All the secrets of curls!

ways to create curlsWomen are astounding creatures. we
We very much want what was not originally laid for us by nature.
If we talk about hair, this question becomes the most
relevant. After all, girls who have short hair, certainly
want hair of medium length or generally long, and vice versa. Those y
whom the hair is straight, tend to twist them on curlers, pins,
papilotki, gum, etc. And even sleep with it all night. BUT
owners curls, of course, their hair often
straighten. Below you will learn how to twist the hair on the forceps and not
only that they look natural and preserved in this form
as long as possible

You can twist hair of almost any length, even short
(only if it is not a hedgehog hairstyle, of course). But the most convenient
perhaps it will wind the hair of medium length. After all
average length will be enough to roam enough, but with
this wound strands will be able to stay longer in the original
the form.

There are many ways to properly wind the hair.
Some of them suggest that you should sleep the night before.
than get the result. Others are designed for instant effect.
Can be screwed with electrical appliances and various
devices (for example, papilotki, hairpins, hair curlers, etc.). You
you will need to choose a method that will answer for you
the question is how to wind the hair.

Possible options

The easiest option to wind the hair is a curling iron. Curling iron with
large diameter suitable for girls who have medium curls
lengths or long. With the help of small diameter you can make
curls for short strands. The most important thing is that in this
In case of advice, be careful and consistent. Strands
must be even and sustained in one direction and thickness,
to make the installation tidy and spectacular.

Many wonder whether it is possible and how to twist hair on
forceps. Indeed, this electrical appliance can also be
used for curling. The manipulations will be the same as with
curling iron At the end you blow-dry your hair if necessary, and
comb a rare comb or fix curls with lacquer to
the onset of the right moment.

Another option for tongs is curling on the studs. In such
In the event you rewind all the strands on the pins alternately, and then
clamp them “irons” without removing the studs. Immediately note that two
the above mentioned appliances harm your “treasure” due to
thermoelectric effect.

how to wind hair on papilotkiMuch less interesting
A question how to wind hair on papilotki. Papilotki is far away
not the easiest way to scroll, so you need
perseverance Although it is worth noting that professional skills
papilotki do not require. The secret is to start spinning.
papilotki from the bottom of the head and gradually move up.
Having completed all the manipulations, you leave the whole structure overnight, and
in the morning you get a great hairstyle.

To sleep and curl at the same time you will be even more convenient if
You will know how to wind your hair on paper. Strands may be
both short and medium length. In addition, this vintage
“Grandma’s” method does not harm the health of hair and not
implies no cash costs.

Before the procedure, the head must be washed and rinsed.
conditioner, and in the process of laying should be used
some fixative. It is possible instead of pieces of paper
use gum (creating a semblance of a Greek hairstyle) before
sleep, which also helps to achieve the desired result.

As you can see, there are lots of options – the choice is yours!

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