Aloe acne on the face – one of the most effective anti-inflammatory drugs


You know that aloe acne on the face is one of
most effective anti-inflammatory drugs, as it has
medical and cosmetic properties? Learn about the benefits of this plant.
as much as possible. With its extract, you can buy ready-made cream
or make a home mask.

Menstrual cycle, adolescence, pregnancy,
menopause, bad water, poor-quality cosmetics, allergies – and here
they are already there. Many companies offer branded
expensive creams, traditional medicine – all sorts of masks,
Dermatology – anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment.

In fact, a very effective tool for many grows by
window sill. Proper use of aloe from
acne allows for a short time to cope with this
adversity without the involvement of drugs and stuffed with “chemistry”

After all, this houseplant and prairie child in the past has
healing properties: reduces the number of rash,
disinfects, prevents inflammation from spreading to the entire face,
removes redness and helps avoid postacne after
acne disappears.

How Aloe Helps Acne

Aloe facial benefits

Not only traditional medicine, but also specialists (cosmetologists and
dermatologists) claim that aloe acne on
face is one of the most effective ways to solve this
Problems. This plant has a unique composition, due to which,
it has healing properties:

  • aloin – a substance found in the skin
    aloe leaves, it gives it a peculiar bitter taste,
    creates a protective barrier on the skin, not allowing external factors
    provoke acne on the face;
  • pectin is a polysaccharide with cleansing and
    moisturizing properties;
  • catechins – flavonoids normalize
    blood circulation, which, while providing the skin with oxygen, treats it
    inflamed areas;
  • carotenoids – pigments capable
    to regenerate the epidermis damaged by boils and ulcers,
    remove redness and inflammation;
  • tannins – phenols, narrowing
    enlarged pores with antimicrobial and bactericidal
    action, contribute to the treatment of acne;
  • organic acids (aloe present
    cinnamon, lemon, amber, l-coumar, apple) has long been
    are active fighters with acne, as they regenerate
    inflammatory tissue damage;
  • vitamins (in aloe scientists found A, C, E and
    several of group B) are needed for nutrition of various
    layers of the epidermis, activate metabolism, resume
    production of collagen and elastin fibers, thanks to which
    recovery from acne comes much faster;
  • trace elements (there are few of them in aloe, but they are)
    are also active participants in the treatment of inflammation on
    the face;
  • mineral salts are needed to maintain
    water-salt balance, violations of which most often lead to
    acne on the face.

Such a composition enriched with useful substances allows
use aloe against acne like at home
conditions (for the preparation of masks), and in a more global
scale (many cosmetic companies include an extract of this
plants in their anti-inflammatory drugs).

But, before using agave as a cure for
rashes on the face, it is worth knowing one small, but very important
nuance. Aloin, which is contained in its leaves, is harmful enough
with overdose. Therefore regular or too frequent use
This room doctor can harm not only the skin, but also
to the body. So for starters, it is advisable to examine the list.

Through the pages of history. According to ancient
legend, Aristotle sent Macedonian to seize the island of Socotra in
Indian Ocean, where aloe was growing in huge quantities. AND
the great commander did it only for the sake of the plant.

Why is aloe effective against acne?

How to do facial mesotherapy:

Salon techniques and home cosmetology will help resolve the issue:
“How to narrow pores?”.


High biological activity of the plant and aloin contained
in it, they are forced to handle it with great care
natural wonder doctor. To get rid of acne with aloe and
do not suffer from such popular treatment, you need to familiarize yourself with
list of contraindications for its use.

If substances in its composition interfere with the work of cells, systems and
organs whose functioning is impaired, this will lead to
deterioration of their condition. Not recommended for inflamed
face remedies with aloe with the following points:

  • period of the menstrual cycle;
  • lactation;
  • idiosyncrasy aloe;
  • hypertrichosis (excessive facial hair);
  • pregnancy;
  • telangiectasia, kuperoz (vascular asterisks).

Understand that aloe helps acne only when
no contraindications for its external use as
therapeutic and cosmetic anti-inflammatory drugs. In another
If the time has passed (or immediately), the skin may react to
such therapy for itching, swelling and irritation. So be
extremely attentive.

If nothing can stop you from enjoying the action of this
amazing plants, make a choice: you get ready
remedy for acne with aloe vera extract or you will be your own
do home mask? For the first option we have for you
a small makeup rating.

Curious fact. In nature
There are over 200 species of aloe.

When aloe cannot be used for acne

Top Aloe Vera Cosmetics

Start aloe acne treatment with cosmetic
means containing an extract of this plant. Suitable option
for those who do not have such a room friend on the windowsill or not
of time for self-cooking
home conditions.

Many modern cosmetic brands have rulers,
developed specifically for problem skin based on aloe vera (in
the composition is Aloe vera). The funds included in them, you can
purchase at the pharmacy (preferably) or store.
We offer you a rating of such medical cosmetics, aimed
against acne.

    1. Pure Eco Aloe Gel – environmentally friendly
      multifunctional cream-gel with aloe concentrate. Tony Moly. YU.
      Korea. $ 13.3.
    2. Cream mousse with hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf gel. Merz
      Spezial. Germany. $ 12.4.

