Allantoin in a cosmetic composition

The composition of many cosmetic products includes a substance under
Allantoin name. Allantoin – non-toxic, hypoallergenic
a substance that perfectly “gets on” with other components
cream What is allantoin? What is its origin? Why is he so
valued in cosmetology? We will find out about this below.


  • What is allantoin?
  • Allantoin’s beneficial properties
  • When do you use drugs with allantoin?
  • How does allantoin work in a cosmetic composition?

What is allantoin?

Allantoin is a substance that is obtained as a result
aerobic breakdown of purine nucleotides. It is contained in man and
animals in allantois fluid, urine and in amniotic fluid.
Allantoin is formed during the oxidation of uric acid by the enzyme
uricase Allantoin is widely used in both cosmetic and
pharmaceutical industry. He is
white crystals, odorless, can dissolve well in
water. Get it both from natural raw materials, and by
biochemical synthesis. Plants also contain allantoin, and it is
they are its source for cosmetic compositions and
drugs. Allantoin can be an animal
origin. It is found in cattle urea,
insects and mollusks. Now actively used as raw materials
mollusks of the species Helix aspersa Muller (relatives
snails). No wonder there is a series of Korean
regenerating creams with snail mucus extract.


Very interesting story of his discovery. Demanded now
the ingredient of cosmetic creams was first discovered in
embryonic tissues of birds. It got its name from allantois –
fetal respiratory organ of mammals, birds and reptiles. It was
proved that without allantoin the embryo does not receive the correct
development and growth.

Allantoin’s beneficial properties

Allantoin contains ingredients that are useful for
our skin. In other words, it consists of: mucopolysaccharides,
glucose, glycosides, fructose, carotenes – substances capable
improve skin characteristics. Allantoin is especially valuable for its
wound healing properties. After applying allantoin on the skin
there is a rapid regeneration of the skin. For example, when
sunburn or frostbite allantoin is indispensable
a means to soothe and restore the skin. Is becoming
understand why it is so popular with both manufacturers and
consumer cosmetic products. Let’s find out how
Allantoin has beneficial properties:

  • Bactericidal property. Allantoin has antimicrobial and
    anti-inflammatory action that promotes rapid and
    effective treatment of a number of skin diseases.
  • Exfoliating property. It effectively exfoliates the skin that
    contributes to the thinning of the stratum corneum of the epidermis and its regular
    update. It also prevents the appearance of comedones and blockage.
    then sebum.
  • Conditioning property. Allantoin is valuable
    moisturizing agent for sensitive and problem skin. Actively
    protects the skin from environmental exposure.
  • Antioxidant property. Allantoin has the ability
    resist free radicals, which justifies its introduction
    in anti-aging creams.
  • Anti-irritant (preventing irritation
    skin) property. Effectively copes with irritation,
    softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Due to its miraculous properties, allantoin is used
not only in cosmetology, but also as an ingredient
dermatological treatment ointments, gels, aerosols and sprays.

Allantoin is widely used in men’s lines for and after shaving.
due to its ability to effectively soothe irritated skin,
as well as it is part of the children’s cosmetics, as it is capable
quickly eliminate diaper rash.

When do you use drugs with allantoin?

Preparations with allantoin use:

  • if the skin is damaged by ultraviolet radiation;
  • if skin irritation of any etiology;
  • if necessary, improve skin tone (in the case of flabby and
    tired skin);
  • if necessary, moisturize and soften the skin;
  • in the presence of fine wrinkles resulting from insufficient
  • in case of occurrence of age defects of the skin, consisting of
    anti-aging drugs.

How does allantoin work in a cosmetic composition?

The basic property of allantoin is its ability
participate in the process of neoplasm of cells by dividing and
breeding. In other words, after allantoin is applied to the skin
there is a rapid regeneration of cells due to their
proliferation. A big plus is the fact that even
low concentration of allantoin in a cosmetic preparation
contributes to the demonstration of its unique properties.

Allantoin is actually an effective and effective drug,
part of cosmetic creams, emulsions, serums. is he
has a lot of positive properties, non-toxic and hypoallergenic,
easily removes skin imperfections and contributes to its rapid

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