Allantoin for the skin in the composition of medicinal drugs and cosmetics


Recently, talking about how allantoin is useful for
facial skin, especially if it has suffered any damage
from the outside (with scars, scars, stretch marks, etc.). His wound healing
and anti-aging properties have helped many people. Learn how it is
find and properly use.

Do you read the packaging of a new cosmetic that
bought on and plan to use for the face? Have
a wise, self-respecting woman should become a habit. After all
skin condition will largely depend on what you will
handle day by day.

The problem is that some components are familiar to everyone (extract
chamomile, aloe, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.), but
individual ingredients are hidden under unfamiliar names. One thing
of these – allantoin, which many cosmetic
and even pharmaceutical concerns include in their products.

This is a substance of natural origin, unique in its
properties. He is credited with a miraculous rejuvenating,
lifting and regenerating action. Because of this, he is
the main active substance in various medical ointments, gels and
sprays, as well as in tightening masks, anti-aging creams,
concentrated serums.

So it’s time to get to know each other better.
is and how allantoin facial effective.

What is allantoin extracted from?

What is allantoin

By describing the physical properties of this chemical, one can
say that allantoin is colorless crystals of a small
size, soluble in water (easily and quickly disappear in hot,
weakly and slowly – in the cold). It can be found in nature as in
vegetable and animal species.

Allantoin of animal origin

  • in all mammals except humans and
  • in the mucus that the Helix aspersa mollusks leave behind
    Muller – South European relatives of a large grape
  • in the embryonic tissues of birds.

Allantoin plant origin

  • in comfrey rhizomes;
  • in soy beans;
  • in sprouted wheat germ;
  • in the rice husk.

For the care of problem skin, it is better to choose allantoin
vegetable origin. According to laboratory tests
He is most effective in this regard. Respectively, cosmetic
funds with him will be not only better, but more expensive than with
Allantoin of animal origin.

Why is the effect of this substance on the skin so
beneficial? It’s all about the composition, which contains
Many of the most useful components:

  • glucose;
  • glucosides;
  • glucuronic acid;
  • carotenes;
  • mucopolysaccharides;
  • tannins;
  • fructose.

Thanks to this chemical composition, which is so
positive effect on the skin, actively applied
allantoin in cosmetics: many products contain
as a wound healing component. And not only!

Through the pages of history. In 1800, allantoin
was first isolated as a chemical from the epithelium of birds. Since
pore research on his

The effect of allantoin on the skin

Cosmetic abilities determine chemical properties
Allantoin, which are primarily – in astringent and
anti-inflammatory effect on tissue. No wonder this is unique
the substance is included in the list of anesthetics familiar to the World
Health organizations.

Accordingly, it is a complete drug, which
recently ubiquitous cosmetologists have taken up arms. According to
advertising certain brands, this component of creams and serums for
persons capable of:

  • soften the top layer of the epidermis, covered with horny scales and
    dead cells, so that they quickly and without injury
    peel off – this is the scrubbing action of allantoin;
  • stimulate tissue regeneration;
  • rejuvenate by smoothing wrinkles and tightening age
  • quickly narrowed enlarged pores, so all cosmetic
    Allantoin products are recommended for use with
    oily skin;
  • in the winter to save from peeling, effectively softening the hardened from
    wind and frost skin;
  • in the summer to put in order the epidermis, suffering from the sun;
  • quickly heal abrasions, wounds, microcracks on the face;
  • relieve irritation;
  • effectively prevent the formation of comedones (black
  • dissolve stretch marks, scars and scars, making them practically
    invisible on the skin of the face;
  • inhibit the growth of bacteria;
  • minimize irritating, corrosive effects on the skin
    faces of various surfactants, eliminating the sensation while washing

Despite such amazing therapeutic and cosmetic properties,
Today, a lot of talk about the fact that allantoin for skin
– harm, not good. Everyone who is strained by these rumors
We hasten to assure that it is not.

First, there is no argument about what kind of danger
is fraught with allantoin.

Secondly, his safety was verified not long ago by the FDA –
The American Food and Drug Administration and Expert
group CIR (Analysis of cosmetic ingredients). They conducted a number
laboratory tests and found that allantoin is not dangerous in
composition of cosmetics for the skin of the face, in which
content does not exceed the norm. So take and use!

Additional Information. Allantoin –
rare substance that cannot cause side effects and does not
toxic The most effective concentration is 0.5-2%.

Chemical Properties of Cosmetic Allantoin

Allantoin as a drug

Despite the fact that we are planning to use cosmetic
properties of allantoin, it should be treated solely as
drug because it is powerful enough
action. Fortunately, pharmacists give detailed instructions on its
application that it is desirable to study in advance before
acquire creams and face masks with him in the composition.


Far from all drug and cosmetic preparations.
Allantoin will be listed on the packaging
real name. Most often, he hides there under the following

  • 5-Ureido-2,4-Imidazolidindion
  • Urea pura, Carbamid, Carbamidum, Ureaphil (urea, urea,
    as in the laboratory allantoin is a product
    uric acid oxidation);
  • Allantoin (Alantoin, Allantoine, Allantonin);
  • Glyoxyldiureid;
  • 5-Ureidohydantoin;
  • Cordianin.

Now you will know what is hidden under these foreign
the words in the cream you liked – allantoin, which
disinfects the wound and smoothes out wrinkles.

pharmachologic effect

As a medicine, allantoin exerts on damaged tissue,
face skin the following action:

  • Astringent;
  • keratolic (scrubbing, exfoliating);
  • antiseptic, disinfectant.

