery

Despite these advantages, this service has

  • no shampooing allowed for 3 days after
  • hair can not be subjected to mechanical stress for 3-4 days
    after keratinization;
  • Because of the creation of the keratin sheath, the lock becomes heavier,
    which can lead to hair loss;
  • hairstyle becomes less voluminous;
  • during the procedure the client may experience
    the discomfort;
  • if the room is not ventilated during keratinization, then
    possible formaldehyde poisoning;
  • keratin straightening procedure is time consuming and

Indications and contraindications for keratin

Keratin straightening yourselfBefore you go to
salon or perform this restoration at home,
Read the contraindications for its implementation. To suit
this service?

  1. Owners of dull curls.
  2. Owners of naughty curls.

When should I refuse to conduct this service?

  1. If there is damage on the scalp.
  2. Skin diseases.
  3. Oncological diseases.
  4. If the hair is prone to hair loss.
  5. Asthma and allergic reaction.

Important! Many are interested in the question: is it possible
pregnant do keratin hair straightening? A definite answer
– not! The same applies to women during lactation.

Consequences of straightening

Is keratin hair straightening harmful? It depends on the
quality of keratin mix selected for the service. AT
Mostly, after this procedure, the feedback is positive.
Curls become more obedient, it becomes easier to make
styling. They have a healthy gloss and silkiness.

In this video, one of the reviews of keratin recovery,
done four months after the procedure at home

However, some note that on heavy strands the effect of
straightening keeps less. Hairstyle is not so

So if you want to do keratin hair straightening
For the sake of straightening, it is not advisable. Still, the main
the purpose of this procedure is to restore the structure

Subtleties of care after the procedure

It depends on compliance with the listed nuances
long will be the effect of this service. Because
to care for hair after keratin straightening?

  1. For 3 days, refuse to wash your hair, hair and styling.
  2. Use only keratin-free sulfate-free shampoo.
  3. Thoroughly dry the curls after washing.
  4. For many, an important question: is it possible to dye hair after
    keratin straightening? Staining is allowed after 2-3
    weeks after keratin treatment.

Hair care after keratin straightening is not so
complicated, but following all these recommendations is important in order
so that your curls stay healthy and as long as possible

straightening before and after

The effect of such a recovery on all is individual: everything
depends not only on the state of the strands, but also on how
the procedure was carried out competently and how qualitative
funds were used.

What is better – lamination or keratin straightening

Lamination is more aimed at creating a visual effect.
so if the aesthetic component is more important to you, then this
service will suit you.

Straightening is more aimed at improving the hair
structure, so the composition for this procedure is more
stronger than lamination. And the effect of keratinization
more resistant. Keratin treatment is a great opportunity.
restore hair and give them a well-groomed look.

Opinion of the trichologist on lamination and keratin
straightening, as well as an exotic procedure – pyrophoresis in this

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