  1. Multivitamin cream with aloe vera. Bark New Line. Russia.
    $ 11.2.
  2. Moisturizing Nourishing cream Avocado & Aloe Vera – moisturizing
    and nourishing cream with avocado and aloe vera. Dr. Sea. Israel.
    $ 10.1.
  3. Aloe – gel serum with aloe juice. Etude organix. South Korea.
    $ 9.8.
  4. Hydrate gel Aloe vera – an active moisturizing gel for
    problem skin. Gezanne Velona. Spain. $ 8.7.
  5. Jeju Aloe vera 95% soothing gel is a multifunctional gel for
    persons with 95% aloe vera. Royal Skin. South Korea. $ 7.3.
  6. Gentle cleansing – facial scrub with aloe vera gel. Malavit
    Russia. $ 2.6.
  7. Cleaning strips for the nose of acne and black dots with
    activated carbon and aloe vera extract. Propeller. Russia.
    $ 2.2.
  8. Klirvin – Ayurvedic lotion for acne and blemishes with
    aloe vera extract. Fitosila-Bio. Russia. $ 1.

As you can see, modern manufacturers are very actively using
aloe vera in cosmetics against acne. it
once again proves how effective this tool is in
anti inflammation. But at the same time the store product never
will be 100% natural. In order to extend shelf life,
need preservatives.

And for a pleasant aroma – fragrances. For an attractive color –
dyes. Because of this, many women still prefer to do
anti-inflammatory medicine with their own hands – no extra
harmful ingredients.

On a note. Aloe in its own way
origin is a cactus, so its real relatives
– in the deserts.

Acne Treatment with Aloe Vera

How to use aloe against acne?

Homemade aloe vera masks require a bit more
attention and time, than similar to them means from sour cream or honey.
This is due to the additional processing of raw materials and the presence of
medicinal properties.

If you take this case for the first time, keep it in front of you.
following instructions and follow it. Further you
acquire all the necessary skills for making aloe masks and
you will do everything much faster, already by intuition.

Raw material preparation

  1. Cut 5-6 lower leaves from the plant. Choose the most
    fleshy, to them was not rot and yellow.
  2. Rinse them thoroughly with water.
  3. Drain.
  4. Wrap in gauze, folded in 2-3 layers.
  5. Put in the side compartment on the refrigerator door for 2 weeks.
    This is necessary so that biological
    stimulants that allow aloe pulls out acne (their
    purulent contents).
  6. After 2 weeks cut the leaves along.
  7. Squeeze juice for compresses.
  8. Chop pulp separately from the juice in a blender for cooking

Preparation of skin

  1. Wash your face using anti-inflammatory cleansing gel.
    A series of cosmetics (the same Propeller).
  2. Steam face above herbal steam bath.
  3. Do not use scrubs and gommazhi.

Mask / compress preparation

  1. Mix the aloe pulp with the other ingredients listed in
    recipe, using a blender to avoid lumps.
  2. Cosmetic and vegetable oils, dairy products and honey
    must first be heated to a warm state.


  1. Sokom aloe can simply wipe the face daily (locally –
    acne). You can do on the basis of compresses. Can add
    healing liquid in masks.
  2. Apply the product to the point of the point – only acne.
  3. Action time – 20 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water, but without additional cleaning agents.
    (foam, soap, gel).
  5. Apply anti-inflammatory cream on the face (preferably from
    same series as gel / facial wash).
  6. Compresses and masks from aloe against acne on the face is desirable
    do every 3 days.
  7. The course is 10 procedures. Interval – 2-3 weeks.

So detailed instructions on how to use
Aloe acne helps you get at home very
an effective drug for rashes on the face. Do
recipes, look for the best option for your
problem skin.

Variety of titles. Aloe is called
in different ways: agave, scarlet, alliance, spiny flower, doctor,
paradise tree, sabur.

How to use aloe acne

Aloe Vera Recipes

Several effective recipes for masks and compresses of aloe from
Acne and blackheads will help you find the right remedy.

  • The juice

For 2 weeks, wipe your face with juice
Aloe twice a day.

  • Softening mask with cream

Mix aloe juice and the fattest cream over a tablespoon.

  • Drying mask with protein

Beat a tablespoon of aloe juice with 2 squirrels.

  • Herbal Soothing Mask

Mix in a tablespoon chopped linden flowers, petals
roses, St. John’s wort and pharmacy chamomile. Add a teaspoon of pepper
mint. Mix with 50 ml of aloe juice.

  • Whitening mask with lemon

Mix 2 tablespoons of pureed aloe pulp and dining room
a spoonful of lemon juice.

  • Comprehensive anti-inflammatory mask

On a tablespoon mix aloe juice, olive oil, honey,
oatmeal flour.

  • Medical mask with honey

Mix 50 ml of warm honey with a tablespoon of aloe pulp.

  • Cosmetic ice with aloe

Pour 2 tablespoons of aloe pulp with a glass of very warm water,
cool for 4 hours. Pour into ice tins, leave
for a day in the freezer. Apply daily to acne.

  • Aloe Tincture

Pour over the pulp of leaves with vodka (a glass for 2 tablespoons
spoons). Cover up Keep warm for 5-7 days. Strain.
The resulting lotion to wipe acne.

If you encounter such a disaster, be sure to learn
use aloe acne at home because it’s a plant
cope with it quickly enough. You will notice the effect after
first procedure: the rash will begin to dry up, and over time their
will be less.

Do a full course of anti-inflammatory masks – and from
rashes will not remain any residual effects. As
pleasant bonuses you get a healthy, beautiful complexion,
lightening of age spots and noticeable lifting of sagging skin.

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