Pharmacological properties of allantoin in creams and masks
for the face become therapeutic and cosmetic.


Allantoin is able to penetrate deep into the dermal layers of the face,
stimulating tissue renewal at the cellular level. Blood not
absorbed, but perfectly absorbed into the skin, dries out without residue
after application almost instantly.

Indications for use

Do not buy face cream with allantoin just because
that it has already been tried by all the girlfriends or because
wanted to. This is a drug, which means that even
external use there are indications and contraindications. Worth
use his services in the following cases:

  • skin diseases;
  • seborrhea;
  • erosion, trauma, sores, ulcers, scratches, microcracks and other
    facial skin damage;
  • stretch marks;
  • scars, scars;
  • age-related changes: wrinkles and ptosis.

If we are talking about skin diseases, it makes sense to ask for
permission to use allantoin for treatment to a dermatologist.
Most likely, he will appoint not even a face cream, but an ointment.


The only contraindication for allantoin in the composition
cosmetics – allergy, individual

Side effects

Allantoin is usually well tolerated, allergic to it.
rarely diagnosed.

Application Methods

  1. Pharmaceutical spray with allantoin can be added to care cream.
    for oily, mature, injured skin.
  2. Pharmaceutical ointments or gels with allantoin are used locally: they
    smear damaged areas of the face (only where wrinkles, scars,
    inflammations, wounds, rashes, etc.) to their full
  3. Anti-aging and regenerating creams with
    allantoin, gels, serums, face masks are used to
    regular facial skin care.

Special recommendations

  1. So that from cosmetics with allantoin for the face was more confusing,
    apply creams and masks on steamed skin.
  2. Allantoin therapy is well combined with physiotherapy.
  3. When using creams and ointments with allantoin is not recommended.
    sunbathe strongly, go to the solarium, do a facial massage.
  4. Try to keep allantoin from getting into your eyes,
    mouth or nose.
  5. Allantoin can be used for pregnant women and

This is the way allantoin is used in
cosmetology and medicine. If there are serious problems
diseases of the skin of the face, it is worth paying attention to. With him you
You can count on the healing of various microdamages and
rejuvenation. And we have to do a small review of medicinal and
cosmetic products, which include allantoin.

About the origin of the name. Term
“Allantoin” owes its birth to the scientist Liebig and Wieler. They
isolated this substance from allantoisovoy liquid, from the name
which produced the word.

Allantoin in medicine

Allantoin Medications

For the healing of scars, scars, scratches, stretch marks on the face
use allantoin ointment which is fine
regenerates damaged tissue. Although it is not the only
dosage form of medication with this remedy. Judge for yourself
the list below.

  1. Mederma (Mederma) from Merz Pharma (Germany) –
    therapeutic gel for stretch marks, scars, scars, post-acne,
    any damage to the skin. $ 10
  2. Kontraktubeks from Merz Pharma (Germany) – gel
    for resorption of keloid scars. $ 10
  3. Jox (Joks), Czech Republic – spray possessing
    antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. Used in
    therapies for upper respiratory tract (for treating angina, for example), but it can
    include masks for rashes of any kind. $ 3.7.
  4. Hepatrombin from Hemofarm A.D. (Serbia) – gel with
    antithrombotic and improves tissue regeneration action.
    $ 2.8.

Any pharmaceutical preparations with allantoin used for processing
persons need to be extremely neat. First get on this
specialist’s permission (this may be a dermatologist, a surgeon,
cosmetologist). Second, follow exactly the instructions for
application. If the problem is more cosmetic,
use better creams.

Good news! Medications with
allantoin dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.

Cosmetics with allantoin

Allantoin Facial Makeup

If you are struggling with age-related changes (wrinkles, second
chin, bags and circles under the eyes, deterioration of complexion),
purchase a cosmetic with this unique substance.
Excellent proven anti-aging face creams with

  1. Rouge defense – a protective face cream against rosacea
    allantoin, white lupine and algae proteins, menthol from
    Reneve (Monaco). $ 84.5.
  2. Kelofibrase – cream from scars with allantoin from Sandoz
    (Germany). $ 27.
  3. High Performance Glycolic Acid Blend – cream from scars with
    allantoin from Devita (Belarus). $ 25
  4. Linea Termale – active cream for problem skin with allantoin
    from Lacrima (France / Italy / Switzerland). $ 17.
  5. Collagen 3D face cream for irritated and dry skin with
    Allantoin from Collagene 3D (Russia). $ 11.
  6. Camelox – allantoin cream for stretch marks from Vertex (Russia).
    $ 6.
  7. “Protection and moisturizing” – allantoin cream for sensitive
    facial skin from Natura Siberica (Russia). $ 3.
  8. “Winter amulet” – allantoin protective face cream from
    MeiTan (China). $ 2.7.
  9. “Antoshka” – Allantoin Children’s Antiallergic Cream.
    Russia. $ 0.8.
  10. “Ruddy cheeks” – children’s protective cream with chamomile extract,
    Allantoin and Vitamin A from Avanta (Russia). $ 0.8.

Such ratings will orient you in a wide range.
medicinal and cosmetic products that are present
allantoin. Be sure to try them if you suffer from complexes
due to age-related changes or wounds on the face. Properly using
their stunning effect will not have to wait too long.

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